It’s All Over Bar The Shouting We Hope

It’s All Over Bar The Shouting We Hope

Inexplicably this season we’ve been put on the roller coaster ride that has been Brett Favre and what we’re told would be the player’s last year in the NFL after an astounding two decades of a storied career littered with highs and lows . This year has proven to be no more dramatic and traumatic than any of the other previous nineteen if you take in the off the field woes as well . But in essence that’s a story that we needn’t delve into much further as it appears that the commissioner’s office in due course will render a verdict that will either meet with the player’s approval or it may not . But it could very well lead to what might be perceived as an abrupt end to Favre’s career.

This much we do know , last night’s re-entry after his run of 297 consecutive regular season games in the NFL the quarterback returned to the starting lineup for the Minnesota Vikings in a game played at TCF Bank Stadium home to the Minnesota Golden Gophers against their NFC North divisional rivals the Chicago Bears . It was somewhat totally unexpected but the player was declared fit and suited up for the team in what was essentially a meaningless matchup, as the Vikings have already been mathematically excluded from the postseason . But somehow head coach Leslie Frazier felt that Favre gives the team the best opportunity to win , and with backup quarterback Tarvaris Jackson already on the injured reserve list , Favre was in essence the only alternative that the Vikings had other than to start third stringer Joe Webb .


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Now much has been made of what many felt was to be the season of redemption for the Vikings and pundits far afield had them as the preseason favorites to be the NFC representative in the conference championship if not the Superbowl itself to be played at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington , Texas. And given what we’ve already seen as to the descent into mediocrity of another maligned and self absorbed organization known as the Dallas Cowboys and their rather inept displays this season , a great many of us fan I do believe were extremely happy to see both of these teams fall from grace in the way that they have done. Suffice to say that the house that Jerry Jones built won’t be seeing his team parade themselves within that palatial setting and neither will the Favre fans out there get to see the aging wonder parade his now declining skills on the NFL’s grandest of stages. The Vikings fall from grace is very much about the ego Favre his teammates and the insipid idiocy of former coach Brad Childress and his indifference in taking a firm grip on this team . Instead at almost every turn he was being undermined by the Brett Favre and several of the other players on this roster who felt that he’d lost touch and was unwilling to listen. That may well have been the case but much of this also had to do with the treatment given to Favre not just by Childress upon his return to the team after last season’s well documented debacle but also the way in which he was being feted over by owner Zygi Wilf and in particular the print and television media. Leading the charge in all of this were the rather pompous idiots within ESPN who reported on the player’s every move and word as if he were some political potentate or royal dignitary.

Now no one can deny that Favre has been a hero to many but as of late over the past five years I feel that he’s become nothing more than a pariah who has begun to believe the press that has and everything that the print media has began to say or write about him. In terms of consistency his season has been mediocre at best and the same can be said of the Minnesota Vikings on all fronts from the front office on down to the coaching staff and players. If anything, it was deserving and much of it self inflicted as many of the players were of the opinion with Favre at the helm everything would indeed be a smooth ride this season for the team. Repeatedly we saw not only Favre come up short but also the team and the coaching staff through indecision and being ill prepared . Complacency is one thing but simply not having the guts to stand and be held accountable was very much evident with the Vikings throughout much of the season. And just when you thought things couldn’t get much worse for the team we then had the mishap that befell the Hubert Humprey Metrodome where part of the roof caved in under the weight of twenty inches of snow. If that hasn’t been a fitting end and something of a solution to what we’ve witnessed in this most farcical of NFL seasons concerning this team then I certainly don’t know what is .

Well as I alluded to earlier the Vikings were playing hosts to the divisional leading Chicago Bears and with NFC North title up for grabs this Lovie Smith coached team simply had to win to be almost assured the fact that they would indeed not only gain a postseason berth but also be anointed the new champions of the division. Bears’ starting quarterback Jay Cutler was looking to redeem himself after last week’s mauling at the hands of the New England Patriots . And that 36-7 defeat certainly put into perspective how wide the chasm has been between the upper echelons of the NFC and that of the AFC this season. At no time could anyone have been convinced that the Bears were simply good enough to derail the Patriots much less be considered one of the better teams within the NFC. And that’s despite the rather asinine statements that were forthcoming from Bears’ defensive player Brian Urlacher . But then again this is the very same player who once dated Paris Hilton so that to my mind tells you all that you need to know as it concerns Urlacher’s alleged intelligence !

On a blisteringly cold night where the temperature was in low to upper teens this game got off to a rather illustrious start but as the tempo settled Favre and the Vikings knew that they were going to be in a competitive game as the Bears defense set out to negate anything that Leslie Frazier’s team was prepared to throw at them. If anything it was Cutler who seemed to have settled in given the wintry conditions while Favre struggled somewhat given the fact that he was returning off a serious injury. As to why Frazier would insist that Brett Favre should still play given that any chance of redemption as such of their season was already over with is simply completely beyond me. But I guess Favre like any other diva out there simply sought the empathy of the crowd and knowing that a national audience of millions would be watching simply wanted one last hoorah . Hey Brett there’s no I in team .

