They Can’t Tell It Like It Is Because Then Everyone Would Know The Whole Damning Truth !

They Can’t Tell It Like It Is Because Then Everyone Would Know The Whole Damning Truth !

If ever there was a time question the idiocy of what’s happening within collegiate athletics in the past few months then now has to be the time. In what turn out to be a scandal that could make the Cam Newton scandal seem like small potatoes we’re now finding out that several players on the Auburn Tigers’ football teams from the 2004 through to 2007 were financially rewarded in their recruitment by the educational establishment . Furthermore it’s alleged that sexual favors were granted to the players , wherein prostitutes at local bars and co-eds on campus facilitated those recruits with very open sexual favors. I’m not so sure that Tigers’ coach Gene Chizik would like the public and fans in general to view the football program much less the school’s athletic program overall . At the same time one also has to deal with the fallout of the expose’ done by HBO and its sport’s magazine program Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel who conducted the interviews with several former players concerning the allegations which found to be true would lead to serious ramifications for the school beyond the rather inane suspensions meted out to several members of the Tigers’ current football team by that rather inane governing body otherwise known as the NCAA ! One thing abundantly clear in the interviews conducted by Bryant Gumbel and the former Tigers’ players was that they weren’t coaxed into giving what might be interpreted as misleading answers , as each reiterated that they were paid handsomely by the school.


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It certainly came as a shock to me to find out that that the Lousville Cardinals Rick Pitino is now the highest paid coach in collegiate athletics earning in excess of $7.5 million as the coach of the basketball team . At a time when universities are looking to cut their budgets and many athletics program as well as the laying off of faculty members or in many cases they’re now choosing to increase tuition fees beyond the rate of inflation. Somehow when education now becomes more about money and specifically where collegiate athletics is now so corrupt that it begs the question why hasn’t the Justice Department began to investigate not only the NCAA , BCS but also various programs up and down the country for racketeering under the RICO Act ? Surely with all that has gone over the past few years concerning both bodies it’s about time the Justice Department do the right thing and conduct an investigation into both institutions ? If it’s left to the NCAA to conduct any sort of internal investigation much less against a collegiate institutional body more often than not that inquiry tends to end up being something of a white wash with the outcome and findings having less veracity about than anyone could have expected. I’ve long believed that the NCAA and BCS are in collusion with one another as to their business operations and how they act in the best interest of the college athlete.

In the midst of this all both institutions (BCS & NCAA) have lobbyists working on their behalf up on Capitol Hill , Washington , DC , making sure that the laws as they now exist don’t change whereby it’d harm the structural working and existence of both the BCS and NCAA . The fact that members of both the Congress and Senate have remained unequivocally silent on the operations of both the BCS and NCAA gives me the impression that they merely make their rather inoccuous statements as it relates the tow merely as a way of letting the public know that they know what’s happening . If anything nothing could be further from the truth because in large part legislative houses of the federal government are so inept and out of touch with reality that the public no longer has any in either legislative body or the present administration for that matter !

At what point did it become appropriate for members of the Fiesta Bowl’s Executive Committee to see fit to procure prostitutes for furthering the efforts and exposure of their Bowl game within the BCS System ? This is just one of the numerous allegations that got the Bowl’s CEO John Junker fired from his position after it was discovered that he along with a number of subordinates had in fact in fact amongst other things procured the services of prostitutes in order to gain access to further business opportunities with corporate patrons , lavished gifts upon certain individuals , there were all expenses paid trips to the Caribbean as well as to many opulent resorts across the country and political donations to political parties as well as candidates . And it should not go without saying that in some cases documents were falsified in order to either hide the true costs of many of the gifts in question or in some cases to inflate the costs of many of the so called expenses. This all coming from a body that’s given a special disposition as to its operations being as it’s considered to be an tax exempt (F corporation) institution that’s a not for profit business entity. Kind of makes one wonder how the IRS might now view the actions of Junker and his colleagues who took part in the alleged actions ? But at this juncture no formal statement has been made by that agency but it appears with Junker’s firing the Fiesta Bowl Executive Committee is now looking clean up its now tarnished image.

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Pearce denies receiving free Fiesta Bowl

By Ginger Rough & Alia Beard Rau

In his first detailed interview on the Fiesta Bowl scandal, Senate President Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, on Friday told The Republic that he never accepted free tickets and that he was “very disappointed” in the bowl and their activities.

Pearce is featured prominently in a 276-page investigative report released earlier this week, detailing the bowl’s financial, political and lobbying activities.

