No One Circles The Wagons Like The Buffalo Bills …… Send In The Cavalry Now

No One Circles The Wagons Like The Buffalo Bills …… Send In The Cavalry Now

There’s not much else that can be said as the NFL __ season gets into full swing and the teams are looking to find their footing. Well the AFC East’s Buffalo Bills are having more troubles than a “lemon” sold at a used parking lot. How on earth this team and its organization (front office) has become mired in its present predicament should come as a surprise to no one. Could someone please tell me how it is that Chan Gailey was able to secure this job with the Buffalo Bills ? I’m not saying that he’s not qualified but this early in the season and he’s engulfed in a situation wherein he’s unable to settle on a quarterback that’s competent enough to lead this Bills’ team. Today came the news that the team has decided on cutting incumbent quarterback Trent Edwards and it’d appear that before season’s end we could see a number of players cut from their respective teams. Edwards will be replaced by Harvard educated graduate Ryan Fitzpatrick as to what that might indicate to the discerning NFL or Bills’ fan is open to conjecture and a great deal of speculation.


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As to the hapless Bills how far has this franchise fallen since those halcyon days when they were coup de-gras within the AFC and almost certainty to be the conference’s representative in four consecutive Superbowls. Since then it’s been nothing more than a wish waiting to manifest itself into something real. If ever there was a time for the organization to take a clear look at itself and the direction that it’s going in then this would be it. There’s way too much turmoil within the organization to think that it can survive and be competitive in its present format. Loyal as some Bills’ fans may well be I seriously doubt that they will continue to tolerate the mediocrity and ineptitude that’s being shown by this team ! They’re anemic on both sides of the ball and it’s doubtful that they will be much of an adversary for the other three teams within the division. In all likelihood the New England Patriots , New York Jets and Miami Dolphins are licking their chops to make ‘a feast of the Bills like a lamb to the slaughter.

The struggles of a team isn’t always simply about the problems on the field but clearly apart from the inherent problems there it also seems that the Bills front office is unsure as to the direction that they’re heading in. Off the field it appears that although on the face of it that there isn’t dissent from within, there’s something clearly wrong from within, from ownership on down to the ranks of the personnel. Now more likely than not we’re not liable to see any major changes within the organization but should the team end up not having a winning season then in all likelihood some changes will be made. As to the impending fortunes for the Bills this season well it remains to be seen whether or not this Chan Gailey coached team can resurrect its season and get out of this slump.

Colts’ GM Bill Polian has made it known that an agreement has been reached in principal wherein the NFL will in due course move from a 16 game schedule to an 18 game schedule. Though nothing has been made official on the conditions of anonymity it is widely being acknowledged that an agreement has been reached. Now far be it for one to suggest but whatever has taken place between the owners , the league led by Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFLPA’s Executive Committee may well have led to a number of concessions on both sides. What we do know as being fact is that the present collective bargaining agreement isn’t one that the union felt was equitable for its members and at the same time the NFL was said to be crying foul in the fact the NFLPA’s slice of the pie as it concerns revenues needed to be reduced. It’s highly unlikely that DeMaurice Smith as the NFLPA Executive Director and along with union President Kevin Mawae would agree to any major concessions without the league itself acquiescing in some form or another.

Courtesy of The Boston Herald

Bill Polian: New schedule set

Indy prez says new schedule set

Indianapolis Colts president Bill Polian believes the debate over an 18-game NFL season is over, and an expanded schedule will soon become a reality.

The competition committee member and former league executive said he expects the NFL to stretch its regular season by two games. He twice called the decision a “fait accompli” during his weekly radio show last night.

Officially, nothing has changed.

League owners and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell have expressed support for cutting the preseason schedule from four games to two and expanding the regular-season schedule from 16 to 18. But the format change hasn’t been approved by either the owners or the NFL Players Association.

Polian believes that is just a formality.


