Heads You Win ………. Heads You Lose And You Could Even End Up Dead !

Heads You Win ………. Heads You Lose And You Could Even End Up Dead !

We’ve all seen the struggles of players within the NFL struggling to come back from serious injuries , especially those that are head related . Concussions other than ligament injuries now seem to be a major cause for concern in each of the four major sports and how the respective governing bodies have actually dealt with those issues seems to be very diverse. There seems to be no consistent process in place by the NFL , NBA , NHL or MLB for that matter. The continued idiocy of the NFL’s hierarchy and how they’ve addressed this issue has me mystified but what might be even more unpalatable is the naivete of the fans out there with their rather idiotic notion that the game is physical and the players simply know what they’re getting themselves into. The players may well know that but that doesn’t mean that they put their lives at risk and there not being the proper medical effort not there to assist them to recuperate and rehabilitate from a really serious injury.


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Given the fact that the league’s own inhouse medical counsel has never really conducted any real in depth studies into head related injuries and have merely relied on what they’re told by these paid professionals , I’m not at all surprised by their lax approach in dealing with any of the health related issues that have affected current and retired players within the NFL. Likewise the approach of the players’ own union (NFLPA) is an utter disgrace in that area as well but it does appear that both the NFLPA and NFL are primarily concerned only about the amount of money that comes into their coffers each season rather than the well being of its most precious asset and that’s the players playing in the NFL.

I recently read an article concerning the New Orleans Hornets’ —- Chris Paul and his struggle to return to the team having suffered a concussion and the fact that even five days after suffering the concussion in a collision with a teammate during a game he’s still having recurring headaches and struggling in keeping his balance while trying to remain standing. If that’s not a cause for concern as to the dangers within the game as it relates to any type of head trauma then I don’t know what is .

Now there’s no denying that today’s professional athletes are financially rewarded with compensation packages that the vast majority of us could never imagine possible. But given the career span of many of these athletes aren’t necessarily all that long , the time that they have to make their mark within their chosen profession is a limited one. Which begs the question here when is it prudent to take note of a team’s most valuable asset and investment ? Is it when they’re disgruntled or when they’ve a health issue that if left untreated it could have an adverse effect on their career ? . Paul has returned to the team and he seems to be as effective as ever . That being said I’d hate to see or hear that in a week from now he still has recurring headaches and issue with his balance on the court !

The Hornets this season have had their fair share of ups and downs and it has been their inconsistency that has been their biggest failure by way of actually achieving a better within the division and Western Conference . At 39-30 the Hornets stand in 6th place within the Western Conference some 16 1/2 games behind the conference leading San Antonio Spurs . Chris Paul has done all that has been asked of him by coach Monty Williams and he remains one of the pre-eminent point guards within the game .

As I alluded to earlier the Hornets remain an inconsistent team who at their very best can compete with the elite teams within the NBA . But herein lies the problem when they’re not playing at an extremely high level the Hornets can look average at best or extremely bad. Chris Paul along with David West make up the potency of the Hornets’ offensive presence but there’s also a defensive presence provided by the ably adept Trevor Ariza and Emeka Okafor but there too at times the team does tend to be lax.

If the Hornets are to prove the naysayers wrong and prove their worth in the postseason then they’re going to have to play at a much higher level with Paul not only leading the offense but also being the team’s vocal leader , leading by example if they’re to have any semblance of success . This much is certain were the playoffs to begin as of today then they would be pressed into action with an opening round matchup against the Kevin Durant led Oklahoma City Thunder . On paper it appears an intriguing matchup and would most certainly provide all the thrills and excitement that the avid NBA fan would like to see barring the erratic postseason officiating . And that’s something that I for one as an avid NBA fan have become tired of seeing repeatedly in the NBA postseason. I know that NBA Commissioner David Stern and the league’s hierarchy believes implicitly in the officials . But now it’s becoming more and more ridiculous to watch their inconsistencies and downright incompetency that’s often shown during these playoff series .

