Creeping With The Best of Them ………. FIFA And The NCAA Are Corrupt But Then Again Ought We To Be Surprised ?

Creeping With The Best of Them ………. FIFA And The NCAA Are Corrupt But Then Again Ought We To Be Surprised ?

I don’t know that there has been enough to convince me that I can truly trust the NCAA much less FIFA as the governing bodies of their respective sporting entities. Both organizations are at present hiding behind the ‘facade’ of legitimacy when both are essentially corrupt . In recent months a number of FIFA officials have been implicated in accepting bribes in order for their votes concerning the process concerning FIFA’s officials and their votes with the venues for the World Cup tournaments of the past and allegedly for future tournaments. With the recent announcement that Russia had been awarded the 2018 tournament and the 2022 World Cup tournament having been awarded to the tiny Arab nation of Qatar . One has to wonder what took place behind closed doors concerning those votes.


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Doha being the only major city and capital in this tiny Arab nation whose main source of income is that of being a oil producing nation. Albeit that over the last two decades the country has seen fit to diversify its economy and are now looking to become a financial center within the Arab world . In hosting the tournament Qatar automatically is a qualifier for the World Cup and no doubt with there being a great deal of pride for the country in becoming the first Arab nation to host soccer’s premiere international tournament . With a worldwide television audience approaching 1.3 billion people for the event it has to be said that this will give the world something of an insight into this tiny nation and how it goes about staging one of the world’s most prestigious sporting events.

FIFA President Joseph ‘Sepp’ Blatter obviously not favorable to the criticism that has been leveled at the organization and the implications of impropriety concerning senior officials within this austere body has done little to answer to calls for an investigation of the allegations. US Soccer’s Chairman Sunil Gulati along with former US President Bill Clinton made a candid and imaginative presentation in trying to sustain the United States’ bid to stage the 2022 tournament . If anything that presentation was far more impressive than that of Qatar’s and a number of the other applicants who’d made their own presentations. But it’d appear that Blatter and his body may well had their minds made up as to whom they felt ought to stage the tournaments in 2018 and 2022. The US had failed in its most recent bid to stage the World Cup of 2014 with Chicago being one of the major US cities looking to stage the tournament . The winners on that occasion was the city of Rio de Janeiro and the country of Brazil . And being the sport’s most storied nation in terms tournament wins and the world renowned pedigree of its internationals stars it was understandable to see the reason why the tournament was awarded to the South American nation. With one of the fastest growing economies on the continent and a democratic government that’s stable all of the prestige that FIFA sought was there in the making. And with a soccer crazed nation such as Brazil , well it goes without saying that they will take a great deal of pride in staging the tournament .

Courtesy of Associated Free Press & Yahoo Sports

FIFA secretary general defends “political” decisions

Paris (AFP) – FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke on Monday defended the world body’s “political” decisions to award the 2018 World Cup to Russia and the 2022 event to Qatar.

“It’s a political decision to open up onto the world. It was the same thing with (2010) hosts South Africa,” said Valcke.

“We have eight years till Russia hosts it with a huge commitment on the part of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and 12 for Qatar, who have huge resources,” said Valcke in response to questions as to the technical merits of the two countries, which FIFA did not find to be on the same level as, for example, those of 2018 candidate England.

England’s bid campaigners have expressed astonishment at being eliminated in the first round in Zurich last week with just two of 22 FIFA executive committee votes.

If the poor English performance and Russia’s elevation to host city for 2018 surprised some, there was also astonishment in many quarters at Qatar’s selection for 2022 given that the tiny country is predominantly desert and will be boiling hot in June and July.

Valcke admitted that “as regards the heat in Qatar, the fears are legitimate but there will be air conditioning systems. Qatar will do everything necessary so that nothing is to the detriment of either the players or anyone else.

“Russia deserves it and Qatar will be an interesting story. The Middle East is part of the football family,” indicated Valcke.

Regarding allegations of corruption at the heart of FIFA Valcke said the game’s governing body had “reacted immediately” to the Sunday Times revelations by suspending two members of its executive committee amid allegations of bribery.

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From my own perspective while I have nothing against Brazil staging the tournament, I do feel that the secrecy and minute transparency shown by FIFA leads me to believe that Blatter and the organization has used undue influence peddling in order to get their own way concerning a number problems that are rife within the sport from a political and economic standpoint. The 2010 World Cup tournament staged in South Africa while considered to be a profound and economical success there left a lot to be desired concerning FIFA’s unwillingness to address the corruption that stems within its own body and the very fact that while the tournament was being staged in South Africa he and members there failed to address one of the more tawdry stories concerning female soccer players within the country who’ve been sexually assaulted , raped and in some cases murdered merely because of their sexuality. Sepp Blatter while trying to be socially and politically aware tends to only play the political games of intrigue in order to gain wider notoriety for himself, his sport and the political influence that can be afforded by it all. Rather can calling for some dialogue with South African President Jacob Zuma to address these ongoing crimes Blatter merely remained silent and ignored what has been widely reported in the international press for a number of years.

