Adrift In The Midst of Mediocrity

Adrift In The Midst of Mediocrity

Well here I am and the MLB season has started with teams already floundering withing their respective divisions and leagues . That being having abandoned my support of the Florida Marlins in the midst of last season , merely because of the incompetency shown by the present ownership group and the fact that team owner Jeffrey Loria can’t seem to be content with even telling the truth because in large part all he’s ever done is to lie to the local community and fans thereof , never mind to the league hierarchy itself . . I now find myself without a team to whom I can show any allegiance to ! One of the patrons of my site chappy 81 and one of the main contributors to that fine blog website was under the misapprehension that I’d now become a fervent follower of the Tampa Bay Rays . Sorry to disappoint you chappy but that’s like asking a Jew to take up eating pork or asking a Muslim to enter into a synagogue merely to take a peek and see if he likes what’s going on inside ! Ain’t gonna happen , not on this watch , unless there was some sort of financial inducement and the promise of sex with either Halle Berry , Kelly Hu , Gong Li or Kerry Washington , if not the whole damn quartet ! Man cannot simply live by bread alone as a fine piece of ass is good in any language !


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At this juncture it’s pretty safe to say that while I’m a fervent supporter of the game of baseball I’m not overly inclined to have any faith in its hierarchy led by Bud Selig or the owners or the MLBPA ( union) for that matter ! What all three have simply shown me over the years is that when it comes to common sense there’s none to had from any of the parties mentioned . Albeit that Selig and his union counterpart Michael Weiner have tried to show the fans that they’re on the same page. In reality they’re merely creating an illusion of togetherness merely to appease the fans .

As I alluded to earlier I’m looking to throw my support behind a team in MLB and so for starters at this juncture I think it only fair to say that right off the bat I’ll have to discount the Pittsburgh Pirates , Kansas City Royals and Los Angeles Dodgers ! I can’t throw my support by any of those franchises when the respective ownership groups there are about as willing to show their competitive zeal as a female virgin would be willing to have multiple sex partners for the very first time ! It’s going to be painful for her and for me having to support for any of those teams mentioned . I’m sorry to say this but Pirates and Royals simply have an aversion to winning , whereas the Dodgers and its ownership group conduct their business as if it were an agency within the federal government . To understand the mess that the Dodgers are now in is likely watching a member of Congress explain to the electorate how they’re prepared to turn the economy around while at the same time decrease the federal deficit and national debt . On their best day not one of those ingrates would be able to come up with a concise and clear cut solution much less explain the numerous maladies that at present ails this country. And it’s the same with the Dodgers led by owner Frank McCourt and his GM Ned Colletti ! When you’ve amassed an $800 million debt and are then turning to the league hierarchy or the local Fox tv affiliate to bail your ass out , you simply know that’s a team and organization that doesn’t know the fuck what they’re doing or where they’re indeed going !

With regard to the Orioles when was the last sighting the team’s owner Peter Angelos ? Does he suffer from narcolepsy ? I’m not so sure the guy is still alive as he gives me the impression that he’s part of the living dead ! And though the team leads the AL East I’m firmly of the belief that they’ll ultimately succumb to the likes of the Red Sox and New York Yankees as their season progresses . We all know the story of the tortoise and the hare don’t we ? Need I say anymore on the matter ?

Though I don’t feel it really a necessity to support a team that has a large fan base or an abundance of financial resources at hand as would be in the case of Boston Red Sox , Houston Astros , New York Yankees , Texas Rangers , Washington Nationals or Los Angeles Angeles . First and foremost I’d be looking to look at a team that has sound management principles with a manager , coaching staff and an organization that is ambitious . In large part the vast majority teams only give the perception that they actually want to win , and that’s even spite of the ultimate of goal is to be anointed a World Series champion . If the truth be told by midseason if not three quarters of the way through we tend to see which teams will actually be in the midst of the hunt for a postseason berth and the ones that’ll fall by the wayside like a camel’s droppings in the sand . At best it tends to be the usual suspects that repeatedly come to the fore . Though it can be said that last season we were all surprised with the outcome and the two participants in the World Series . The San Francisco Giants prevailed to win their first World Series in well over four decades defeating the Texas Rangers with consummate ease.