The report names Pearce as one of many lawmakers who took trips to cities such as Chicago, Dallas and Boston at the bowl’s expense. The junkets were billed as “educational” weekends designed to show support for the Fiesta Bowl given the competitive nature of college football.

State lobbying laws allow lawmakers to accept free lodging and travel, but since 2000 have included an “entertainment ban” barring state employees and elected officials from accepting tickets or “admission to any sporting or cultural event” for free.

The special committee’s investigative report says Pearce was among lawmakers who took an October 2005 trip to Chicago that cost the bowl more than $18,000, and an October 2008 trip to Boston that cost the bowl more than $65,000.


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In the midst of the aftermath of this maelstrom we now have SEC Commissioner Mike Slive saying ….” that it’s not in the NCAA or SEC’s (Southeastern Conference ) best interests to be dealing with the Fiesta Bowl because of their malfeasance ” . Unless I’m mistaken Slive needs to keep his own house in order considering what has transpired within the SEC concerning not only the allegations against Auburn but several other schools within that particular conference .

Mike Slive is either very naive or in fact he might just be a damn idiot to come out with such a statement bearing in mind as I alluded to earlier, he and the other board members of the SEC seem to be under the impression that their conference is above reproach . With the numerous allegations that have come to the fore in recent years the commissioner himself has been less than reticent in taking the necessary action. Instead he looks for that seal of approval or for the NCAA to take some sort of action in meting out punishment to a program within the conference and across the panacea of collegiate athletics. I fully understand that the NCAA incumbent President Mark Emmert hasn’t been in the position all that long but unless he stamps his own identity on that organization then in fact no one will take it all that seriously . I mean it’s bad enough when even an uninitiated fan will tell you that the NCAA has about as much integrity as a member of the US Congress or Senate . In this day and age given the low popularity polls for both elective bodies that’s also a damning indictment of the NCAA as a whole .

From my own perspective nothing at all surprises me anymore when it comes to collegiate athletics as it has become just as corrupt if not more so than any other criminal organization not controlled , namely by the Mexican or Colombian drug cartels. When institutions such as the NCAA , BCS and Fiesta Bowl are given free rein to do as they please without there being any type legal recourse being taken to stop their malfeasance is it any wonder we see the situations that now arise within the world of collegiate athletics ? Especially where it also involves the student athlete and supposedly strict enforcement of the rules . If the athletes themselves run amok and then are punished but yet if a coach lies or cheats they’re barely even reprimanded for their gross misconduct. It’s merely because the financial stakes are so high and wherein greed has become the mantra within the world of collegiate athletics. Unfortunately there are some amongst us who feel that there is some form of excellence still involved when it comes to the world of college athletics but in reality that has become the biggest misconception out there ! Collegiate athletics has now become a multi billion dollar business whereby everyone wants a piece of the gravy to be had at the table while the main course is being served .



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I for one don’t really give a damn what now happens to those involved with the surreptitious dealings that went on within Fiesta Bowl Committee ! . Because at the end of the day there’ll be one more nasty little secret that will come out and completely embarrass the NCAA and show us further why it is that what we once deemed to be pure has now become so sullen and corrupt that it no longer warrants being taken seriously . What thoughts if any do you have on the latest news to have transpired concerning the topics raised within this piece ? Simply chime in with your thoughts on the matters raised and as always thanks for the continued support as it’s greatly appreciated !

Alan aka tophatal ……………….


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(1) Head coach Rick Pitino of the Louisville Cardinals and the teams mascot react after a play while playing against the Morehead State Eagles during the second round of the 2011 NCAA men’s basketball tournament at Pepsi Center on March 17, 2011 in Denver, Colorado. Doug Pensinger / Getty Images North America …..

(2) Head coach Rick Pitino of the Louisville Cardinals gestures from the sidelines against the Morehead State Eagles during the second round of the 2011 NCAA men’s basketball tournament at Pepsi Center on March 17, 2011 in Denver, Colorado. Getty Images / Doug Pensinger ………

(3) CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson (R) and head coach Gene Chizik look on as quarterback Cam Newton (2) of the Auburn Tigers accepts the MVP trophy after their 56-17 win over the South Carolina Gamecocks during the 2010 SEC Championship at Georgia Dome on December 4, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. December 3, 2010 – Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images North America ………….

(4) This Jan. 4, 2010 photo shows Arizona governor Jan Brewer and Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker on the sidelines during the 2010 Fiesta Bowl college football game in Glendale, Ariz. The Fiesta Bowl has fired its longtime CEO John Junker after a scathing internal report found “an apparent scheme” to reimburse employees for political contributions. AP Photo/Arizona Republic, Rob Schumacher ……………..