The game itself was entertaining and had its moments but the weather condition really made it as such something of an anathema to watch with any great intent. But if safe for the excitement provided by the Bears’ Devin Hester there wasn’t really much by way of real excitement to be really had. Hester further placed himself into the annals of NFL folklore by returning a punt of 65 yards for a touchdown and thereby placing himself as the leader in the combined category for punt returns and kick off returns for touchdowns in the regular season with the fourteenth such effort of his five year career. If he maintains this pace he certainly will have this record exclusively to himself as he’s often been viewed as one of the most electrifying and exciting young players in the NFL playing today. Hester’s teammate Jay Cutler for once seems to have had a more efficient game , rather than what he’s tended to have been known for, and that is to be perfect one minute and completely erratic the next . Not unlike his veteran quarterback counterpart Brett Favre has been known to be in recent years . And I know that Favre still has his fans out there who may well still think of him as the best NFL quarterback to have played the game. And most certainly his numbers bear this out but rarely do you hear his fans detract from that when the player himself has one of those god-damn awful games where he become more of a liability rather than an asset. I guess when your lips are pressed to someone’s ass that closely you tend not to wake up and smell the roses or coffee ? The guys within that hallowed bastion of Bristol , Connecticut will no doubt mourn the day that Favre calls it quits and I can only surmise that the likes of Chris Mortensen , John Clayton and Mark Schlereth will have that flaccid feeling in their lower extremities as their penises become ever so limp !



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Favre had to take his leave from this game having been sacked and left disoriented it also seemed to be that there was a re-occurrence of his shoulder injury of which the end result would culminate in a Vikings’ loss . And though it’s way too early to say whether or not this might have been the last time we’ve seen the player on an NFL stage . Let’s just say that if the past five years are anything to go by then the remainder of this season and the offseason may well determine whether or not the soap opera continues. This much is certain, taking Favre at his word that this is indeed his last season is very much like having your local congressman state that he believes that he’s not a career politician but merely there to serve his constituents. I get the feeling somehow that in spite of the loss by the Vikings this might not be the last time we’ll hear from Favre as to his immediate future. There’s way too much for him still to prove to his adoring fans but to my mind this farce must now come to an end as it serves no real purpose to anyone in the long run. The great ones know when to quit, walk away , call it a day and more often than not it really is best to go out on top rather than being pushed out because you’re no longer thought of as being any good. And that’s how it’s now beginning to look for Brett Favre ……… doubt my word then simply look at his play and stats for this season ? And then tell me what you see being borne out as to those statistics ?

NB: The Vikings would go on to lose the game to the Bears 40-14 .


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11 thoughts on “It’s All Over Bar The Shouting We Hope

  1. I for one won’t believe that Favre has retired ’til his ass has been buried six feet under the ground . And even then he may well be pressing God or the Devil to see if he can be on their football team if they’ve got one. What do you guys think ?


    tophatal ………….. 😉

  2. aero

    Well said ! Personally I wouldn’t put it past this narcissistic bastard to actually make a some sort of a comeback next season merely to see if he can prove a point. Simply look at what he’s done over the past few seasons as it concerns his presumed and alleged retirements and un-retirements ? That says it all don’t you think ?

    Have a great Christmas and my regards to you and the immediate family !

    Merry Christmas bud !


    tophatal …….. 😉

  3. I have to say I didn’t watch much of the game since it wasn’t all that exciting of a match up to begin with. I did see Favre get knocked out. It’s almost painful to watch him nowadays. Hopefully he hangs it up this year…

    1. chappy81

      See my second comment to Chris regarding Favre . He much like Urban Meyer will more likely than not make a return to football next season for some unfathomable reason .

      Have a Merry Christmas and A Prosperous New Year . Pass on my wishes also to the guys of and the great work that you’ve all done this year. It’s been a great privilege to read all of your contributions on your site . Keep up the good work !

      Merry Christmas !

      tophatal …………………. 😉

  4. chappy81

    From your lips to God’s ears but I think that there’s a chance that he’ll return next season if only try and prove his doubters wrong. For me watching Hester shred that Vikings’ much vaunted defense was the only worthwhile thing about the game . I personally am not sold on the Bears because to me one moment to the next Cutler is simply just another younger version of Farve in his present form ! On any given day you’ll get good and bad from Cutler more bad than good .


    tophatal ……….. 😉

    1. Chris Humpherys

      Favre will come back next season with a penile implant and no doubt even bigger goals for his career . Unfortunately by then hopefully none of us will care other than those moronic idiots within Fox Sports , CBS Sports , NBC Sports and ESPN .

      Merry Christmas buddy and my immediate regards to you hand the family . Have a Prosperous New Year ! Oh my by the way fill your Christmas stocking with this courtesy of tophatal ! See above

      😛 __ 🙂

      tophatal 😉

  5. Chris Humpherys

    I know he’ll come back next season ! He now makes Sinatra’s retirements seem so friggin’ pedestrian ! I doubt he’ll be back in Minnesota but some lame ass team will look at him as some sort of perceived savior that’s for sure !

    Here’s an homage to Favre .





    If this doesn’t give us the funny side of it all as it concerns Favre then I guess nothing ever will !


    tophatal …………… 🙂

  6. The idiots at ESPN have ruined MNF. They are joke. I used to like watching and listening to the gang. now they are a joke. Favre is done sticka fork in him. The Cowboys can go to hell. I hate that team. The Eagles are doing very well with Michael Vick. The Bums area different team this year. Before they were a bunch of losers who would screw up a wet dream. The Eagles may not make it to the Super Bowl but they have a different mentality. When McNabb was the QB the Bums would quit. There is no quit in this dog with Vick at the helm. Merry Christmas.

  7. Bobby Gee

    The channels have gone overboard with their coverage of some NFL stories and that’s their way. Way too much on Favre and nothing on the real stories that will grip the fans’ attention. As to the Superbowl well let’s just say it should be one for the ages should the best teams actually make it there.

    You and the family have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year !


    tophatal ………… 😉

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