Courtesy of

US Soccer President Sunil Gulati: Politics The Reason US Didn’t Get Awarded 2022 World Cup

By Luis Bueno

Although the United States submitted a strong and sound bid for the 2022 World Cup, what the process came down to was simple politics, U.S. Soccer President Sunil Gulati said.

Qatar stunned the world by capturing the 2022 World Cup and beat the United States out in the final round of the voting process.

Gulati said the U.S. was done in not by a weak attempt but rather by the process itself but stopped short of speculating on any sort of vote-swapping.

“It’s politics, it’s friendships and relationships, it’s alliances, it’s tactics,” Gulati said in a conference call. “There are far too many permutations, especially with these two World Cups being decided on the same day, and I’m not smart enough to figure out how all those played out in these two elections.”

Qatar edged out the United States in the final round and also bested Australia, Korea and Japan in the voting process. In recent weeks, reports surfaced about possible voting blocs that could have affected the bid process and tilted it in Qatar’s favor.

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It remains to be seen what FIFA will do to address this matter and many of the other ongoing allegations that has been leveled at soccer’s international governing body. This much we now do know …….. it is that much like any other sports’ governing body it’s not about what you know but in essence who you know and what price you’re prepared to pay in order to be seated at the table.

Should it really come as a surprise that the NCAA in their infinite wisdom sought to overturn the decision of Auburn University in reinstating the football team’s ___ Heisman Trophy candidate and quarterback Cam Newton ? With all of the preponderance of the evidence there for the NCAA Infractions Committee’s perusal they essentially chose to ignore more of the salient facts that had been placed at their disposal. Their findings coincided with what many feel now was a gross act of naivete and in some circles stupidity on their part in reversing the school’s decision. What we do know is that Newton’s father Cecil Newton sought to profit from his son’s acceptance at a number collegiate establishment’s namely Ole Miss . What we do know is that Newton senior sought payment for his son’s acceptance to the school but when it wasn’t forthcoming he pursued other avenues for his son’s entrance to a collegiate football program. What we have yet to be made aware of , is what if any improprieties might have taken place in terms of Cam Newton ending up at Auburn . However the school has been steadfast in stating that no monies changed hands and he was accepted on his eligibility status and having met the school’s criteria. But they sought to alleviate much of the scrutiny that was coming their way by deciding to make the player ineligible. “Something smells rotten in Denmark” ….nay something stinks in Auburn but absolutely no one wants to be seen as the culprit there !

Courtesy of The Wall St Journal & Associated Press

Enforcement chief: NCAA falls on athlete’s side

Associated Press

NEW YORK β€” The NCAA’s enforcement chief says punishing athletes for violations they didn’t even know about would be a major shift in philosophy for the organization.

Days after the NCAA cleared Auburn quarterback Cam Newton to play despite finding his father broke the organization’s rules, Julie Roe Lach told The Associated Press on Monday that college sports’ governing body traditionally has preferred to “fall on the side of the student-athlete.”

In the wake of the Newton decision, some conference commissioners expressed concern more adults will shop around recruits now that they’ve realized the player won’t be suspended if he wasn’t aware of the scheme. The Heisman Trophy front-runner is eligible to lead the Tigers against Oregon in the BCS title game, even though his father solicited money for the quarterback to sign at Mississippi State, because Cam didn’t know about the ploy or receive benefits from it.

“That’s the question I think a lot of people ask not just today, but when I worked in reinstatement 10 years ago. We struggled with the issue of student-athlete knowledge and culpability for certain violations vs. the deterrence factor,” said Lach, the NCAA’s new vice president of enforcement. “When you’re talking about a National Collegiate Athletic Association, whose primary mission is to serve student-athlete well-being, then generally you land on the side of student-athlete welfare.”

Lach was promoted to replace the retiring David Price in October, having worked previously both in rule enforcement and student-athlete reinstatement.

NCAA President Mark Emmert released a statement Thursday saying the organization was committed to strengthening and clarifying its rules to prevent a repeat of the Newton case. Lach wouldn’t comment specifically about Newton, but she addressed in general terms several issues the case raised.

She said the NCAA’s Division I Amateurism Cabinet was studying whether to broaden the definition of who is considered an agent. A parent or adviser could be viewed as an agent based on their actions, giving the NCAA new approaches to prevent violations in an evolving recruiting landscape.


Click on link to read this article in its entirety.


