Complete Dominance ………. Can It Be Good Or That Bad ?

Complete Dominance ………. Can It Be Good Or That Bad ?

I think that most sports’ fans would like to a competitive season take place in whatever sport that they may well have a vested interest in be it football , baseball soccer or hockey for that matter. From my own perspective that has always been the case because if there isn’t a great deal of intrigue or some suspense along the way I tend to get bored and in the end take a disinterest in what actually goes on. This year might just one of those years in professional soccer in England within the ( EPL) English Premiership League . Unfortunately it looks as if the league’s most successful team Manchester United will be once again be running away with the Premiership title without there being much of a challenge to the team’s dominance and supremacy .


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Oh soccer I hear you say , well given the fact that the NFL seems to be intent on shuttering its upcoming season and there only being stark discussion as to any possible resolution as to the labor dispute and ensuing lockout I really don’t think that there’s all that much to really discuss on the sport’s front as it is ! Hell , the NHL has only remote interest to most sports fans I’ve come across within this medium and with the exhibition season still going on within MLB as it regards Spring Training we won’t really indulge ourselves that deeply into the game until Opening Day .

Baseball for all of its vagaries is perhaps the lone professional pastime here in North America that to me is unlike any other when it comes to the suspense and expectations of the fans in general . Now being an expat Brit now approaching their second decade as a resident here in the US , I’ve got to say the game is as much a passion of mine as is soccer in the UK or should I say England in particular. Having once been a passionate Florida Marlins’ fans I’ve now disavowed the team and in particular the ownership group led by Jeffrey Loria the team’s multi-billionaire owner. Nothing displeases me more than to hear an owner repeatedly lie not just to the fans in general but to the local politicians within the area in order to get his own way . Now one might say …… well what’s new as all owners and politicians do it ” ? But the fact of the matter is when the owners do it and it is then condoned by the game’s hierarchy it makes that situation all the more unpalatable. Not unlike I think the present impasse between the NFL and the NFLPA at present , as it’s now really hard to believe who’s simply telling the truth and who’s actually being somewhat economical with it.

Now if the truth be known until Opening Day in baseball I won’t really taking all that much notice of the sport in general . And even then as the teams try to strive for some semblance of a rhythm and consistency I’m not so sure that I’ll be amped to watch that much baseball to begin with. If anything I’ll closely be watching the proceedings as things start to play itself out with that heightened crescendo within the EPL .

The heavily favored Manchester United team looks to rewrite the history books once again this season under its manager Alex Ferguson the game’s and team’s most successful manager in history. To compare Ferguson’s achievements in the game is to try and make comparisons to that of Scottie Bowman within the NHL , Phil Jackson’s successes with both the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers , Vince Lombardi in the AFL/NFL, Chuck Noll and the unprecedented success achieved by the New York Yankees throughout their storied history with their various successful managers along the way.

Whereas , Jackson’s success has been with two teams in the case of Ferguson his success within the Premiership and on the European front in the UEFA Champions League has all been done singularly with Manchester United . He has won multiple Premiership titles , and the game’s two other most prestigious domestic trophies the Carling Cup (formerly the League Cup ) and FA Cup again multiple times along with Champions League title once in perhaps one of the most famous games ever in that competition. In all Ferguson has won in excess of 18 domestic competitive titles along with the Champions League in his tenure with perhaps the world’s most famous sport’s and recognized sport’s franchise outside of the New York Yankees . You can go to any part of the globe and mention either of those teams and I can guarantee that you’ll get a response, to either one as what they represent and who they actually are.

Ferguson has the chance to achieve another feat in chasing down and winning two domestic trophies with the FA Cup and Premiership title but he also has the chance of winning the Champions League title as well , given that the team has reached the latter stages of European club competition football’s most prestigious tournament. He’s already has achieved the domestic double of winning the FA Cup and Premiership in the same season once before and he looks to join a select group of coaches to have done that within English soccer.

I’m not about to suggest that you all become besotted by the game because that’s the furthest thing from my mind but given the fact that there’s very little to really keep me engaged in the sports world at present , I simply thought I’d try something different to indulge you all in for the moment. I know that the draw has been made for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament but until that event kicks off , I know that there’ll be a sundry of things to do as it relates to picking the brackets and opting for which teams are due to fall and which ones will prevail. Let’s just say that this Duke Blue Devil’s fan is looking for Mike Krzyzewski and his team to make a successful defense of the title they won last year in defeating Butler , in what turned out to be a really entertaining tournament.

Manchester United’s lead atop of the league table table is now 3 points and the gap though not that large now seems to be gargantuan given the inconsistent form being shown by their nearest rivals Arsenal , Manchester City and Chelsea . That being said just about anything could happen between now and the end of the season , in which the applecart could be upset with the remote possibility that United could see their lead be erased in the ensuing weeks in the build up to the season’s finale. That’s something I don’t believe that Alex Ferguson and his team will be entertaining at this juncture as the stakes are far too high for them to let that happen. Winning is ingrained into this organization and nothing says success more than adding won another prestigious trophy to add to an already burgeoning trophy cabinet.

