Grown Men Are Never Really Men But Merely Petulant Children ……. Have You Witnessed The NBA Lately ?

Grown Men Are Never Really Men But Merely Petulant Children ……. Have You Witnessed The NBA Lately ?

The NBA ___ season not yet in full stride but yet the furor seems to be over the expectation of the Miami Heat and that team’s recent additions . Given the Heat’s recent slump and the less than welcoming return for LeBron James at Quicken Loans Arena where the Heat met the Cleveland Cavaliers . It has to be said that the animus towards to the former player by the fans in Cleveland was to be expected . And it certainly hasn’t helped the situation any further that Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert has now lodged a formal complaint with the commissioner’s office concerning what he believes was tampering by the Miami Heat in acquiring James. Gilbert for his part after the player’s announcement that he was about to leave the Cavaliers as a free agent and ply his trade elsewhere was less than cordial and let his feelings be known about the player and his then impending move.

The Miami Heat under a wealth of expectation has had a less than illustrious start as their inconsistency and lack of cohesion has led to cries that the Pat Riley experiment has been a failure. Given that it’s still early in the season I do believe that over its course, James , Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh learning to play together , we will see an overall improvement of the team under their coach Eric Spoelstra . An inauspicious start and the berating of James as well his lack of candor at times has made the player something of a pariah amongst fans in general and something of a ‘fait-accompli’ in terms of the ongoing stories within the press. What has been really telling about the Heat as a team has been their complete lack of defensive capability shown and athleticism . Even more surprising has been the very fact that the Heat’s roster is amongst the oldest within the NBA with average age of 30.3 years . Experience may well count for a great deal but clearly when it looks as if this team is learning on the job the experience being shown isn’t what one would come to expect from a veteran team where we’re led to believe they were built to win with there being an immediate dividend.


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Clearly for the organization winning is of the utmost importance and the track being taken by Pat Riley as team President and General Manager is that the time is now. An NBA title would add to the value of the franchise and would hopefully reap the dividends of that triumph were it to materialize. For the fans in attendance at AA Arena it has to be said that they’ve taken their time to take in their duo of superstars and acclimatize themselves with the players in question.

Not living up to expectations and at the same time showing a great deal of immaturity by the trio it has to be said that with there now being talk should Spoelstra not be able to take control of this team and lead them in the right direction then it would be in the best interest of the organization to have Riley step into the coach’s role . How that might sit with Eric Spoelstra given that he was the general manager’s hand picked choice mightn’t sit well with many around the league ? However , what might be even more surprising has been Riley’s reluctance to openly address the speculation that seems to be fomenting in a number of circles around the league and within the press in general. Winning and winning with authority would actually negate much of the talk that’s now taking place and that has now become the real problem for the Miami Heat.

The ensuing spectacle that took place at Quicken Loans Arena wherein James was given a less than enthusiastic welcome by the fans wasn’t really a surprise . However what might be even more galling to my mind was the less than competitive nature brought to the game by the Cavalier players themselves. Byron Scott and his coaching staff either were completely ill prepared for the game or they simply felt that allowing James to merely swath through his former team like a marauding pirate to my mind was an affront to the Cavaliers’ fans who obviously had been expecting more from their team. If anything seeing James actually interact with his former teammates during the game as if they were at a late night party might be even more disturbing. Instead of this being a highly competitive game it essentially became a one man show as his James had a career night while leading the Heat to a lopsided victory (118-90) over their Eastern Conference rivals.

In his postgame interview LeBron James would be respectful in his comments as it related to the fans and former teammates but when it came to the front office one could discern that he wasn’t willing to be so appeasing, his comments were curt and emphatic in terms of a response. If there’s to be a turnaround for the Heat wherein they’re to challenge the likes of the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic for supremacy within the conference then he will have either lead by example or defer to Dwyane Wade in terms of leadership. James may well be viewed as the scorer on this team but as a leader he’s yet to show that he’s capable of leading with his teammates following en-suite.

The sky isn’t falling but yet there seems to be growing concern that the reigning NBA champions the Los Angeles Lakers had lost four straight games for the first time in Phil Jackson’s reign with the team and as a coach over the course of his professional career in the NBA. Remarkable as that statistic is concerning Jackson I do feel that in terms of the Lakers it’s much ado about nothing ! We all know that this team will rise to the occasion as the postseason beckons. The team’s biggest concern at present remains the health of its two best players Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol . As they go , so go the Lakers and any prolonged injury to either could actually bring about something of decline in the team’s form and success overall.

The prolonged absence of Andrew Bynum as he slowly recuperates from surgery that clearly should have been done during the off-season has as such hampered the effectiveness of the team. And although some of the bench players have stepped up to the task in particular Shannon Brown there’s no denying that without Bryant and Gasol the Los Angeles would indeed struggle. Lamar Odom has been his customary self merely slipping in and out of games as his productivity has mirrored that over the course of his career . Jackson has taken the approach that the team will overcome this obstacle and rebound to the form that we’ve come to expect from the Lakers.

Andrew Bynum for his part has reiterated his return is imminent and that he can’t wait to assist this team in any way that he can. This coming from a player who thought it best to attend the World Cup in South Africa rather than obtain the much needed surgery and slowly recuperate during the off-season. Instead the player merely thought about himself rather than what the organization expected of him as a vital part of this team . Upon his return it will be interesting to see what Bynum really does have to offer the Los Angeles Lakers by way of his play and productivity. Over the course of his career there has been flashes of brilliance but little else to suggest that he can become one of the dominant centers in the game and given what we’ve seen as to the careers of both Yao Ming and Greg Oden it would be easy to suggest that Bynum’s time may well be short.

