Adrift In The Midst of Mediocrity

Well here I am and the MLB season has started with teams already floundering withing their respective divisions and leagues . That being having abandoned my support of the Florida Marlins in the midst of last season , merely because of the incompetency shown by the present ownership group and the fact that team owner Jeffrey Loria can’t seem to be content with even telling the truth because in large part all he’s ever done is to lie to the local community and fans thereof , never mind to the league hierarchy itself . . I now find myself without a team to whom I can show any allegiance to ! One of the patrons of my site chappy 81 and one of the main contributors to that fine blog website was under the misapprehension that I’d now become a fervent follower of the Tampa Bay Rays . Sorry to disappoint you chappy but that’s like asking a Jew to take up eating pork or asking a Muslim to enter into a synagogue merely to take a peek and see if he likes what’s going on inside ! Ain’t gonna happen , not on this watch , unless there was some sort of financial inducement and the promise of sex with either Halle Berry , Kelly Hu , Gong Li or Keri Washington , if not the whole damn quartet ! Man cannot simply live by bread alone as a fine piece of ass is good in any language !Read More Adrift In The Midst of Mediocrity

It’s The Case Of Rebuilding …….. Is It Done At Any Cost ?

It’s The Case Of Rebuilding …….. Is It Done At Any Cost ? Well the MLB season is merely just around the corner and Spring Training will have players reporting for their preseseason schedules and games. It goes without saying that expectations will be high for a number of teams especially those who made something… Read More It’s The Case Of Rebuilding …….. Is It Done At Any Cost ?