United’s season hasn’t exactly come as an overall surprise to their fans or for that fact the those who follow the Premiership closely . Ferguson made sure to assemble a team that’s fully intent on winning trophies and with that intent comes the players’ own wish to follow their coach’s lead. Wayne Rooney perhaps the team’s best and most idolized player has had an outstanding season . Given the fact that his World Cup experience was something of a major disappointment where he and coach Fabio Capello’s national squad proved to a a complete embarrassment with their less than enthusiastic showing. Rooney has rebounded this season with the player and teammates excelling in parts of their game. Nowhere has this been more apparent than with the team’s defense and their showing . But it’d be remiss to say that the attack hasn’t been as potent as ever given the play there also not only by Rooney but also his partners in crime Dimitar Berbatov and Javier Hernandez .

It has been a collective allround team effort this season as to the team’s dominance in the league and it appears that there’s little out there to deter their efforts other than the team’s own complacency . The team’s offense has been clicking on all cylinders with Rooney , Berbatov and Hernandez providing much of that offense scoring 36 goals between them in the Premiership this season , more than half the team’s tally of 63 in the league And other than Manchester City , Arsenal and Chelse they’ve allowed the fewest goals (30) in the Premiership over the course of the season so far .

With there now having been 29 games played in the Premiership’s and the vast majority of the teams within the league having played that amount in the season’s 38 game schedule, for the 20 teams that make up the Premiership (EPL). It now remains to be seen which team if any will rise to the occasion to challenge Manchester United’s dominance within the league over the remainder of the schedule . At this juncture I’m not so sure that Arsenal or Manchester City will be able to really mount a serious challenge to United’s dominance . And that is even with Arsenal having played one less game than the league leaders.

And though the Premiership tends to provide us with thrills , spills and the totally unexpected I think that at this juncture it’s pretty much safe to say that Manchester United’s fate simply rests in their own hands and no else’s . Though it would not surprise me were they to surrender their lead , I think in reality that’s now high unlikely . But it will definitely be most interesting to see what happens between now and the end of the regular season to see what’s in store for the team.



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As to the dominance of a team in a sport do you feel that it’s healthy or simply a sign that the rest of the competition around isn’t that great ? Within the Premiership this season Manchester United has clearly been a dominant force and though they’ve been challenged to an extent they have managed to make light of those challenges and still stand tall in the saddle . What thoughts if any do you have one team being dominant over all others in their respective sport and which team to your mind has been the most dominant you’ve ever seen ? Simply chime in with your thoughts on the topic in question and the other points that have been raised within this piece. And as usual thanks for the continued support as it has always been appreciated !

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United’s most recent result in the Premiership was a 3-1 loss to Liverpool at Anfield , Liverpool.


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(1) Sir Alex Ferguson manager of United during the UEFA Champions League round of 16 second leg match between Manchester United and Marseille at Old Trafford on March 15, 2011 in Manchester, England. Getty Images / Alex Livesey ……….

(2) Javier Hernandez of Manchester United celebrates scoring the opening goal during the UEFA Champions League round of 16 second leg match between Manchester United and Marseille at Old Trafford on March 15, 2011 in Manchester, England. Getty Images Europe / Alex Livesey …………..

(3) Manchester United players observe a minutes silence in memory of the Japanese earthquake victims ahead of the UEFA Champions League round of 16 second leg match between Manchester United and Marseille at Old Trafford on March 15, 2011 in Manchester, England. Getty Images Europe / Alex Livesey ………

(4) Gabriel Heinze (L) of Marseille battles for the ball with Nani of Manchester United during the UEFA Champions League round of 16 second leg match between Manchester United and Marseille at Old Trafford on March 15, 2011 in Manchester, England. Alex Livesey / Getty Images Europe ……

(5) Wayne Rooney of Manchester United in action during the UEFA Champions League round of 16 second leg match between Manchester United and Marseille at Old Trafford on March 15, 2011 in Manchester, England. Getty Images/ Alex Livesey

(6) Liverpool’s Dirk Kuyt goes flying in front of Manchester United’s Rafael Da Silva and Chris Smalling. Kuyt would go on to score all three goals in Liverpool’s 3-1 victory over Manchester United . courtesy of ………. @ copyrighted material all rights reserved

(7) Liverpool’s Maxi Rodriguez and Manchester United’s Nani (foreground) battle for the ball in a Premier league (EPL) game played at Anfield (home ground to Liverpool) won by the home team 3-1 on 6th March 2011 . AP/Reuters/ Glenn Hall ……..

(8) 06 March 2011, Liverpool 3 – 1 Man Utd
Dirk Kuyt celebrates with Steven Gerrard and Raul Meireles after scoring Liverpool’s second goal . AP/Reuters / Glenn Hall …………


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Nate Dogg ……………. “I Got Love” . As a posthumous tribute in the untimely death of Nate Dogg at age 41.


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8 thoughts on “Complete Dominance ………. Can It Be Good Or That Bad ?