Now as I’ve alluded to earlier within this piece I’m looking to throw my full weight and support behind a team not only for this season but for the foreseeable future and that’s where some of you patrons come in as I’d like to hear you make an argument why if anything I should support a specific team other than the one I’d previously mentioned that I’ve no interest at all in ? Could I support a team such as the Oakland A’s or let’s say the San Francisco Giants within the NL West or perhaps one of the Giants’ divisional opponents ? Or should I support one of the teams within the AL West ? The variables are there and I’m not afraid to come out and say that I’ll view each offer comment with a great deal of scrutiny . Having mulled over whether or not I’d continue to show a remote interest in the game of baseball I’d concluded that if I’m really to have any form of interest then I’d have to come out and show some passion towards a specific team.

Living here in Central Florida the choices aren’t that many , being as there are only two professional ballclubs in the entire state , namely the Tampa Bay Rays and Florida Marlins . Though not starved of recent success the Rays are a struggling organization financially, through no fault of their own . But I do believe that the ownership group led by senior managing partner Stuart Sternberg has been extremely naive ever since he assumed control of the franchise having bought it from its previous owner Vince Naimoli . Sternberg may well have made his fortune as a commodities’ trader in the futures and commodities’ market but he’s become gullible and shows all the business acumen of an individual who seems completely out of his depth from a financial standpoint when it comes to owning this particular professional sports franchise ! The Tampa Bay Rays have struggled to eke out an operating profit and without the aid of the game’s hierarchy I don’t think that the ballclub would have been able to survive in its present format. I’ve heard a number of patrons state that contraction is completely out of the question when it concerns the game but herein lies the caveat here is an organization that at present get that gets very little support from its meager fan-base despite claims that the team averages 23,000 per home game at Tropicana Field , in St Petersburg , Florida . In reality that figure is genuinely closer to 15,000 hardcore fans and that’s hardly enough to make this a going and profitable concern by any stretch of the imagination.

Beyond that all that most fans within this state have to look forward to as with regard to baseball is the Spring Training Schedule of the Grapefruit League and the number of teams that choose to make the state their domiciled home during that period . And the economic impact of the games over that period greatly assists the state in more ways than one could ever imagine .

Now I could say that I’ve long admired the New York Yankees from afar given their unprecedented success over the years . But in reality choosing to support the Yankees now would open me up to great deal of criticism which I can take but at the same time merely falling for “The Evil Empire “ …… is akin to casting your lot with the Devil . You’re either going to be loved or be despised by those who simply view the choice as me choosing to jump on the bandwagon . Not that I’ve ever been partial to bandwagon jumpers to begin with but that appears to be the case when it comes to sporting allegiances within the state as a whole . However I’d proffer this by saying that while I find the organization amenable I’ve never really been totally enamored with the owners and how they tend to conduct their business . Simply being able to buy one’s way out of trouble at the drop of a hat is very much like having the upper hand on everyone else around you when you’re also able to in essence stifle their very livelihood should you so wish . It’s clear that a number of teams certainly won’t be able to contend with the financial wherewithal of teams such as the New York Yankees . And when you have an agent such as Scott Boras who in large , when it comes to his clients will always more often than not point them in the Yankees’ direction because he knows that Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman will open up the team’s checkbook to overpay even for marginal talent at best . If that isn’t the case then he also knows that the rest of the general managers around the league are just as gullible as their New York namesake in tending to overpay for talent when they see fit to. And that is when you tend to hear a owner tend to plead poverty after showing their complete naivete’ and stupidity to begin with ! .