(5) This April 26, 2007 photo shows Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker during a news conference in Scottsdale, Ariz. The Fiesta Bowl has fired its longtime CEO John Junker after a scathing internal report found “an apparent scheme” to reimburse employees for political contributions. AP Photo/The Arizona Republic, Tom Tingle ………..

(6) SEC Commissioner Mike Slive is seen here addressing members of the convened press . AP Photo/Neil Hardwicke ……….

(7) NCAA President Mark Emmert seen here speaking to the press after his formal appointment having served as interim President after the death of his predecessor Dr Myles Brand . AP/Reuters / Phillip Bosworth …………

(8) Former news’ anchor and now host of HBO’s sports magazine show that bears his name Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel . Bryant Gumbel is an Emmy award winning journalist and reporter who also is the brother of CBS Sport’s reporter Greg Gumbel . courtesy of HBO copyrighted material ……. @ all rights reserved .



9 thoughts on “They Can’t Tell It Like It Is Because Then Everyone Would Know The Whole Damning Truth !

  1. Who sweet would an Auburn-Ohio State national championship game have been?

    Had Auburn still won, they would have had to vacate their trophy and give it to the Buckeyes, only to realize they were also partaking in improprieties of their own.

    Then TCU would finally be champion, even after being kept out of the title game? Talk about irony?

    1. Chris Humpherys

      You want to know what’s an irony ? The idiots out there who still swear by the BCS System ! With the advent of these allegations who the fuck takes this shit seriously anymore ? Only a damn fool would think that this is all honorable and has any type of legitimacy to it at all !

      I had planned on having next season’s Fiesta Bowl committee executive meeting at Charlie Sheen’s mansion but with my abrupt firing it now has been postponed . Former CEO of the Fiesta Bowl John Junker .

      Collegiate athletics now makes the actions of the drug cartels seem pedantic and a thing of beauty by comparison !

      tophatal …………..

    1. al clements

      I don’t mind they’re out there just as long as they haven’t got their hands in my damn pockets ! Oops I forgot they already do courtesy of the IRS ! I wonder how many hookers laid on their backs so Arizona Governor Jan Brewer got into office ? Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker sure made sure that money was well spread around didn’t he ?

      She intends to go to college at Arizona State but first she made sure she did her deed to get Brewer into office .

      tophatal ……………

  2. What do you expect. Follow the money. It’s all about the bucks. The coaches, the NCAA,play the players. NCAA is a business. The NCAA soaks CBS, TNT, ESPN and the rest for millions of dollars. Where does the money go?

    1. Bobby Gee

      If you think that it’s merely money that drives this then you’d be wrong ! It’s the naivete of the coaches , AD’s , players and the NCAA itself in believing that collegiate athletics is no different than any part of the fabric of our society ! Even religion has become corrupted and I’m not talking merely Christianity but all religions as it has been the cause of the woes that has set the world on the course it’s now on ! .

      Who gives a shit where the money goes ? Do you care if your Senator or Congressmen takes a bribe ? It happens every day in both legislative houses but I’ve yet to hear you bitch or whine about it . But I love the fact that you come up with the drivel about the economy without actually understanding the rudimentary nuances of macroeconomics much less how the federal government actually works !

      tophatal ….

  3. I missed the Gumble interview with the Auburn players, but it sounds pretty standard for what we all know is going on with almost all these schools. Hopefully one day the sport will be cleaned up, but I think I’ll be dead before that happens…

    1. chappy

      And I’ll be hoping that I can get to have sex with Halle Berry ! So what do you think my chances are ?

      Who wouldn’t want to tag this ?

      College sports is now more corrupt than ever before and it certainly doesn’t help that the idiots within the NCAA are so f_cking scared of their own damn shadow to even do what’s right . Instead they merely give programs a mere slap on the wrist !

      Until they punish them with impunity , financially then there won’t be a deterrent for what’s happening .

      tophatal ……….. 🙂

    2. chappy81

      Chizik and the AD Jay Jacobs were trying to convince the public and NCAA that everything was above board ? Now this shit rears its ugly head ? What they gonna do …….. say it’s a mistake and misunderstanding ?

      Chizik and Auburn AD Jay Jacobs

      They suspend Newton knowing full well that there was more evidence to suggest that the NCAA’s own findings was nowhere near enough but they merely accepted it because they wanted to win. And that’s even with the NCAA having originally overturned their suspension . Now this new makes their original action a piss in the ocean in comparison .

      tophatal …………

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