Whoop That Bitch Whoop That Bitch !

Whoop  That  Bitch   …….      Whoop  That   Bitch !

If  there’s  a  time  to be   concerned  then   now    would  be  it   if you’re   a San Diego  Padres’ (79-60) fan.  This  team is falling   faster than a  meteorite  descending   from the  sky.  The  Padres under Bud  Black  are   now  in   danger   of seeing their  lead in the  NL  West be   erased  by the  San  Francisco  Giants.  Now  as  we  know  the   NL  West  much  like  the AL West   is  not  seen  as  powerhouse  divisions  within  either   league.   But   low   and  behold the   baseball  being played  there   borders  on  being  so   diabolical  that  it  has  you  wondering  what  in   the  hell  is   going   on.


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The  Padres’   pitching  is    pitifully  woeful  and  their  offense   has  become   so   putrid  that   in   essence   were this   fecal  matter   you’d  be   vomiting  all  over the  place.  Should the  Padres   go  down  then  they’ve  no  one to  blame  but  themselves . The  momentum   seems  to  be  lost and   the  San  Francisco  Giants   are   now looking to take  advantage   of  the   seismic   meltdown   by  the   Padres as  they  are  now  within  one   game  of the division leaders. And Bruce  Bochy’s ____   team seems  intent  on  making  Bud Black’s  team  pay  for  the   error  of their  ways.

OK  let  me  say  this  once   again  the  NL  West   is  no   powerhouse  in  baseball  and  the   level  of   play  there  is puerile !   The  Colorado  Rockies    are   making  a  mockery  of  the   division  and   could    well  play  themselves  into contention and    quite   possibly   a  wildcard  spot  at  least  if  not the   division. They’re   now   taking it to  the opposition the  way “a  pimp”  takes  it   to  one   his   whores who  steps  out  of  line   by  offering  a  “freebie”  to   a  ‘John’.   At  present Carlos Gonzalez   just  might  be  the   most  explosive  offensive weapon in  all  of  baseball.  Doubt  my  word then simply   look over his  stats  and  consider  this   he  could    be  in the   running  for   NL   MVP  as well  the  ‘Triple  Crown’. A   feat   not  completed  in over   forty   years  and  last   achieved  by   Carl  Yaztremski  .

They   say  baseball   can  be  a   fickle   game   but   then  again  what   team   sport  isn’t   ?    It’s   not as  if   one   man  simply change  the   fate  of  a  game  .   Oh   yes   one  man  can  change  the   fate  of  the  game  if  his   teammates  rally   around   him and  that’s  what  all  the   greats of  the  game   and   any  other   team  sport is  able  to  do. Jordan  couldn’t  do  it  without Pippen  and   neither  could  Jeter  without Mariano Rivera   !  But  say  what   you  will this season of baseball has been  one  literally filled  with surprises. The   Cincinnati Reds  are  making  the NL Central   their  own  much  to  the surprise of  St Louis  Cardinals . In  the  AL  East   the  defending   World Series   champions  are  simply  sweating bullets merely  to stay  ahead  of  the  voracious Tampa  Bay Rays. And   now  suddenly  the  New York Yankees’     pitching seems to  be all the  more  vulnerable  than  ever  before . The   Atlanta  Braves  having  led the  NL  East   for  much of  the  season now   seem  to   be  sliding  and   in  their effort  to   remain in  first  place < ahead of the   Philadelphia  Phillies  have  taken  advantage as they  look  to  successfully  defend  their  NL  East  divisional  crown.   It’d  be  sad  to   see  Bobby  Cox   bow   out  in  his last season  in  such  a  way   but  the  inevitable  seems  to  be  happening.



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Are there  any   thoughts    that   you  have   on  the   MLB  season  and  what   surprises  if   any   have   you  thought to be noteworthy  ?   Which  teams   do   you  think   will  be  in  the   mix  this postseason and    do   you  think  that  they will   be  there  in  the  Fall  Classic  ?

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Alan aka tophatal ……………….


Melyssa  Ford

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7 thoughts on “Whoop That Bitch Whoop That Bitch !

    1. So Tebow is now the backup to Orton for the Broncos ? What happens now with regard to the rest of the season ?

      Gators’ first game was something of a comedown but then again the expectations upon the team is way too high for this season.

      The Braves and Padres are slumping or should one say falling faster than the “draws “ on a hooker who’s being paid by the hour ?

      tophatal ………. 🙂

  1. The Rockies are my pick. They won about 20 of 25 at the end of last season to go from the cellar to the wild card team. They’ve been there and done that and they have the momentum.
    The Rays need to be firing on all cylinders to take the lead in the east this week.
    Go Rays!

    1. aero

      The Rockies are playing some great ball at present and they’ve got a good chance of quite possibly winning that division outright if not at least garnering a playoff berth.

      The Rays will make in the postseason and then from thereon in it’s up to them to make their own luck.

      Jenn Sterger far right perhaps the sexiest female Rays’ fan out there ? Wouldn’t mind her and her friends playing with my balls for a couple of minutes !


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