Simply Playing Ball Isn’t As Easy As It Appears ………….. The New York Yankees And Their Fans Are Now Beginning To Learn That

Simply Playing Ball Isn’t As Easy As It Appears ………….. The New York Yankees And Their Fans Are Now Beginning To Learn That

I’m not so sure that the pitching performances that we’ve all seen from the Texas Rangers’ ___ Cliff Lee hasn’t been some of the most dominant in the postseason that we’ve all witnessed quite possibly in the last five years or quite possibly longer . In a pivotal game three Lee was his usual dominant self as he simply out-pitched New York Yankees’ starter Andy Pettite in front of a sellout crowd at Yankees’ Stadium in New York City . And if that wasn’t enough of a chilling sight for Yankees’ fans , then consider this , Lee pitched an eight inning , two hit , shut out ball, 13 K’s , as his team went on to completely demoralize the New York Yankees 8-0 . A fitting conclusion to a game where the Yankees’ offense was literally nowhere to be seen .


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This ALCS though far from over places the Yankees in a rather precarious situation as they now go to an inconsistent A J Burnett and with Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi knowing that this is very much a do or die situation for his team . Burnett during the closing stretch of the regular season was a cause for concern for this Yankees’ team and there was an obvious reason why he wasn’t part of the Yankees’ lineup in the ALDS against the Minnesota Twins even though the team was able to get by Ron Gardenhire’s team with some ease on their way to a 3-0 series win. That in of-itself was enough of an indicator that Girardi felt that Burnett’s inclusion in the LCS series was a necessity as the team would resort to a four man rotation of Andy Pettite , Phil Hughes , CC Sabathia and Burnett, himself. In resorting to a four man rotation it would make it easier in terms of the demands that would be placed on starting ace CC Sabathia. But that too has had its hiccups as Sabathia has struggled somewhat in this series.

The momentum now with the Rangers and were they able to take game four in New York one would have to think that with the advantage and fate would now be in their own hands and the series would be theirs for the taking . Ron Washington and his team seem to be riding on a wave of emotion and the fact that this seems to be their year which has been full of firsts . Their first postseason series win , their first postseason ALCS championship appearance and for Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan as new owners this has been the year that everything seems to have fallen into place for the organization. Call it ‘kismet’ or just plain hard work, these at times tend to be the stories and instances that tend to make the postseason all the more worthwhile. And for the long starved fans of the Rangers they must now be thinking that this most definitely has to be their year. For veterans Michael Young and Vladimir Guerrero this might just be icing on the cake for two players who’ve seen highs and lows throughout much of their careers. Perhaps none more so than Guerrero who was discarded by the Los Angeles Angels who felt that he was now superfluous to their needs even after his contributions to the organization over his years there. Now Guerrero has another chance of making a second World Series appearance and the chance of perhaps obtaining a second ring for what some might feel has been most definitely a storied career.

For the New York Yankees should they not be able to erase this deficit and then even the series you’ve got to believe that the palpitations will start to set in and make their task all the more difficult and that is in spite of the postseason experience on this team. As reigning World Series champions which is something that their fans will never tend to let us all forget , they will also tend to regale us how that over the course of the Yankees’ famed existence they have won 26 world titles . Well let’s put it this way failure here in this particular series and number twenty seven won’t be within imminent sight. This much we do know the Yankees’ fans as well as the ownership haven’t always been that tolerant and the Steinbrenners demand excellence and their expectations has always been high. With a $200 million plus payroll one can well understand why it is that success has been the omnipresent factor in the mindset of this organization , never mind that their gargantuan edifice known as the ‘new’ Yankees Stadium has to be paid for . At a cost of $1.55 billion it wasn’t merely built to be viewed as another spectacle there in the Bronx and though it has yet to have any real historical significance by way of a lasting legacy, it was built to house what the late George Steinbrenner had hoped would be another round of searing success for this storied franchise.

It now remains to be seen what transpires throughout the remainder of this series but you can be sure that the Yankees won’t go down without a fight . However at the same time you simply know that the Texas Rangers aren’t about to take their foot off the throttle or off the necks of the Yankees . As now would be as good a time as any to take them down and out then announce to the world that they have finally arrived . If on the other hand should, the Yankees even up this series having now placed themselves in a 2-1 deficit that could well place the Rangers in a situation where their own postseason inexperience as a team could very well harm their chances of winning the AL pennant and proceeding to the World Series. So let’s now see what awaits us as this series now plays itself out for our consumption .



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What chance if any do you feel that the New York Yankees have in perhaps evening this series and winning it outright ? And do you feel that they have acquitted themselves reasonably well in the series so far ? Or do you believe that the momentum is now with the Texas Rangers and that the series quite possibly is now theirs for the taking ? Chime on in with a comment on this topic and your own thoughts on the postseason so far and as always thanks for the continued support as it’s gratefully appreciated !

NB : At the time of this piece’s completion the result to game 4 was not yet known . Pictures have been included within this piece from game four which resulted in a 10-3 victory for the Rangers who now lead the Yankees 3-1 in the best of seven games in the ALCS.

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8 thoughts on “Simply Playing Ball Isn’t As Easy As It Appears ………….. The New York Yankees And Their Fans Are Now Beginning To Learn That

  1. If the Yankees lose this series can we expect their fans to start jumping like lemmings off the Brooklyn Bridge ?

    Night time or day time is good as any for them to make a start . Yankees fans we’re waiting for you all to start jumping should you lose this series .

    tophatal 🙂

  2. There’s no way in the world I would have taken Texas and San Francisco to advance but they’re both amazingly one win away.

    Tonight’s game pitting Lincecum against Halladay is my opinion of must see TV.

    1. Chris Humpherys

      There was enough of a suggestion there to show that the Texans weren’t going to be a pushover throughout much of the regular season .

      That’s a good young team built to win now and win in the foreseeable future .

      tophatal 🙂

  3. I’m looking forward to watching the Rangers put an end to the Yankees season this weekend.

    Speaking of weekends, have a good one my friend.

    1. aero

      If the Yankees bow out of the series (ALCS) with their tails between their legs then they have no one to blame but themselves. Arrogance and the fact that each year they and their fans believe that an appearance in the World Series is theirs by divine right does tend to come back to bite one in the ass as they say. “Karma is most definitely a bitch” .

      Hopefully the Rangers can pull this off and make their way to the World Series.

      I intend to have a great weekend come what may and my regards to you and the immediate family !

      😦 * 🙂

      tophatal 🙂

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