Wade Phillips Loves Jerry Jones But I’m Not So Sure Jerry Really Wants To Reciprocate That Love !

Wade Phillips Loves Jerry Jones But I’m Not So Sure Jerry Really Wants To Reciprocate That Love !

Jerry Jones says that it’s not his attention to address the situation concerning the coaching future of Wade Phillips until the end of the regular season . Now as we all know that Dallas Cowboys suffered another inexplicable loss to the Minnesota Vikings. Statistically things will show that the Cowboys are a very immature team over the last two weeks. In amassing 23 penalties that have accounted for over 275 yards this team has simply found another way to ever increase those self inflicted wounds to the foot as well as to the head. And if that’s not enough the so called offensive genius of coordinator Jason Garrett is nowhere to be seen. As explosive as this team is said to be the Cowboys have been it’s getting frustrating to see the Tony Romo led offense make the mistakes normally associated with a rookie. What might be even more inexcusable has been the idiotic belief by those inane analysts within the halls of ESPN and Foxsports who are still in awe of the Cowboys.


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At 1-4 the Dallas Cowboys’ chances of inning the NFC East much less gaining a playoff berth now seems remote at best. And with the Washington Redskins (3-3), Philadelphia Eagles (4-2) and New York Giants (4-2) all ahead of the Cowboys within the division does anyone get the feeling that now might be the time to push the ”panic button” for the Dallas Cowboys ? The run offense of the Cowboys gained a rather pedestrian 94 yards is perhaps another cause for concern as the Cowboys’ offense was stymied by the Minnesota Vikings in the team’s 21-24 loss . And even though Romo gained 220 yards through the air for the Cowboys if the truth be known much of that was gained essentially through the somewhat lackadaisical approach taken by the Vikings when the game as such was being countered inadequately by the Cowboys’ run offense.

The tumult we’re told is not within the Cowboys’ locker room but I’m beginning to wonder if there isn’t a chasm beginning to open up between the the players and the fans who’ve been attendance at Cowboys’ Stadium in Arlington , Texas. Now the return on the investment of that $1.6 billion gargantuan edifice just hasn’t panned out from a footballing standpoint and any hopes that the Cowboys may have felt that they had in being the first NFL team to host and play in the Superbowl doesn’t appear to be on schedule for what Jones and the fans were hoping for . At this juncture respectability for the Cowboys this year season might well be to have a winning season. It’s going to take a monumental effort on the part of Phillips and his coaching staff to turn things around this year for the whole organization .

If there’s ever a time to look at an NFL franchise and say how much of a disappointment they have become over the past decade then I think that the Cowboys would have to be that team ! Year in and year out over the past decade so much has been expected of this team but they continue disappoint. Much of that may well have been down to the fact that general manager Jerry Jones seems to be under the impression that he knows best when it comes to player personnel decisions. And if anyone was under the impression that the relationship between Jones and Phillips’ predecessor Bill Parcells was a calm and respectful one then they ought to take a look at the behind the scenes and the consummate fight for power to hold the reins of the Cowboys. Anyone who knows Jerry Jones , will know this is an individual who simply defers to no one even when he’s wrong . But this is Jones’ kingdom and he simply reigns over it seemingly with a rod of iron.

There are numerous problems that seem to have brought the Cowboys to this point in time and none of which can be categorically put down to anyone thing in particular. One could point to the fact that Jones has been an owner who simply isn’t one who’s prepared to admit to a mistake be it one of his own making or when where it regards taking the advice of others merely to placate his subordinates only for him to change his mind at a later date. The Terrell Owens’ fiasco was proof enough of that and the allegations as to who was lying and what was said between both parties was never made that clear, suffice to say that Owens was cut by the team at the end of the 08 season.

A talent laden team the Cowboys have under achieved and it’s safe to say that much of that has come down to the fact that there seems to be no leadership forthcoming from the veterans on this roster much less any leadership being shown by Tony Romo , himself. Pro Bowler or not there’s nothing to suggest that Romo can lead this team to its desired destination and that is to a Superbowl victory. And for the paeans within the hallowed halls of ESPN it’s time for you all to pull your heads out of your rear ends after each year coming up with prognostication that the Cowboys are the team to beat within the NFC . Repeatedly saying that they are the team beat and win it all doesn’t make it so even when there’s nothing tangible there to suggest that they are that good. One playoff win in the last decade and then last year’s meltdown in the playoffs against Vikings and the onslaught that took place which resulted in a 34-3 beat-down and the complete and irrevocable emasculation of this Cowboys’ team of vastly overrated players.

Say what you will about Wade Phillips as a defensive minded guru but as a head coach he does leave a great deal to be desired on all fronts. It’s now hard to say whether or not he still commands the respect of his players much less the respect of the team owner Jerry Jones. As I alluded to earlier, Jones has stated that he’s not prepared to address the issue of Phillp’s future until the end of the season. If that’s not an indication that there’s impending doom as it relates to Wade Phillips and quite possibly the once heir in waiting for the position of head coach , Jason Garrett. And by any stretch of the imagination were Garrett as Philliips’ successor I very much doubt that he’d be able to turn things around. If the two in conjunction with one another can’t make this unit a competitive perennial contender in this league then there’s nothing to outwardly suggest that Garrett tethering the reins could do any better than Phillips in his tenure thus far.