SEC Commissioner Mike Slive has said little if anything in even addressing this all and one has to wonder what needs to be done not only by the conferences themselves but also the schools , athletic directors , coaches but above all the NCAA . I find it simply idiotic that the NCAA simply overlooks their own bye laws as it relates to athletes and their profiting financially or by any other means that do not meet the NCCA’s regulations. In that body’s own bye laws they clearly state that an athlete cannot knowingly profit financially from any ‘misdeeds’ by “themselves” or known associates and clearly there has been some impropriety here concerning Cam Newton and his father. I find it totally incomprehensible that the Cam Newton states that he was completely unaware as to what his father was doing on his behalf. But then again the player made sure that he didn’t implicate himself by making any public statement without being advised by his lawyer. If that’s not enough of an indication as to the possibility that there was something untoward going on and with the Newtons both being involved . Then clearly the NCAA and its body of investigators are that naive or they simply wanted this whole spectacle to disappear rather than it being an ongoing story that casts a dark shadow over the BCS Bowl season games. As it now stands a number of questions will be asked as to what really took place and how it is that the NCAA came to this decision and the reasons why.



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Were you as such surprised by the decision made by the NCAA concerning Cam Newton ? And with regard to the country’s bid to host the World Cup do you feel that it was a worthwhile effort put forth in terms of the country’s presentation ? Or did you feel that they were facing an uphill battle given the fact that the game still faces obstacles here domestically in terms of its acceptance in the sporting mainstream ? Or do you perhaps feel more so given the allegations being leveled against FIFA and the misconduct concerning senior officials within the organization ? Simply chime in with your thoughts and both topics and once again thanks as always for the continued support as it’s greatly appreciated .

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7 thoughts on “Creeping With The Best of Them ………. FIFA And The NCAA Are Corrupt But Then Again Ought We To Be Surprised ?

  1. If the Newton crap should come back to bite the NCAA and SEC in the ass then NCAA President Mark Emmert and SEC Commissioner Mike Slive will have a great deal of explaining to do.

    As for FIFA’s Executive Committee and their stranglehold on the international game of soccer they make a third world group of despotic leaders seem like a bunch of fu_king choirboys !

    Sepp Blatter
    FIFA President Joseph ‘Sepp’ Blatter and his executive committee are some of the most corrupt people in international sports.

    tophatal ………. πŸ™‚

  2. Anytime money is involved one will have corruption. Big bucks out there and all are just trying to get it all…not just a share.

    1. al clements

      FIFA has way too many ties politically with way too many developing and third world countries. Hence the repeated problems that it repeatedly find itself in. As for the NCAA , SEC and the Cam Newton situation there’s still more to come even if it doesn’t happen until after the Heisman Trophy award ceremony. It’s a pity that neither the NCAA or SEC called in the FBI as they have subpoena powers and would have got to the bottom of this mess .

      tophatal ………. πŸ™‚

      1. al clements

        I’m surprised that FIFA isn’t into arms dealing or selling state secrets in order to get some acknowledgment from the numerous governments that they deal with ? As for the NCAA and the crap they legislate over each season they’re now beginning to remind of how Congress and the Senate works. In other words they simply do nothing at all during their legislative sessions .

        tophatal ………… πŸ™‚

  3. Guys if Cam Newton wins the Heisman I’ve got it on good authority that his father won’t be auctioning it off on E-Bay in order to build an addition on to his church in Neenan , Georgia .

    tophatal ………. πŸ™‚

  4. i have been saying this for years about the NCAA. Follow the money. The NCAA screws the athlete. Follow the money. Without the meat on the hoof the NCAA wouldn’t be making millions. FIFA is crooked as the wind drven snow.

    1. Bobby Gee

      It’s not just the NCAA as it’s rampant right across collegiate sports. Nevermind what takes place concerning the BCS conferences and how they makes sure that the money is kept inhouse as far as the bowl berths are adjudicated over.

      As for FIFA ___ Joseph ‘Sepp’ Blatter runs it and the Executive Committee with an iron fist . Is it any wonder these allegations repeatedly come to the fore ? They (FIFA) can’t be trusted to have the game’s best interests at heart .

      So it doesn’t come as a major surprise when the world starts to question their reasoning behind awarding Qatar the 2022 World Cup . How much money do you think changed hands there then ?

      Simply look at the numerous issues that now come into being if the venues are outside rather than being indoor ? No one is going to want to play a game that could well extend into overime in over 120 degrees of heat and humidity . Never mind other safety issues with regard to terrorist activities . It may well be a tiny nation but its security forces aren’t that well trained . So one can guess that the UN and perhaps nations in the region will be asked to assist in that regard.

      😦 __ πŸ˜›

      tophatal ………….. πŸ™‚

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