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So if anything I’m calling upon you the fans out there to assist me in heading some sort of direction as to which team I now ought to go out and support . As I’ve said earlier within the piece I’ve disavowed supporting the Florida Marlins having been there at their inception and having seen them win two World Series title during that time . Now it’s time to put that to past and head off in a completely new direction . So let me know what you think as to which team I now ought to be out there supporting ? The Atlanta Braves , Philadelphia Phillies , Colorado Rockies , Arizona Diamondbacks or perhaps one of the other teams not mentioned within this piece ? Simply chime in with your thoughts and anything else you believe to pertinent to this topic and as always thanks for the continued support !

Alan aka tophatal ………………


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(1) Oscar winning actress Halle Berry

(2) Asian American actress Kelly Hu .

(3) Chinese actress Gong Li .

(4) Kerry Washington .

(5) Tampa Bay Rays’ Kelly Shoppach, left, gestures to the umpire as he is called safe at home on a ball hit by Sam Fuld while Boston Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek watches, right, during the fifth inning of a baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston on Tuesday, April 12, 2011. At rear is Rays’ Johnny Damon. The Rays won 3-2 . AP Photo/Elise Amendola ……….

(6) Michael Weiner (L), executive director of the MLB player’s association, talks to reporters outside the clubhouse after a meeting with New York Yankees players before a spring training baseball game with the Philadelphia Phillies at George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Florida, February 26, 2011. Reuters/ Steve Nesius ………..

(7) Colorado Rockies’ Chris Iannetta (20) takes Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman Neil Walker out of the double play after being forced out at second on a seventh inning fielder’s choice by Rockies’ Ryan Spilborghs during a baseball game in Pittsburgh, Sunday, April 10, 2011. The Rockies won 6-5 . AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar ………….

(8) New York City : Fans sit in the stands during a rain delay before a game between the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles on April 12, 2011 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City. The game was postponed due to rain. Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images ……

(9) Oakland Athletics’ Kevin Kouzmanoff, right, celebrates with Mark Ellis after Kouzmanoff hit a two-run home run against the Chicago White Sox during the sixth inning of a baseball game in Chicago, Tuesday, April 12, 2011. The White Sox would go on to defeat the A’s 1-0 in extra innings (10th) . AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh ………….

(10) Atlanta Braves second baseman Dan Uggla (26) watches his throw to first after forcing out Florida Marlins’ Gaby Sanchez (15) on a double play on a John Buck ground ball in the seventh inning of a baseball game Tuesday, April 12, 2011, in Atlanta . Atlanta won 5-0 . AP Photo/John Bazemore …………..


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Ryuichi Sakamoto …………….. “Mr Christmas Mr Lawrence ” . For those of you who haven’t seen the film of the same name I highly recommend it ! “Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence ” starring David Bowie , Tom Conte and Ryuichi Sakamoto . Directed by Nagisa Oshima .



10 thoughts on “Adrift In The Midst of Mediocrity

  1. Whoa, in search of a new team. I guess your Marlins aren’t making you happy after they went 23 innings without scoring a run… Aside from the A’s I’ve found myself following the White Sox, Indians, and Rockies. Not sure why, but I just like those teams so far. Maybe it’s because of the players on those teams… Who knows, but those are the non-A’s teams I’m following these days!

    1. chappy 81

      If you remember I abandoned the Marlins last year after Loria the team’s owner came out in public lying about the team’s finances and pleading poverty while knowing that they were on the way to getting a $400 million stadium on the site of the old Old Orange Bowl in the city of Miami .

      Choose me and you won’t be sad

      Keep faith with your A’s as I believe they will turn the corner ! This season that AL West division isn’t as clear cut as some may well believe . Look at the Angels and Rangers they simply can’t play with any real conviction ? And in the case of the Rangers they’ve now lost Josh Hamilton for as long as 2 months because of a broken right arm while trying to steal home .

      I’ve got this bat in my hands but I’d rather play with ‘your big stick instead ‘ !

      I’m still surveying the landscape but I value the input of the fans out there as the direction I ought to head in , in terms finding a team to root for !

      Would supporting the Mets be such a bad thing after all ?

      tophatal ………………..