As to what’s ultimately at the end of the season for the Cowboys is totally dependent upon the mindset of the team and how this latest adversity is dealt with by Phillips and his coaching staff. As an observer it’s hard to see how Phillips will be able feel secure enough in his position as head coach knowing full well that he’s now viewed as a lame duck coach . The moment Jones essentially made the statement that he was intent on reviewing Phillips’ future as a coach with the organization it the wheels in motion for Jones and the front office to assess the situation and to commence with a list of candidates they deem worthy of succeeding Wade Phillips . Granted should Phillips be let go then all of the customary congratulatory gestures will be forthcoming from the owner and then him suggesting that it was now time to move on while thanking his coach on a job well done. In reality that’s simply Jones choosing to plunge the dirge even deeper within Phillips’ shoulder blades without coming across as a despondent owner.

At 1-4 it’s hard to see how the Cowboys can still climb their way out of this morass which essentially has been of their own making. An under achieving team that is completely complacent and who’ve never been really intent on playing hard , much less with any pride and this was the ‘bill of goods” that the pundits within ESPN was trying to sell the NFL fans and the nation as a whole . Come to think of it what else could now go wrong with this team that hasn’t yet happened ?



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What thoughts if any do you have about the Cowboys and how their season has essentially gone downhill and there doesn’t seem to be anything imminent to suggest that they’re actually capable of turnings around ? Merely false bravado and some rather inane sound bytes would only suggest that reality has already began to set in and that the players are afraid as to what the outcome might well be.

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Eye candy Maliah Michael . Part those cheeks and show Big Daddy what you’re made of


10 thoughts on “Wade Phillips Loves Jerry Jones But I’m Not So Sure Jerry Really Wants To Reciprocate That Love !

  1. So Wade Phillips said the Cowboys are the best 1-4 team in the league? Too bad Dallas fans aren’t into moral victories.

    I don’t think Jerry Jones is either. Can you say Jason Garrett? I knew that you could.

    1. Chris Humpherys

      If Jones waits to the end of the season he could have problems seeking out the hiree he wants. Gruden I don’t think would be interested nor would Dungy or Cowher simply because I don’t think that either can deal with someone like Jerry Jones . So that either leaves one of the high profiled coaches in college or one of the lower tiered retreads (ex NFL coach) that might be out there that might be willing to take the job at a reasonable price .

      tophatal 🙂

  2. Chris Humpherys

    True that ! But Jones is a very amoral person nonetheless ! Jason Garrett, should he take over the team won’t he fare any better even though he’s meant to be the heir apparent. That’s like saying Palin would be a shoo-in for the Presidency in 2012 . Be careful what you wish for . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    tophatal 🙂

  3. I’m just overjoyed that we won’t be seeing the Cowboys be the first team to host the super bowl and play in it! I hope JJ signs Wade to a loong deal. It would make the Cowboys suck for years, which would make for an awesome few years!

    1. chappy81

      Phillips’ contract I believe is up for renewal at the end of the season hence the statement from JJ. That notwithstanding can’t anyone see that Romo simply doesn’t know how to lead ? I know that there are some very good qb’s in the league but I can tell you this to my mind Romo certainly isn’t one of them !

      I wouldn’t even have in my top 10 at present .

      tophatal 🙂

    2. chappy81

      Phillips’ contract I believe is up for renewal at the end of the season hence the statement from JJ. That notwithstanding can’t anyone see that Romo simply doesn’t know how to lead ? I know that there are some very good qb’s in the league but I can tell you this to my mind Romo certainly isn’t one of them !

      I wouldn’t even have him in my top 10 at present .

      Their joint IQ’s couldn’t have gotten them into MENSA together or separately .


      tophatal 🙂

    1. Chris Humpherys

      It may well be one of the most coveted jobs in the NFL but who in their right mind would want to put up with an egotistical prick like Jerry Jones . You’d have to be completely insane wouldn’t you ? Look at what it’s done to Jimmy Johnson poor bastard has to take a penile enhancement medication Extenze simply to perform at his best . Whose fault is that then ? Got to be Jerry Jones that’s for sure ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      Gives a new meaning to the term a yard and inches doesn’t it ?

      Even the women of ‘The View’ find the subject fascinating …. I wonder why ?

      tophatal 🙂

    1. Chris Humpherys

      For $6 million a year they had better be throwing in some top of the line fringe benefits as well for me jump on board that damn train wreck ! As shown below I might add !

      Lucy Pinder or Aisha Tyler would most certainly do !


      Aisha Tyler . Know what I’m saying ? Brutha’s gotta have some form of relaxation from Jerry’s jabs and jibes hasn’t he ?

      tophatal 🙂

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