Now What ?

Now What ?

Something of meltdown seems to be happening within the NBA and there doesn’t appear to be much that can be done to abate the process. The flurry of the free agency period has come and gone. Quite the rather meandering episode concerning Lebron James was about as riveting as a rectal examination. Never let it be said that the NBA first doesn’t thrive on the most mundane and absurd things. James’ interview with ESPN’s __ Jim Gray was boring and about as well meaning as viewing an episode of Jersey Shore . It’s “mind numbingly stupid” and the same could be said with regard to the expansiveness of dragging out to two hours a situation that could’ve been summed up in a mere 30 seconds. But ESPN sought to bilk the moment for all that they deemed it was newsworthy with approximately 9,500,000 viewers tuning to hear James state that he would ply his trade in Miami alongside his new teammates Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh .

The rumblings now taking place in with the New Orleans Hornets and the very fact the Hornets’ point guard Chris Paul has requested a trade seems to have left us all with little doubt that the league is now no longer about the teams that compete within it but merely about the league’s some might say “primadona” and “egotistical stars”. Chris Paul has made it abundantly clear that he now “wants out” of New Orleans. Rightly or wrongly the team’s executives and coaching staff can’t entirely be happy with the player’s request not when he’s also viewed as the face of the franchise to begin with. It most certainly wouldn’t go down well with the fans of the team or of Paul for that matter, were the request to be granted.

New coach Monty Williams along with new GM in Dell Demps and the coaching staff I’m sure did not envisage this sort of a welcome ! They will have to do their utmost to persuade the young superstar that his best chance of fulfilling his NBA ambition is to remain with the team. But they my well face an uphill battle to convince Paul of that nd never mind that the player has recently signed with LeBron James’ sports and marketing agency LRMR Marketing . The fledgling agency was co-founded by James in association with his business manager and agent , Maverick Carter.


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Courtesy of Associated Press & Yahoo Sports

AP source: Hornets’ Paul requests to be traded

By Brett Martel , AP Sports Writer

NEW ORLEANS (AP)— Chris Paul has requested to be traded and the New Orleans Hornets have scheduled a meeting with the star guard on Monday, according to a person familiar with the situation.

Paul will sit down with new head coach Monty Williams, new general manager Dell Demps and team president Hugh Weber in New Orleans, the person told The Associated Press on Thursday. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the team had not made plans to meet with Paul public, and because Paul has not publicly demanded a trade.

The person also said that Paul, through his representatives, has told the Hornets he would prefer to be dealt to one of only a handful of teams, including the New York Knicks and Orlando Magic.

Paul, 25, cannot opt out of his contract for two years. However, he said at a recent charity golf tournament that he will be unhappy playing for the Hornets if they fail to demonstrate a commitment to winning immediately.

The only free-agency move the Hornets have made this offseason so far is resigning reserve center Aaron Gray.

The Hornets also have made it clear they have no intention of trading Paul.

Weber said earlier this month, while attending a community service event with Paul, that there was “no question” Paul would be in a Hornets uniform when next season opened. As recently as Tuesday, Weber also said that an exchange of text messages gave him the impression that Paul approved of the recent hirings of Williams and Demps.

After the Hornets came within one game of advancing to the 2008 Western Conference finals, Paul agreed to a four-year, $68 million extension that went into effect last season includes a player’s option for the fourth year.

Since then, however, the Hornets have traded center Tyson Chandler and fired coach Byron Scott,who both were close with Paul, all while the club’s performance went into steady decline

Click on link to this in its entirety.

With the changes that have taken place within the organization and the mere fact that there was little done by the front office to improve the team’s roster may well have played its part in Chris Paul coming to this decision. We saw the very same thing arise within Cleveland with LeBron James and the fallout from that was the rather petulant behavior by team owner Dan Gilbert. One doubts we’ll see that manifest itself with he behavior of Hornets’ owner George Shinn . Granted James had become a free a agent but here Paul still has two years left on his existing contract . That if anything wouldn’t prove to be too much of a deterrent to any interested party who has a keen interest in acquiring the player. Amongst those said to be closely monitoring the situation are the New York Knicks and the Orlando Magic . What the Knicks might have to offer would seem somewhat redundant even though were able to obtain Amar`e Stoudemire . Beyond the power forward, the roster of the Knicks isn’t all that desirable. The Orlando Magic on the other hand might well be prepared to make the trade , giving up one or two players to make this deal a reality.

Now for all sense and purpose one understands that the NBA is first and foremost in the business of entertainment wherein the success attained by a franchise is an added bonus. However for the elite players within the league it’s not merely about winning but the fact that financially off the court there’s great deal of money to be made. Players languishing in a small market where the intent of the owners at times is merely to exist is by no means satisfactory to a player not only looking for success on the court but also who seeks to be successful off it , by gaining more exposure. The two have to go hand in hand but how does one equate what’s good for either party in such an instance ?



