Ochocinco Strips Down For PETA ……. Unfortunately That’s Been The Only Thing Ocho’ Has Done All Season ……………

Ochocinco Strips Down For PETA ……. Unfortunately That’s Been The Only Thing Ocho’ Has Done All Season ……………

Well it’d appear that the all consuming Chad Ochocinco is having one of the most unproductive seasons of his career has now resorted to stripping down for a social cause. The Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver has accepted a proposal from socially active and the charitable organization PETA to bare naked for their cause against animal cruelty and carnivorism . The Bengals and in particular Ochocinco have performed miserably and it certainly hasn’t helped that coach Marvin Lewis seems to have lost the players and their willingness to play with any sort of resolve. Carson Palmer the team’s quarterback has played with little confidence and it appears that he much like his celebrity seeking teammate have shown little if anything of their desire to lift this team out of their continued funk this season .


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In the midst of this all while Ochocinco has performed miserably his erstwhile teammate Terrell Owens the team’s signee has had something of a career season leading this team in receptions and touchdowns . He if anything has been the only positive bright spot on a team that has been a tremendous disappointment to their fans and in the fans of the NFL in general . This is a team who last season won the AFC North in a particularly conclusive manner albeit that they were then dumped out of the playoffs in the opening round. This season they were considered to be one of the front runners for the division but instead they have been a complete disappointment in more ways than one.

Ochocinco speaks his mind on animal cruelty as part of a PSA for PETA .

While Chad Ochocinco has been self promoting with his eponymous reality shows and his growing awareness amongst the television fans it has to be said that when given the chance to divest themselves of the player the Bengals chose not to for some unknown reason. The player having announced his recent engagement and with a single life now soon to be a thing of the past it should come as no surprise that the player’s biggest concerns don’t appear to be what happens on the football field but more to do with what he can achieve off the field by way of self promotion. The days of his being feared as one of the most dangerous receivers in the game are long past and I do feel that after this season I sincerely doubt that there’ll be an NFL team out there willing to have Chad Ochocinco as a member of their roster.

At 2-9 it goes without saying that for all sense and purpose the Bengals’ season has and will end on a dour note . Amongst the AFC they are now seen as one of the worse teams in a number of statistical categories and any chance of them playing spoiler to teams with postseason ambitions at best appears to be remote whichever way one would look at it. Much of this malaise not only rests upon the shoulders of Marvin Lewis and his coaching staff but also upon players such Carson Palmer and in particular Chad Ochocinco . Neither has shown that they possess the temerity to lead much less perform with any confidence in order to have the Bengals perform with any sense of purpose or pride. Injuries notwithstanding the Bengals have been a complete mess throughout much of the season and there doesn’t seem to be any signs of an immediate turnaround in the offing . Suffice to say that Marvin Lewis already stating that it is his intent not return to the team next season then it would appear that the organization (front office) will be heading into uncharted waters with a new coach and the possibility of the roster being gutted with the ‘dead wood’ being set adrift. And that particular scenario should come as no surprise to anyone who’s witnessed the Bengals’ play this season. The team is bereft of real talent on both sides of the ball and have delivered their fans a great deal of disservice and injustice with their rather mediocre play throughout the season.

From my own perspective I do believe that Chad Ochocinco’s best years are now behind him and he much like Randy Moss no longer have anything to offer to any team that may have set their eyes on either player as a means to an end . I mean what has Moss done since his abrupt departure from the New England Patriots ? I’ve read where some contributors within the blogo-sphere have stated that he would make the Minnesota Vikings a better team . Well we all know how that situation worked out don’t we ? As to his latest sojourn where he’s now a member of the Tennessee Titans and their season has in essence all but ended with the rather immature behavior of their quarterback Vince Young and his now soured relationship with his coach Jeff Fisher . Let’s just say the Titans have been something of a tremendous disappointment this season in more ways than one.

As to the Cincinnati Bengals and how the rest of their season fares it goes without saying that the interest there is now minuscule at best and for Ochocinco his time within the NFL is now at a crossroads . Personally I’d just like to see the player simply walk away from the game as to my mind he was simply overrated to begin with . About the only person who actually shows any interest in the player is actually Ochocinco himself . A narcissisist tends to be their own worse enemy and it’s plain to see that’s most definitely the case where the veracity of that argument cannot be denied .



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Today the Bengals face the reigning Superbowl champions the New Orleans Saints and it’s hard to see the team overcoming a once again resourceful and resurgent Saints’ team that now seems to be playing their best football of the season . Suffice to say that loss number ten now seems to be on the cards for the Bengals . Need one say anymore on the matter of the Bengals and the self absorbed Chad Ochocinco ?

Chime in with a comment as to your thoughts on the Bengals and in particular their lugubrious wide receiver .

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Alan aka tophatal ………………….. 🙂



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10 thoughts on “Ochocinco Strips Down For PETA ……. Unfortunately That’s Been The Only Thing Ocho’ Has Done All Season ……………

  1. Ocho's balls

    There you go .. all balls are not sized the same .

    Does a conveniently placed ball hide anything from the fans that we don’t already know about Ocho as far his catching balls and his own balls are concerned ?

    tophatal ……… 🙂

  2. Chris Humpherys

    Not only does the ownership realize that the team sucks but Marvin Lewis as coach has repeatedly said it .

    Lewis won’t be back next season and for sure this team needs to be gutted to its bare bones with nothing left but a rotting carcass ! Mike Brown the President &CEO has his work cut out for him at this juncture .

    Ocho’ should be the first of the bunch to be released he’s simply just not that good anymore and his stats prove it .


    tophatal ………… 🙂

    1. al clements

      What you want to share fries with Ocho while he’s naked or did you want to share fries with Treasure ? I guess you meant ‘Treasure’ ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      Ocho’s season has gone to hell in hand basket !


      tophatal ……… 🙂

    1. chappy 81

      You seem to forget that he’s got his eponymous show that he co-hosts with TO called the ‘ TOcho Show ‘ on Versus . I hear that they’ve got as many viewers for that show as there is for a broadcast for Al-Jazeera here in the US ?

      Come the offseason the Bengals ought to and should cut the guy and I mean that literally inflict some blood curdling wounds on his dumb ass !

      tophatal 🙂

  3. The Bengals do it to themselves though. They pick the diva problem childs. I know the Raiders like to sign the “dirty” or “problem” players, but at least the guys they pick don’t cause lame distractions like he does!

  4. chappy81

    But who'd have thought thought that TO would be now having a better season than Ocho' , Vince Young and Favre combined ?

    I guess you can't always bet against the problem child ?

    tophatal ……… 🙂

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