And the secrecy with which the league operates does lead me to believe that Polian’s aggressive suggestion is more wishful thinking on his part rather than this being a done deal. Had that been the case one clearly would have thought that a formal statement would have been forthcoming from the commissioner’s office or perhaps from an owner confirming the veracity of Polian’s statement. But such are the wiles and whims of the NFL that one can never be sure at any given time what is actually fact what in essence turns out to be nothing more than a falsehood. After-all Polian isn’t beyond acting like a petulant child when things don’t come out in his favor. I mean why else would he be so critical of the Colts’ offensive line after the team’s Superbowl loss to the New Orleans Saints ? When a team loses , it does so in a collective effort and one can’t solely point to one part of the team and say that they are totally to blame. Less memory serves me correctly the defense of the Indianapolis Colts was exposed as flawed by Drew Brees and his teammates in their thoroughly rousing win (31-17). So unless Polian was watching something else other than what some 94 million viewers nationwide were watching on that day then there was something clearly wrong with his thinking .



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Who if anyone do you feel is to blame for the Bills’ present malaise and do you see coach Chan Gailey surviving the year should the Bills not have a winning season ? And what are your thoughts if any concerning an expanded NFL regular season schedule along with that of the postseason also being extended ? Do you feel that it’d be too much overkill on the league’s part or would it be actually be beneficial for the league to increase to an 18 game schedule ? Chime in with a comment as you deem fit on the matters raised within this piece ?

Alan aka tophatal ………… 🙂


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11 thoughts on “No One Circles The Wagons Like The Buffalo Bills …… Send In The Cavalry Now

  1. I have no idea what’s wrong with the Bills. Come to think of it I have no idea who plays for the Bills. As for the 18 game schedule, it sounds ok to me, but then again I don’t have to do anything but watch the games. Playing 2 extra games a year may shorten a few careers.

    1. aero

      Problems with the Bills it’s merely like problems with Congress. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians . I mean in all honesty Trent Edwards can’t even lace up his own boots ! As for Fitzpatrick he may not even last the season with the Bills . Their offensive line is a complete joke .

      The league wanting two games added to the schedule is their leverage against the union. It all comes down to money and nothing else . How many slices can you simply get from a diminishing piece of the pie when it’s all said and done ?

      Money talks bullshit walks ! Here endeth today’s lesson .

      tophatal 🙂

    1. al clements

      The Bills are like Custer in the ‘Battle of Little Big Horn’ . This season they’re about to get their asses kicked to high heaven and they could end up replicating the Lions’ 0-16 season .

      Goodell and the owners are mounted by greed and not much else as two games being added to the schedule is simply being done to bring more money into the NFL coffers.

      They’d better be ready to concede a great deal to the union rather than thinking that they have them over a barrel.

      I’d like to bend Kelly Monaco over a barrel during our conversation and see what pops up !

      tophatal 🙂

    2. al clements

      Four straight Superbowl appearances and all were losses. You knew that the football gods simply didn’t like Bills. Not much has changed since at all.

      tophatal 🙂

  2. The Bills are going to suck for awhile. Too many good teams in their division…

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the 18 game season, but I think that it will dillude it even more towards the end of the year. I just hope that teams don’t lock up playoff spots with four weeks to go, that would make the league worse in my eyes…

    1. chappy

      In all honesty the Bills haven’t got a lot going for them. A marginal coach , and a front office that’s about as knowledgeable as Congress . Need one say anymore on the matter ?

      This is more than a cluster fu_ck and I doubt if the likes of Cowher or Gruden would be interested in the job even if it was paying in excess of $ 5 million a year !

      Extending the season to me is just another ruse by the NFL and owners merely because they want more money. I mean they won’t deal with the real issues such as players suffering multiple concussions, head trauma , players’ behavior off the field , veteran players’ benefits and the fact that some aren’t getting benefits that they’re long overdue but they’re suggesting that increasing the schedule is a worthwhile objective ?. Gimme a break ! They’re (Goodell & owners) absolutely full of sh_t ! Then a decade from now they’ll be telling us that they need another four games added when is enough , enough ____ with these bastards ?

      tophatal 🙂

    2. chappy

      The Bills could teach Jenna Jameson a thing or two about sucking . And as we know Jenna has sucked a great deal more d_ck than most . It’s now becoming a habit and a sweet refrain for the organization as well as the team .

      Who’s sucked more over the last decade ? Jenna or the Bills ?

      tophatal 🙂

    1. Chris Humpherys

      Doug Flutie won’t be walking into Orchard Park anytime soon . But the Bills are in need of a coach and a decent coaching staff as well as a GM who can assess talent. They might just be the worse team in the entire NFL and that’s saying something .

      tophatal 🙂

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