Rose Colored Glasses Never Looked This Good And Nor Did A Glass House …..

Rose Colored Glasses Never Looked This Good And Nor Did A Glass House …..

I’ve never been enamored with Jay Cutler as a quarterback and that’s inspite of the fact that so much praised was being heaped upon the player’s shoulders. We were being told that he’s a Pro Bowl type caliber player who could lead a team to the next level . Thus far five years into his career I’ve yet to see anything to persuade uade me that he’s actually capable of leading a team to the next level , much less win a Superbowl . But then again we’re still being informed that given the weapons and the right environment he will be able to do all of that . Statistically, he’s proven himself to be a moderate quarterback at best , if nothing else but to consider him one of the elite within the league at the position would be somewhat ludicrous .

This upcoming season Cutler and the Chicago Bears will have a great deal to prove if coach Lovie Smith and his coaching staff are to retain their positions within the organization . Long starved of success this Bears team is all but four years removed from their Superbowl (SB XLI) defeat at the hands of the Indianapolis Colts and the game’s MVP Peyton Manning . That asides I’m not entirely sure that the organization has fully recovered from that defeat three years on as the after effects seems to have made the team simply regress and leaving them as one of the more mundane organizations within the league. And with the return of Brett Favre to the Minnesota Vikings the NFC North essentially has become a tougher obstacle for the Bears and Culter to overcome. And within the division you also have a somewhat rejuvenated Green Bay Packers __ team looking to challenge the ascendancy of the Vikings . But we also should not forget the hapless Detroit Lions who for all of their reverence still remains a team in search of an identity and a competitive instinct.


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Bears LB Urlacher downplays calf injury as ‘no big deal’ news wire service

Chicago Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher suffered a left calf strain on the opening series Saturday night and was ruled out for the remainder of a 32-17 preseason home loss to the Oakland Raiders.

Urlacher was injured on the second play of Oakland’s opening 81-yard touchdown drive.

Urlacher called the injury “no big deal,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

“On like the third play, I was running and I felt like a cramp,” Urlacher told the Tribune. “Then, on the next play, I couldn’t put pressure on it. Then I was out. … I had a similar-type injury (in 2007) on a Tuesday, and I ended up playing that Thursday (at Washington). I’m not going to speculate on how long, but I’ll be fine.”

Urlacher, who has been selected to six Pro Bowls in his career, played in only one regular-season game a year ago before being placed on injured reserve with a wrist injury suffered in the opener against the Green Bay Packers.

In 2004, Urlacher missed seven games with a lower left leg injury that required surgery to relieve the pressure of internal bleeding.


There’s a great deal riding on the season for the Bears and their schedule would suggest that if they’re to do anything at all this year then they’re going to have to come right out of the starting gates hitting the ground running. The 2010 NFL Draft for the Bears was one where they sought the complementary pieces to bolster a roster that simply was lacking on all fronts . And for the coaching staff as well as the front office led by Bears’ GM Jerry Angelo , Director of Player Personnel Tim Ruskell and under the auspices of President & CEO Ted Phillips . It was felt that the organization is now heading in the right direction. But as I alluded to earlier should things not fare well for the team then there’s the distinct possibility that Smith and his coaching staff could all be fired.

Jay Cutler has only got to show that he can lead this team but also that he has the prerequisite traits to show that he’s actually a leader. None of those traits were on display when he became sullen and infantile while being in the midst of the upheaval prior to his departure in the trade that sent him to the Bears and his opposing number Kyle Orton in the opposite direction to the Denver Broncos. His testy relationship with Broncos’ coach Josh McDaniels and Broncos’ owner Pat Bowlen left a great deal to be desired. And it further evidences how much of a personality driven league the NFL has now become. Primadona players in the NFL it would appear are now a dime a dozen ! And Cutler and his antics at the time embodied and epitomized that all too well. Now within the Bears’ organization so much was expected last season not only of the player but also the team and once again they would end up disappointing of the Bears’ faithful with their fandom. A 7-9 subpar record only further ehnanced the belief that for all of the hype surrounding Cutler and the team they simply were nowhere near good enough to contend within the NFC much less the entire NFL .

Whatever that transpires this season for the Bears a great deal will depend and rest with the sort of relationship that is maintained and portrayed on and off the field of play between Jay Cutler his coach and the Bears coaching staff . Never mind the fact that he has to have the confidence of his teammates but most of all the fans there at Soldier Field in Chicago. Until the quarterback wins over those individuals with his play and leadership qualities then he’ll only be thought of as another high priced overpaid primadona and narcissistic athlete. Which pretty much has described Cutler’s career to date .