From my own perspective I believe that if the New Orleans Hornets play up to their full potential then I do believe that they can go deep into the playoffs. If things should prove fortuitous for them and they’re able to hit a rich vein of form that can carry them forward from now to the end of the regular season . Then the momentum attained would certainly give them all the confidence needed to achieve some kind of success as it relates to the postseason. However given the competitiveness of the Western Conference where the San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks , Oklahoma City Thunder and reigning champions the Los Angeles have all have all been playing at a consistently high level and the chances of the Hornets going deep into the playoffs would appear to be remote . A lot of things would have to fall into place for them to end up with possibly a semi final berth . But one tends to make their own luck when it comes to these type of games rather than relying on others to assist you in the process. And that’s where the New Orleans will have to show their worth to the their fans as well as their competition within the Western Conference.

As of yet I’ve not seen or heard NBA Commissioner David Stern issue a formal statement as to the league’s standing policy and how they view that the matter of head injuries suffered by the players within the NBA. Thankfully we’ve not seen a serious situation where a player has had to be stretchered off an NBA court because of their inability to regain consciousness or their mobility but given the spate of injuries we’ve seen suffered by NFL and NHL players recently and the alarming rate with which it it has happened , albeit that in terms of their physicalities the games of football and hockey are played at a much faster pace . I can’t help but wonder what action would be taken were we to see one of the NBA’s more prominent stars such as LeBron James , Dwyane Wade or Kobe Bryant go down with a traumatic head injury or quite possibly paralysis from an on court incident that effectively could end their career in one fail swoop ? Certainly David Stern, the oncourt officials themselves and coaches have to be more aware of such a scenario arising don’t you think ? And most certainly they have to some sort of strategy in place were such an incident to arise . Courtside medical staff notwithstanding , those first few minutes can be a life or death situation for a player facing that scenario.



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What thoughts if any do you have concerning the NBA’s awareness as to the safety of their players during games given the recent incident concerning Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets ? And how do you as such see the fortunes of the Hornets panning out over the remainder of the NBA schedule ? Simply chime in with your thoughts on this topic and anything else you feel pertinent as it relates to the NBA .


Alan aka tophatal


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(1) Denver Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin (4) slam dunks over New Orleans Hornets center Emeka Okafor (50) in the second half of an NBA basketball game in New Orleans, Monday, March 14, 2011. The Nuggets won 114-103 . AP Photo ………….

(2) Denver Nuggets guard J.R. Smith (5) shoots from three point range as New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul (3) tries to cover in the second half of an NBA basketball game in New Orleans, Monday, March 14, 2011. The Nuggets won 114-103. AP Photo …….

(3) Denver Nuggets center Nene Hilario (31) battles for a rebound against New Orleans Hornets center Emeka Okafor (50) in the second half of an NBA basketball game in New Orleans, Monday, March 14, 2011. The Nuggets won 114-103. AP Photo ……

(4) New Orleans Hornets guard Jarrett Jack (2) shoots over Denver Nuggets center Chris Andersen (11) in the second half of an NBA basketball game in New Orleans, Monday, March 14, 2011. The Nuggets won 114-103. (AP Photo)

(5) Denver Nuggets forward Wilson Chandler (21) drives to the basket in front of New Orleans Hornets forward Trevor Ariza (1) in the first half of an NBA basketball game in New Orleans, Monday, March 14, 2011. (AP Photo)

(6) New Orleans Hornets head coach Monty Williams directs his players in the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Sacramento Kings in New Orleans, Saturday, March 12, 2011. New Orleans beat Sacramento 115-103 . AP Photo/Patrick Semansky …………


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New Orleans Hornets (39-30) 3rd within the Southwest Division of the Western Conference ( team at present holds the 6th place berth within the conference)

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15 thoughts on “Heads You Win ………. Heads You Lose And You Could Even End Up Dead !

  1. It’s been crazy how much concussions have taken out guys. Justin Morneau is still kinda iffy after 7 months! Sidney Crosby is still out from his concussion. It’s always a touchy subject when you are dealing with the brain, and if anyone is rushed into playing they are risking some long term health problems. Hopefully they figure out better ways to treat concussions in the future, so the players can recover faster…

    1. chappy

      If Morneau is still waking up feelin’ groggy after a concussion from seven months ago it tells you the seriousness of the incident. I know Crosby wants back in , in the NHL but here the team and management don’t want him to rush back and a similar incident takes place once again.

      Penguins’ front office have way too much money vested in Crosby to lose him permanently at this juncture .

