You Can’t Always Take It To The House ……………..

You Can’t Always Take It To The House ………

Well the fans came out in droves to see the AL East champions Tampa Bay Rays take on the Texas Rangers champions of the AL West. Both teams in recent times have seen a change in their fortunes in terms having an ownership group that simply cares about their respective organizations. And for the fans in attendance at Tropicana Field in St Petersburg , Florida _ this was their chance to see their heroes in their first appearance in the postseason since their glorious run to 2008 World Series. Sadly Joe Maddon’s team came up short on the day but to the fans this was a run to be remembered and they hope it will be repeated again. Well 2010 has brought about the chance to resume that quest for their first World Series title. Shell shocked or not the Tampa Bay Rays were made to look extraordinarily mundane by the Rangers in game one of the ALDS !


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Managers Ron Washington and Joe Maddon , two respected veterans of the game have brought about a great deal of resolve with their teams. The Rangers and the ownership group led by Nolan Ryan and Chuck Greenberg have brought about a radical change in fortune for the ballclub. And with the inspired acquisitions of Cliff Lee and Vladimir Guerrero it can be said that the team was heading in the right direction. Do you get the feeling the Angels made a monumental mistake in allowing Guerrero to leave ? I’m sorry but this might well have been the biggest faux pas by the front office of any baseball organization in a number of years. Simply look at Guerrero’s stats and you’ll understand what I’m talking about ?

Starting pitchers Cliff Lee and David Price were looked upon to give their respective teams the momentum desired. And in game one Lee proved to be more effective than his young counterpart David Price and if anything you’d have come away with the opinion that Lee had to be considered one of the favorites for the AL Cy Young award. But as evidenced on the day’s performance it was Lee who came out on top pitching seven stellar innings giving up just one earned run. Price on the other hand couldn’t find any momentum and struggled to get on track. For manager Joe Maddon and all for the optimism he showed in the postgame interview you simply knew that he was disappointed with the end result a 5-1 shellacking of the Tampa Bay Rays. If ever there was a disheartening moment to be had then this had to be it. Surely the Rangers won’t be able to repeat such a feat throughout the remainder of this series ? If so then the Rays’ postseason hopes might just go up in smoke. The Tampa Bay Rays were simply out of this game from the very first pitch right up until the last out. Simply nothing went right as the bats went silent for the Rays and their vociferous crowd were left somewhat disheartened and dismayed.

If there was ever any truth to the fact that this postseason would be about pitching then the feat of Roy Halliday in pitching a ‘no hitter’ against the Cincinnati Reds on the Philadelphia Phillies’ 4-0 romp over the Red was surely it. Halliday pitched himself into the annals of postseason history and one should remember also that he pitched a “perfect game” in the regular season against the Florida Marlins. If there was any doubt that the Phillies aren’t justified as the NL favorites for the divisional pennant and World Series then this display by Halliday and the Phillies was it. I’m sorry Reds’ fans but Dusty Baker’s team simply just wasn’t in it. And for those in attendance in Citizens Bank Park they must’ve reveled in this all.

And if game 2 has anywhere half the action that was evidenced in game one then this series could be a very interesting one. But much of that will be predicated upon whether or not the Reds can completely recover from this assault by the Phillies. The best way to recover from such an experience is to primarily learn from the mistakes made and look to counter by negating anything that your opponent can possibly do. If the Cincinnati Reds can possibly do this then they are still in with a chance of evening this series rather than going 2-0 down.

Now I know it’s still early yet in the postseason and what we’ve seen has simply been nothing short of extraordinary. As such I’m not about to prognosticate as to who will walk away with one sport’s most prestigious prize. But when it’s all said and done the World Series is one of those sporting spectacles that the fans and public alike tend to enjoy no matter who the competing teams are.

For the two teams visited in this piece and their subsequent losses in game one it has to be said that the expectations of their fans would prove to be a letdown. But I look at this way ……‘all is not lost ‘ until you’ve given it your best shot.

What impressions if any have you come away having seen or heard any of the analysis for the games which took place in the ALDS and NLDS game one series ? Was there anything that came as a complete surprise to you ? I’ll look forward to reading and then answering your comments in kind.



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NB: For results of the ALDS and NLDS games played simply click on the link provided below.

MLB results ………

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6 thoughts on “You Can’t Always Take It To The House ……………..

    1. Chris Humpherys

      There’s no real difference at all what’s been telling is how woefully inept the Rays’ offense and pitching has been . At the same time you have Maddon making these rather asinine statements rather than calling out his players for their inept displays. This team has been soft mentally and physically in the postseason .

      tophatal 🙂

      1. Chris Humpherys

        Apparently now the Rays’ fans and team want a do-over ? I mean how else can you explain how poorly they’ve played ?

        All the bitching and whining on their part can’t stop this meltdown .


        tophatal 🙂

  1. rangers seem to be doing well….i don’t care much, but we shall see….long playoffs, snow will be here when series starts

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