  1. I think if you like fairweather fans then you root for one team to dominate. If you aren’t and your team isn’t winning all the time I think you want parody. I don’t like seeing the same team win all the time unless your witnessing a once in a lifetime player…

    1. chappy

      The problem being is that we don’t see that ‘once in a lifetime player come along in the NFL much less NBA or MLB ! The jury is still out on LBJ in the NBA and as far as baseball is concerned the dominance that the Yankees had in the mid to late nineties is now gone . A Rod isn’t gonna lead this team once Jeter rides off into the sunset.

      In the NFL the Patriots are still figuring how to play defense consistently and that’s their downfall at present otherwise we’d be consistently be talking about them. In the NBA the Lakers may well win another one (title) but this much I do know once either or Kobe or Phil departs, that team will hit the ground with an almighty thud !

      My reason for writing this piece was primarily to ground myself in the game of my youth and at the same because there isn’t really much happening stateside with regard to sports . I’m an avid Utd and Chelsea fan .

      I do believe where a team is consistently playing at a high level and winning trophies it’s good for a sport just as long as they’re really being tested along the way . Can we really say that about some of the teams today that everyone deems as dominant ?

      tophatal ………….

    1. aero

      Well said ! We’ve not really seen it that often in recent times as such . One can allude to the fact that the Lakers’ recent run has been dominant wherein Jackson has led them to a three-peat and then two in succession in the last two years .

      In the NHL it’s hard to repeat and it hasn’t been done in a while. The NFL has had its share of dominant teams over the last decade to an extent with the Steelers and Patriots but their consistency as such of late has to come into the equation whereby one could state they’ve been truly dominant.

      Legacies obviously within the NFL are measured by the success of SB wins and between them they’ve nine Superbowls . And that’s no mean feat when one considers the era in which they were achieved .

      Baseball has seen its fair share of dominant teams over the course of its history . And the Yankees stand out obviously because of their unprecedented success over the course of their existence.

      I keep these chilled and well covered like a vintage bottle of champagne and they only come out for the traditional tasting sessions .

      But I firmly believe while dominance is healthy for any sport it’s only worth it if the games are competitive and the teams there are actually playing at a consistently high level. Far too often there’s such a wide chasm between the elite teams and those at the bottom of the barrel never mind those that are adjudged to be second tier or in the middle of the pack.


      tophatal ……………… 🙂

    1. Chris Humpherys

      That’s one of the reasons I don’t do that many soccer posts unless I can conjoin it with something that the patrons can identify with in terms of the sport’s landscape here. The tie in being that Man U is the most dominant team in soccer worldwide and whereas here we could say that there really hasn’t been that one dominant team in any of the four major sports as such over the past five to ten years. Certainly not in the case when it comes to winning trophies with an increasing regularity.

      Furthermore there are but a few guys who really know anything about soccer as it regards the European stage. In large part what they glean is via watching snippets of the coverage of games from the EPL , Serie` A (Italy) , or La Liga (Spain) . And even then their knowledge isn’t that great and I think you’ll agree apart from the World Cup I doubt most guys could tell you who Landon Donovan is from who their local state representative is in Congress !

      The pride of US soccer Landon Donovan

      John Boehner . The pride of GOP politics next to Palin that is .

      ‘I can tell you this I may not know much ’bout soccer but that boy what’s his name Donovan is it ? Well he has two balls that my daughters seem to admire . Well like I said I’ve yet to have meet Sarah in private after our winning back the House but I’m going to thank in the best way that I can and that’s to cry on her shoulders , That’s me I’m an emotional type of guy ‘ !

      I can write articulately any sport when having done the research but at times my statements when based in fact still pisses people off . Like when I mentioned that there’d be over 100,000 jobs at risk indirectly once the NFL shutters. Well case in point thirty two teams in the NFL and that averages out to be just over 3,000 jobs per NFL market. Not a lot when you consider the US economy on average loses that in a half a day on average . Fu_k the economy as it now stands struggles to create 100,000 jobs in a month ! There are idiots out there who simply haven’t a goddamn clue because they’d rather follow like sheep when they’re being fed the bull_hit espoused via the networks.

      tophatal ……………….

  2. What Sir Alex has done is amazing. He built this club into the great side it is. Jose Mourinho has never done that. He has built anything. The Special One is not so special. he takes over clubs and rides them into the ground. Pete Rozell in the NFL greatest dream was parity. Not in the EPL. Yes for ther past dozen years or longer the big four have dominated- Chelsea, Man U, Arsenal, and Liverpool. Let’s remember Chelsea had won a title 2005 or 06. The only america cpach who comes the closest is John Wooden and The Pittsburgh Steelers in The NFL, Montreal in the NHL and Boston Celtics. in the NBA.

    1. Bobby Gee

      What Ferguson has done has been astounding and even with the financial vulnerability of the team he’s still able to find ways to win. He could be on the way to completing a double of sorts this season with the team.

      In the US it’s hard now to find that type of dominance within the professional ranks because of the movement of players due to the advent of free agency . At the college level at the time of Wooden those Bruins’ teams stood out but also the level of competition wasn’t to my mind that great and remember also the NCAA tournament had less teams competing but what might have been more impressive was the 88 game unbeaten streak .

      tophatal ………

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