      As for Chris Paul he should consider himself extremely lucky at this juncture that the incident wasn’t worse .

      Like I said I wouldn’t trust the NFL as far as I could spit when it comes to their dealing with this issue. Hall of Famer Mike Webster died a vegetable actually drooling , defecating and urinating on himself in the later years of his life . Much of that was due to the repetitive head traumas he suffered as a player. Never mind the situation concerning Dave Duerson who committed suicide . In either case is that a dignified way to live or die once you’ve walked away from the game in pain and seeking assistance from the league (NFL)?

      Paige Hilton bares all for her craft .

      The NFL and union have done and still continue to do their players (current and former) a great disservice as relates to treating them with regard to their post career health issues.

      And I do believe that the NBA and NBPA are now doing the same !

      tophatal ………….

  2. Agreed. Supposed to be better helmets now available that actually work. Rogers was wesring one when he got hammered in the Chicago game. Wore it again in the Bowl.
    Should be mandated….Hockey needs to get better helmets, what the have now is no protection at all. Batting helmets could stand some improvement

    1. al clements

      With the numbers of players within the four major sports now going down with recurring head injuries and there being singularly no concurrent move by each of the leagues to mandate the way with they deal with these injuries it’s going to take a major tragedy before something is actually done.

      Is that your keys in your pocket or are you just happy to see me ?

      And if it should happen to a star player within the NFL , ,NBA, NHL or MLB much less Crosby and his intent to make a quick return with the Penguins the sh_t will most cetainly hit the fan !

      Something has to be done now sooner rather than later. We’ve already seen the idiocy of the NFL and how they’ve dealt with issue and can anyone say that they aren’t as such culpable in some of the most dire situations we’ve now seen ?

      Goodell has been simply mypopic concerning this issue in spite of his testimony in front of Congress and it’s the same with Selig as well !

      My I’m all wet and I don’t know what to do next ?

      Thanfully Selig will be out office at the end of next year ! What a friggin’ relief !

      tophatal ……

  3. I am not a huge NBA fan. The NFL can go jump in the lake. nine million dollars are on the table. Yes, but I am more tired of ESPN and the other talking idiots on that station. The NBA has lost much of its fan base.

    1. Bobby Gee

      At present other than baseball (MLB) and hockey (NHL) the other two major sports (NFL & NBA ) seem to be on the threshold of alienating their fans one way or another either with talk of their being an impending lockout or the fact that there now is one within the NFL and there being now litigation about to take place within the Federal Court System . It’s become insane but this issue (head traumas & concussions) one that has been omnipresent with all of the leagues has never been genuinely dealt with by any of the professional leagues in question.

      As I alluded to in the piece it’s going to take a major tragedy before the leagues take their heads out of their proverbial asses and do something proactive .

      The NBA may well be losing its fanbase domestically but internationally they’re not losing out at all. They’re money hand over fist in all of their international markets around the globe.

      Berman’s next sideline project for ESPN will be to cover these ?

      Other than some of the documentaries that they’ve co-opted in making as in their “30 for 30 series” ESPN as a sports outlet has become a joke in terms of journalistic integrity. It’s all about creating idiot circus characters who play the class clown while thinking that they’re actually being professional in the way they conduct themselves and report the news . Who the hell takes the likes of Mortensen or Clayton seriously much less an ass like ….. Chris Berman ? Clown school is now in session and it’s taking place up at ESPN headquarters in Bristol , Connecticut .

      tophatal ……………

  4. Management of all sports teams need to remove their collective heads from the sand and address the issue of head injuries. It is time to stop living in the past and realize that todays players are bigger and faster than the athletes of the previous generations. The only thing about the players that hasn’t gotten stronger is their skulls.

    1. aero

      Have you ever had your tooth pulled without the use of some form of pain relief such as novocaine ? It hurts without the pain relief medication and it’s the same with the leagues in question here !

      Goodell and the NFL hierarchy had to be dragged kicking and screaming to even admit to the fact that head trauma was indeed linked to brutality of the play on an NFL field. And that’s even in light of there being medical proof and evidence being supplied to them by numerous studies from well established branches of academia across the nation. Instead that buffoon Goodell and the union have simply sat by while the likes of veteran players such as Mike Webster , Dave Duerson to current players , Roethlisberger and Rodgers have suffered the consequences of their inaction . Fining players isn’t a deterrent but actually insuring the player’s safety by taking a proactive approach would actually help by making the best equipment available to them all.