John Wall may well have initially set the NBA alight with his play for the Washington Wizards this season but the Los Angeles Clippers’ ____ Blake Griffin has been searing hot as he’s simply been a one man wrecking crew as he adds some legitimacy to the Clippers as an organization. I might preface this by saying that these are the same Los Angeles Clippers long held up as what a professional sports franchise shouldn’t at all be like in terms of how it’s ran . Unfortunately for the fans Donald Sterling still hangs unto the reins of the team as an owner and even with the addition of Griffin and a core group of young and exciting talent one simply gets the feeling that when it’s all said and done the lack of ambition from the ownership will continue to remain. I’ve repeatedly said this time and time again ……. an organization built for success in order to win , starts with ownership and the supporting cast of management which then works its way down to the players recruited. Anyone who has witnessed the malaise of the Clippers over the years knows that over the course of time players there have come and gone on to do much better for themselves over the course of their careers. I get the feeling the feeling that Griffin will be one of those players if things aren’t turned around who’ll depart from this team and create further success for himself within the NBA. At this juncture there’s not much else that can be really said about the Los Angeles Clippers as their season unfolds. Whatever else happens let’s just hope that Blake Griffin can continue to entertain the long suffering Clippers’ fans as well as the rest of the NBA.



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What if anything has been one of the biggest surprises for you within the NBA this season ? Merely chime in with a comment as to your thoughts on this topic .

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8 thoughts on “Grown Men Are Never Really Men But Merely Petulant Children ……. Have You Witnessed The NBA Lately ?

  1. Cavs’ owner Dan Gilbert is once again proving that he’s not the consummate businessman and entrepreneur many believe him to be. He’s a friggin’ moron who ought to be more concerned as to how bad the Cavs are playing at the moment rather than whining like a petulant bitch that he’s now coming across as !

    Rumor has it that he’d (Gilbert) like to sodomize LeBron but he’s afraid that the ‘Brokeback’ moment might lead to how much of a ass dicker he really is .

    “There’s absolutely no truth to the rumor that I’ve put a ‘hit’ on LeBron James as I’m not that type of a guy” . Cavs’ owner Dan Gilbert

    tophatal ……….. 🙂

    1. Chris Humpherys

      If the Heat aren’t a #1 or # 2 seed come the playoffs then there’s going to be questions asked and at the same time considering how uneven their play has been I don’t believe that they’re a certainty in the postseason. Dampier and Ilgauskas are two geriatrics way past their prime and Bosh to me has been a complete disappointment . Never mind that this roster simply isn’t athletic enough to begin with !

      tophatal …….. 🙂

  2. The Heat aren’t going to be a 1 or 2 seed. They know that and are okay with that.

    This team expected to take the regular season to work out their kinks and blast people come post-season.

    Of course they’re no guarantee to advance but I certainly wouldn’t want to play them.

    1. Chris Humpherys

      The Heat are a mess at present they’re in need of PG and an offensive minded center. Dampier and Ilgauskas are way too old to relied upon to meet what’s being asked of them by the organization . And Carlos Arroyo as a point guard just isn’t cutting it ! So either they make a trade or get LBJ to step up his game way more than he’s already doing . You already know my thoughts on Bosh as it’s not really worth repeating at all. The guy is just here for a free ride .

      Lucy Pinder has played with more balls than Bosh , Dampier and Ilgauskas combined .

      There’s a reason why Riley assembled these three and it was to reap an immediate dividend of winning the title this year. The financial situation of the organization is dire at present and this was the way he thought to best address it.

      tophatal ………… 🙂

  3. I’m still not sold on the Heat, but they have looked better lately. I think Lebron finally is looking like Lebron from Cleveland again, and D-Wade is still getting his while he’s doing it. I’m curious to see if they are much better with Mike Miller when he gets back on the court…

    1. chappy81

      If the Heat were stock tip I’d be dumping it at the moment. They’re simply not as good as advertised and is it any wonder that Jeff Van Gundy has cooled on them after he’d been berated by Barkley for his rather stupid claims ?

      Even if Miller returns their problems concern the fact that they haven’t a decent center or PG ! Arroyo simply isn’t cutting it and both Dampier and Ilgauskas are about as much use as a used feminine hygiene product ! As for Bosh he’s simply there for the ride . One game where he shot the ball lights out scored 35 pts and sportschump had an erection as if some chick had been performing fellatio on him .

      They may well make the playoffs but their game has to improve a great deal if they’re to match the intensity of teams like the Celtics, Bulls and Magic within the conference never mind the teams in the Western Conference .

      tophatal …………. 🙂

  4. chappy81

    Chris Humphery

    Who the hell in their right mind believes that Arroyo can lead the Heat to an NBA title as their starting point guard ? Much less the fact that Dampier and Ilgauskas are the omnipresent centers and offensive forces for this Heat team ? It’s idiots like Jeff Van Gundy that simply make me want to puke when he opens his dam mouth . He’s about as knowledgeable on the game as Paris Hilton is on the facets of business practices of the US Treasury .

    Are Van Gundy’s lips still pressed against LeBron’s ass as one could argue that he’s making Jim Gray jealous ?


    tophatal ………. 🙂

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