Never Been A Monarchist And I Can’t Understand The Fuss At All !

Never Been A Monarchist And I Can’t Understand The Fuss At All !

Being a Brit who has now been residing here in the US for the past eighteen years I’ve long thought that I’d escaped the “bloviated idiocy” of the “Royal Family”. Well I’d done my piece for Queen and country having served in the Royal Marines for almost 8 years. Along the way, I’d lost comrades in action , having served in Northern Ireland during the troubles there in the country. At long last, there now seems to be a lasting peace between Eire ___ (Ireland ) and the rest of the UK (United Kingdom) including Northern Ireland . The atrocities carried out by extreme loyalists dedicated to the cause of a united Ireland has taken thousands of lives down the years. Both the IRA and Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) and the murderous paramilitary of offshoot of the IRA that was a larcenous and incorrigible as one could imagine who went by the name of the “Real IRA” . The latter ‘whose work made that of Al Qaeda seem like a walk in the park when it came to bombing atrocities and murder. No victim was overlooked and that included innocent men , women and children during their reign of terror.

Now it’d be remiss to suggest that the British were without fault during the ongoing troubles and granted along the way the Royal Ulster Constabulary as well as the British Army made their mistakes. But much of that could be put down to frustration and the very fact that whilst on patrol one could never be sure what was awaiting for you around the corner,no matter what your training had taught you. And now with what seems to have been a lasting peace the only disatisfaction that now exists is that of these uncertain economic times that has ravaged economies around the world . Ireland and the rest of Western Europe hasn’t been an exception in this case.


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Queen Elizabeth II recently addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations headquartered in New York City , her first such address of the main body of the UN in over fifty years. She applauded them on the efforts that they’ve undertaken in dealing with the crisis’s that have taken place around the globe but she also took the time to warn them of the ongoing efforts necessary that it would take to promote peace and foment good relationships between developing countries and those of the developed nations of the West. That being said much of her speech to the General Assembly was rather understated and circumspect .

Courtesy of The San Francisco Chronicle

Queen Elizabeth II extols U.N. General Assembly

By Colum Lynch , Washington Post

Queen Elizabeth II, making her first speech to the U.N. General Assembly in 53 years, praised the foreign dignitaries for converting the United Nations from a “high-minded aspiration” in 1945 into “a real force for common good.” But she prodded its membership to make progress in the fight against poverty and to take “careful account” of the “risks facing smaller, more vulnerable nations” from global warming.

Her address to the 192-nation assembly represented something of a valedictory speech for one of the world’s longest-serving heads of state, an 84-year-old monarch whose life has paralleled the history of the United Nations.

Dressed in a summer bonnet and floral dress, the queen reminisced over the dramatic changes since her last visit to the United Nations, which has more than doubled in membership. She noted that it has grown from an organization with just three overseas operations to the world’s second-largest expeditionary force, with more than 120,000 people deployed in 26 missions.

“It has perhaps always been the case that the waging of peace is the hardest form of leadership of all,” she said. “I know of no single formula for success, but over the years I have observed that some attributes of leadership are universal and are often about finding ways of encouraging people to combine their efforts, their talents, their insights, their enthusiasm and their inspiration to work together.”

The queen’s trip was a brief, somber affair. During her five-hour visit, she paid tribute to the victims of the Sept., 11, 2001, terrorism attacks by laying a wreath at ground zero, the site of the World Trade Center, and attending a memorial for the 67 British victims of the attack at the British Memorial Garden at Hanover Square in Lower Manhattan.

“We are honored by your presence, your majesty,” Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said in his introduction at the United Nations. “In a changing and churning world, you are an anchor for our age. Your reign spans the decades, from the challenges of the Cold War to the threat of global warming, from the Beatles to Beckham.”


Tonight another monarch, by moniker only, will make an address, ne’ public announcement as to his professional future within the NBA . LeBron James a…….“King” in his own mind will let the whole world know what they’ve been admittedly waiting to here since his team the Cleveland Cavaliers were unceremoniously dumped out of the NBA postseason by the Boston Celtics . Since then a concerted effort has been made by the Cavaliers front office led by owner Dan Gilbert and GM Chris Grant to persuade the player to remain with the team. The residents of the city of Cleveland have also let their voices be heard. And many of them have become passionate in their resolve, in trying to persuade the native Ohioan to stay in his home state with the only team he’s played for professionally. Though the announcement is not the scale of the Queen’s speech to the UN General Assembly it would appear that the sports world and in particular that of the NBA and cable sports outlet ESPN believe it to warrant a primetime airing on their channel . Not to be outdone the NBA via NBA Tv will also look to broadcast live James’ announcement. Making a comparison between the two speeches seems somewhat mute given the nature of the subject matter. On the one hand you have an actual dignitary and head of state addressing an international political body and on the other you have someone who’s anointed himself “The King” but he has no kingdom to rule over . Well the subjects within his domain might just be the all too loyal fans of the Cavaliers and one would believe the vast majority of the state of Ohio ? But given the possibility that he could choose to depart from the Cleveland his loyal subjects could call for his head or he could choose to abdicate his throne and simply be known plainly as LeBron James !