It remains to be seen what will be the likely outcome to this all but you can be sure that the fans of the NBA will be watching this all very closely .

For other pertinent news pertaining to the New Orleans Hornets just click unto the link provided below. News & views New Orleans Hornets .


Alan aka tophatal ……………………. 🙂

Rose Royce …………… “Wishing On A Star ”

Perhaps this Rose Royce classic might be pertinent to Chris’ situation at present ? If not that then quite possibly this piece might also do the trick ? Listen carefully to the lyrics and you’ll see how relevant the song is.

………………………”Love Don’t Live Here Anymore ”


19 thoughts on “Now What ?

  1. It’d appear that LeBron wants to become the NBA’s answer to Oprah Winfrey but without the weight problems and Steadman in tow. What’s next for him ? His own tv show , magazines , movies and whatever ?


    “I could eat Steadman alive literally “. ” Don’t worry baby you’s my big bitch ” !

    I want to be like Oprah and as big as Oprah size wise. She’s one chunky bit_h and all the more cushion for the pushin’ . Just the way I like it ! ”


    tophatal ………. 🙂

    1. Chris Humpherys

      I’m not so sure that Stern wouldn’t be averse to the changes taking place the league.


      Kelly Monaco

      Ms Monaco approves of what Stern is allowing to happen.


      tophatal ………… 🙂

  2. I dunno if I give one wit if the NBA folds…same for the NFL, NHL and MLB. The players are really overpaid while the fans get paid minimum wages. Now, I know the players on the upper scale pay a hell of a lot of taxes…with exceptions for their charities, read tax writeoffs, but damn!
    What they do pay in taxes funds those idiots in DC plus provides money for some useless Federal projects……

    1. al clements

      All four leagues are no worse or better than the US government in terms of their overall ineptitude and corruptness. So don’t be overly enthused by either .


      “Show me what you got” ? Denise Milani


      tophatal ……… 🙂

  3. Now I feel old and useless. I played against dell demps in high school here in the bay area…class of 88. Here I am coaching in high school and this guy ( no hate just congratulate) is running an nba team. Why did I go to college and grad school again? I needed to spend more time on the court or football field…

    1. Steve Clemmons

      In that case I’d suggest you give Mr Demps a call as I’m sure that he could find you a place on the Hornets’ coaching staff !

      “Teach me so that I can teach you ” ?

      If not then you could always give Tammy Torres some private coaching lessons if you know wht I men ?

      So come teach me

      “Or are you all talk and no action ” ?


      tophatal ……….. 🙂

    2. Steve

      Class of ’88 ? Man you’re still a young whipper snapper compared to an ol’ fart like myself ! LOL,LOL ,LOL !!!

      Graduated in 78 and went straight into the military thereafter for almost 8 years.

      Alan aka tophatal …………..

  4. I dunno, I have a hard time believing that he will actually end up being traded. If your NO, you aren’t getting back equal value, so you have to get rid of those terrible contracts you have, and nobody will want to take on Okefor or Peja’s money…

    1. chappy

      With Paul having signed with LeBron’s new agency don’t be so sure that heaven nd earth won’t be moved to get him somewhere amenable. The Magic seem to be interested and have supposedly made overtures to the Hornets about Chris Paul.


  5. chappy

    Well something must’ve gone on within the Hornets’ front office as the player seems to have backed off his original stance taken.

    New GM Dell Demps must’ve made a solid commitment to Paul that the roster would be improved greatly.

    Carmen Electra



    tophatal ………. 🙂

    1. My big question is how can they do that. They have too many bad contracts locked in with not so good players. David West is good, but other than that I don’t see many impact players…

  6. chappy

    The Thunder went about dong things the right way and were under no illusions . They hit pay dirt” with both Durant and Westbrook and they can’t be faulted for that.

    Scarlett Johansson


    tophatal …………. 🙂

    1. I still fault them from taking basketball away from Seattle. They should be taking the spotlight in the pacific northwest. I like Durant much better in Green and Gold…

      1. chappy

        The city of Seattle and Howard Schultz were well compensated when the old Sonics left town for Oklahoma . But one can’t solely blame Clay Bennett and the Thunder as the city and Schultz were idiots to begin with. How the fu_ck did Schultz have the brains to start Starbucks to begin with ? If they couldn’t find someone versed in contractual law then it shows what a bunch of dimwits Seattle and Schultz were from the start .

        “Didn’t realize Clay Bennett’s dick was so long as I could feel my prostate tingling” . Howard Schultz co-founder of Starbucks and former owner of the Supersonics.

        Playboy playmate Anna Benson .

        Want me to make your d_ck tingle Howard ?


        tophatal ………. 🙂

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