  2. You can borrow the Red Sox. You’re right when you say slow and steady will win the race… at least, I hope you’re right.
    I’m from Florida- but most my family is just outside of Boston- so I grew up a Sox fan- but when the Marlins started up I became a Marlins fan…
    But you can’t undo years of Sox brainwashing.
    Luckily, there’s enough room in my heart for both teams (though, if I have to pick, Sox all the way, a choice made easier by the fact that we kind of acquired the whole Marlins team a few years back).
    It’s nice to have an AL pick and and NL pick. That way, you have a spare. Sox Nation would love to have you.

    1. toosoxy

      I can no longer support the Marlins as I’ve expressed my reasons why. If Loria can come out lie like he’s done then there’s no telling to what lengths he’ll stoop to in order to get his own way. That being said I’m going to have to really look high and low in search of team that I feel comfortable enough supporting.

      I’m an expat born and raised in the UK but I’ve been living here in the US (central and south Florida) for the last nineteen years. I’ve an affinity for the NBA , NFL and MLB in so far as it goes my love those sports and teams such as the Spurs , Patriots and formerly the Marlins .

      I agree with what you’re saying in principle throwing my lot in by supporting perhaps a team from the AL and NL but it doesn’t really help at all in the end.

      I’ll definitely come to a decision way before mid-season I can assure you of that . Come what may I’ve got to find a team to follow as the season unfolds !

      tophatal …………

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot you abandoned the Marlins. I hope the A’s can make it out of the west, it’s a looong season so anything can happen. In baseball I feel like it’s the teams that stay the healthiest in the smaller markets. If you get hurt, and you can’t buy other players, you are screwed…

    1. chappy

      I abandoned the Marlins like I’d been given a nasty STD by ’em . You spend time following a team only to find out that the ownership group are no better than a bunch of bigoted self serving bastards simply living off the fans and the local municipality and state in order that they can remain viable . Jeffrey Loria is worth in excess of $ 1.5 billion and has one of the most prized art collections in the whole of North America but this fu_king simpleton comes across as if he’s a destitute homeless bum !

      ‘I’m not an arrogant bastard I simply like to walk all over people and take a dump on ’em because I want to ‘ ! Marlins’ owner Jeffrey Loria

      Your A’s are good enough to win the AL West it’s a matter in believing what they have and themselves .

      Now I really understand why you truly support the A’s ! It’s because of hot chicks like this rather than what’s going on on the field .

      tophatal …………….

  4. You should pick a team in the National League. Before the Marlins and Rays came along I was a big Reds fan. They have some good young talent and should contend for their division. If all else fails go with the lovable losers, the Cubs. Afterall, everyone roots for the underdog.

    1. aero

      I got here in ’92 from the UK and was getting ingrained with the sports thing and was on the cusp of going with the Giants . Had I done so it’d have been hell considering the maelstrom caused by Bonds and the steroids business .

      That being said I fell hard for the Marlins ’til the idiocy started to set in with Huizenga dumping the players as a cost cutting measure . Then we had the Red Sox’s owner John Henry own the team for all of a millisecond . In the aftermath of that Huizenga’s salary dumping exercise) Selig in effect initiated the tax sharing revenue scheme and things have gone south for a number of small market teams and at the same time many of those owners have chosen to pocket the cash rather than bolstering their rosters.

      I could love the Cubs but what would good would that do me when each season I simply know that their doomed for failure ? Everyone tends to root for a winner only a sucker roots for the underdog when they know that they haven’t a cat in hell’s chance of winning . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      I’m leaning towards supporting an NL team at this juncture unless something unexpected changes my mind .

      The one thing that could persuade me would be Halle Berry dressed in some type MLB team uniform barely dressed that is ! I’d make the decision right on the spot there and then !

      tophatal ………..

    1. Chris Humpherys

      I guess I can expect an invite for Rosh Hashanah then when it comes around ? And in return I’ll invite you attend my spiritual Haj to Mecca and Medina . Every good Muslim during their lifetime has to make that spiritual journey .

      In all honesty I’m in a flummox as to where my allegiances should lie with regard to a team in the Big Leagues !

      Dodgers’ fans beware .

      tophatal ……………

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