And while we can acknowledge that both Cutler and Lovie Smith are walking on something of a tightrope. What can be said of Brian Urlacher and his presence on this team ? He’s yet to regain the status or presence that once made him a dominant force and a Pro Bowl caliber type defensive player. Recurring injuries , a steady decline in form and the fact that he doesn’t take to criticism of his now limited abilities and one can well understand why it is that he’s now on the decline as a player and leader of this team. Simply put until there’s some sort of semblance of leadership and real competitive abilities on the Bears this will be a team that will be heading nowhere. Never mind the fact that they will have to contend with those within their division as well as the rest of the NFL . If they’re to contend this season then Cutler and in particular Lovie Smith will have to step up to the plate and ultimately show us all what they’ve got instead of the pretense that they’re a team on the rise and something that their fans should be looking forward to .



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What thoughts if any do you have on the role of the Chicago Bears this season and how far do you ultimately see them going ? By all means chime on in with a comment .

NB : To view the Bears’ NFL 2010 schedule just click on the link shown . Chicago Bears’ 2010 schedule . In order to view just click on the links shown .

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Alan aka tophatal ……………… 🙂


9 thoughts on “Rose Colored Glasses Never Looked This Good And Nor Did A Glass House …..

  1. I agree.

    The heat is on the Bears but that’s no easy division.

    With the venerable one back, the Vikes should at least compete, Green Bay will once again be solid and it’s only a matter of time before the Lions start winning games.

    In other words, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to hear mid-season rumblings in Chicago.

    1. Chris

      Before the midpoint of the season in Chi-town the sh_t will already have hit the fan. Urlacher is done and Peppers isn’t anywhere near the player he was when he was on top of his game and a dominant force with the Panthers. As for Jay Cutler what you see is what you get ! Lovie Smith might as well prebook a U-Haul to move his belongings out of Chicago.

      tophatal …….. 🙂

    2. Chris Humpherys

      If the Bears go 8-8 or better I still don’t think that Lovie Smith will survive the season . He has to take them to at least the second round of the playoffs or deeper if he’s to survive . As for Cutler simply overrated and not much to offer . The idiots were lauding this guy as if he was something of a savior instead he’s just proven to be a spoilt ass much like Brett Favre .

      Lucy Pinder

      Here’s to Lucy Pinder and her assets !

      tophatal …. 🙂

  2. Cutler has great arm strength, but that doesn’t make him a great quarterback.
    Urlacher is past his prime and if the Bears don’t make some noise this year there will be some changes made.

    1. aero

      Cutler may well have arm strength but between his ears he’s got absolutely nothing. He’s a poor man’s version of Brett Favre ! And how bad was Matt Leinart last night for the Cardinals ? If he’s the qb of that team they won’t be going anywhere at all this season within the NFC West . Goddamn !

      tophatal …….. 🙂

  3. Not sold on Cutler! Seeing him get sacked by the Raiders left and right during the first half of the preseason game yesterday makes me think that he won’t even have time to find out that his recievers are blanketed becasue they aren’t good at breaking away from coverage. They should’ve saved their draft picks, and started rebuilding while Minnesota and Green Bay own the division…

    1. chappy

      You must’ve been creaming your pants like a prom queen who’d just won her title at the homecoming dance . Man oh man Cutler was bad but Matt Leinart was far worse in his game against the Titans. I can’t remember when we’ve had so many mediocre qb’s in the league who’d been taken in the first round and lauded over like they were somehow immortal but who turned out to be absolute crap ! Leinart, Cutler , Stafford and now Sam Bradford with the Rams. Bradford is going to spend a great deal of his time laid out flat on his back if his O-line doesn’t protect him this season .

      Rams’ fans will be in for a a rought time and so too will the entire team . You can’t say you weren’t warned .

      Lucy  Pinder

      I love Lucy Pinder’s flotation devices don’t you ?


      tophatal ……. 🙂

    1. al clements

      Since when were you a Bears’ fan ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!At this juncture I’d take Jay Cutler over JaMarcus Russell and Matt Leinart ! But then again that’s not saying a lot considering that bunch of mediocre qb’s !

      As a Steelers’ fan here’s something that hopefully will make you feel like a new man ?

      It’s Lucy Pinder and her voluptuous assets .

      tophatal ……. 🙂

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