About The Oraclesays

Born in the UK of Caribbean parentage (Jamaican). I’m an avid sports’ fan and former member of the British military (Royal Marines). I love the sport of boxing , though as of late I’ve become somewhat disenchanted with it , merely because of the idiocy of promoter Bob Arum. Though boxing was my passion I also love soccer , EPL , teams such as Man U and Chelsea. In the NBA it’s the Spurs . The NFL it’s the New England Patriots. MLB it’s the Florida Marlins. I traveled throughout much of Europe and lived for an 18 month span in Paris while working for an investment bank on assignment there.

Eclectic taste in music , ranging from jazz, rock, rap , reggae , African influence and Far Eastern. Love reading biographies and crime thrillers.

College grad with degrees in Economics, int’l finance along with an MBA. I work within the corporate affairs dept of a noted national law firm . Specializing in the field of corporate governance as it relates to international financial laws, banking , finance, IPO’s , M & A, LBO’s (leveraged buy-outs), financial derivatives.

Entertainment wise , movies with Clint Eastwood and anything directed by him. Favorite movies, Heat, The Godfather trilogies, Blood Diamond, To Kill A Mockingbird , Cry Freedom and Cry The Beloved Country.

Tv , Law & Order, Mad Men, Nip Tuck, Big Bang Theory and Grey’s Anatomy.

The ‘iconic’ Bob Marley …….sings ‘ Natural Mystic’

‘Baby By Me’ 50 cent feat’s Ne-Yo

Charlie Mingus and his band ‘Good Bye Pork Pie Hat’

Elise Neal and her burlesque group ‘Assorted Flavors’ Sistas’ who know ‘how to do it’ for themselves and then some.

Alan Parkins aka tophatal ……………..


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