      MLB seems to have their act in place but I’m not sure after what happened with that Braves’ assistant coach having lost an eye in being hit by a line drive in a minor league game.

      Even hockey has to deal with this action with numerous players having been seriously undergone neurological tests after repeated concussions. Now you have one of their major stars in Sydney Crosby wanting to rush back having suffered a concussion during game and then taking time off to recover. The Penguins have way too much money vested in the player to lose him permanently at this stage of his career.

      In the NBA I’ve yet to hear anyone within their hierarchy even address this but yet the players there have repeatedly come down with such injuries from minor to severe. It may well take a real tragedy to a major star before they actually do something positive . Merely having sideline medical staff there sidelined during games isn’t enough if during training sessions you don’t have someone fully educated to deal with such an incident. It’s bad enough that at the high school level we repeatedly here of incidents such as this .

      From “Transformers” to this ? Well Megan Fox’s career is either taking a turn for the better or she’s ready to do porn for Charlie Sheen.

      tophatal …………..

  5. Great piece, Al. You raise a very convincing argument.

    If no progress is made in addressing concussions in the off-season, perhaps you should send this link to Stern in the off-season. You know, minus all the titties and stuff.

    1. Chris Humpherys

      Stern has seen and sucked on more titties than you’ve had hot breakfast’s over the course of your life. I doubt he’s going to be scared of seeing a few more unless it’s one of that he’s viewing of his daughters that’s in the picture !

      ‘I loves me some titties just like I love my Wheaties ! And I love the officials who’ll be officiating in the playoffs. So get with the goddamn program or else ‘ !

      Let’s see the commish pull the plug or is more likely suck on these ?

      Not only is the argument pertinent it adds to the veracity of the fact that the NBA much like the NFL has dragged its feet on this issue . Instead it’s been all about the money and not much else.

      If it takes a major tragedy involving an elite player before someone within the NBA league hierarchy wakes up then that’s what it’ll take. God knows a buffoon like Goodell certainly didn’t want to admit that there was a cause and effect with regard to head trauma injuries suffered players even in light of the medical evidence shown by noted universities as Stanford , John Hopkins , Boston University , Yale and Harvard where neurological disorders were being researched in depth.

      If Goodell could pull his head out of his a_s for one minute and consider what’s happening to players , veterans and current players with regard to this issue rather than thinking penalizing them for hits solves the problem then he’s a bigger as_hole than I already have taken him for ! He ought to be fully proactive and be working in conjunction with the NFLPA in dealing with this issue rather than being antagonistic as now being with the deliberations .

      tophatal ………………………..

    1. Meehan

      When the likes of BUMC (Boston University Med’ Ctr) , Harvard , Yale and Stanford have all published studies on the cause and effect what else is there to know ? Have you had your head buried in the sand or in the girlfriend’s cleavage and it’s done something to your nerval cortex around your own brain ?

      Ryan much of that research has been around since 2004 so what are are you talking about ? And what we’re now seeing from these research fellows come up with in reality backs their original findings .

      Plain fact is the NBA and NFL have been ignorant ……look at the situation with Sidney Crosby and the Penguins as a clear guide as to what can go wrong ? He wants back on the ice but management doesn’t want him back too soon and one can understand when they’ve got so much money vested in the guy as he’s face and future of the franchise.

      The NBA much like the NFL have dragged their feet and the likes of Stern and Goodell are the dumbest assholes involved in professional sports asides from Bud Selig wherein they’re head officials !

      How the hell can you ignore something so acute but when testifying to Congress you’re claiming you’re dealing with the issue ? That’s fu_king bull_hit and they damn well know but the idiots in Congress aren’t that interested as they’re merely paying the issue lip service in order to be PC ! They dealt with it alright the same way they’ve dealt with illicit drugs being rampant within their respective sports.

      tophatal ………..

  6. CP3 has been on a tear lately, though, head trauma and all. The Hornets are an interesting team in the playoffs; at home, they are as good as anybody. On the road, I can think of a couple of H.S. teams that could hang with them…

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