The angst of simply being known as the King without a kingdom has begun to sting the player and even though having added pieces of league silverware in the form of successive league MVP awards . It simply cannot hide the fact that the one thing that he still desires but remains out of reach for LeBron James is that of an NBA title and title ring. And having seen one of his peers in Kobe Bryant having just won his fifth NBA title with the Los Angeles Lakers and second successive Finals MVP award it has no doubt brought about a certain amount of jealousy on the part of James. He’s widely acknowledged as the best player in the league but somehow the shadow of Bryant looms large over the career of LeBron James thus far. And while the pain and the angst of that has yet to subside Lebron James can’t be too happy to now find out that Chris Bosh is about to join Dywane Wade in Miami and strengthen the roster of the Miami Heat. Now the Eastern Conference becomes a pick ’em in terms of a preseason favorite for the upcoming season. And for Heat President Pat Riley the fun might not be over as of yet, as he also yearns the service of LeBron James . As to whether or not Riley can make this a coup de grace by landing James in addition to Bosh remains to be seen. And were he to achieve that this might be the pinnacle of what has been an already successful career as both coach and executive within the NBA.

As the rest of the NBA awaits, so too does the sporting world as this might the most sought after announcement in all of sports in a decade. If LeBron remains in Cleveland then the fans and the organization will be pleased . He chooses to leave and he might just become the most despised individual since Art Modell left the city under the cloud of darkness and in the still of the night. A king without a crown is one thing but a king without a crown and a kingdom well that’s something else ! LeBron has anointed himself the King and in obedience his loyal subjects have fawned over him. Unfortunately, if he continues to fail to deliver then he could meet the same fate as King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette. Too early to say if that fate awaits James but for now let’s simply cut the crap de-moniker him with the King tag and simply call him LeBron James as I doubt that his mother refers to him as the King or King James ! What’s your thought on the matter ? And has this whole episode been almost as insidious as the Brett Favre will he or won’t he saga ? Just chime on in with a comment as to how you’ve felt about the whole NBA free agency saga ?



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NB: ESPN will devote much of its primetime broadcast to James’ announcement which is set to take place tonight at 9:00 pm EST .

Alan Parkins aka tophatal ……………………………..

UB40 …………………………… “King”


24 thoughts on “Never Been A Monarchist And I Can’t Understand The Fuss At All !

  1. I may well be a British subject but I’ve never been too enamored with the Royal Family . Far too uptight and certain members as to the direct ascendancy line have bigoted racial tendencies that’ve been hid over the years but documented but somehow never used against them.

    Lizzie and her brood of family members.

    Alan ……………

      1. Ravenation LLC

        Don’t deride the monarchy like that as Lizzie has given birth to a nation … LOL,LOL,LOL !!! The only time I as such took an interest in the family was when Diana was alive. Prior and after her death I wasn’t all interested !

        They were too stuffed shirt and conservative for my liking plus the fact that several senior members were actually racists . But that’s another story altogether which doesn’t need to be dealt with within this forum.

        Harry who’s second in line to the thrown has served alongside minorities in the British military and whether or not this was meant to be a prank it was simply uncalled for.



    1. chappy 81

      LeBron James is now more reviled than Osama Bin-Laden and Art Modell combined in the city of Cleveland with his latest announcement. As for him thanking those who donated to his foundation in order that he now provides several college scholarships for needy children within the city of Cleveland . I guess that LeBron isn’t as bright as he makes himself out to be ? The donations from several notable corporations were an enticement and inducement for him to stay with the Cavaliers’ organization and team . Nothing wrong in moving on but he should have come to a decision sooner make the announcement and not string everyone along as he had done. It now makes him look so crass !

      Newspapers across the state of Ohio and in the city of Cleveland are going top trash LeBron to such an extent that they’ll question his birth right.

      Pat Riley is now laughing all the way to the bank as all three players didn’t break the bank as they each took salary cuts in terms of their contract lengths to make things better for the Heat and Riley.

      Alan ………….

      1. The citizens of Cleveland are pissed because they thought LeBron was a beacon of hope in their otherwise disgusting existence. Have you been to Cleveland? It’s horrifying. And even worse, the city of Cincinnati (who is way more deserving of a basketball team) is only two hours away, and I hope the Raptors move there.

        As for LeBron, Dan Gilbert should have known James wasn’t going to play there his whole career. It doesn’t make what he did right…but what will now? Of course he will be booed when he goes back there, but by then there’s not going to be enough people in the stands to have it make a difference anyway.

        More from me on this later I have to go to bed.


    2. chappy

      Delonte’s next target will be LaToya Jackson as he got turned on from seeing her talking to Bubbles the chimp. It’s a language that Delonte can identify with and understand eloquently.

      There may well have been some sexual tension between her and the chimp. But then again that could’ve been because Michael may well have traumatized Bubbles by sleeping with him and some kids ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      Alan …………

  2. Now I always like Phillip…had to be one virile sob…Lizzie ain’t too bad…jest her luck to be next in line with an idiot sister…not really idiot in the true sense of the word. Problem is she always attempted to put on the good face of the royals even when things were at their worse or worst.
    As to “King James”…what the hell has he down to deserve such a titel?? He plays BB and entertains for which he gets a hell of a salary and still bitches……sorry

    1. al clements

      Lizzie and her sister Margaret were said to be “lookers” when they were younger. Margaret was the extrovert and Lizzie the shy one. Phillip the Queen’s husband has some racists undertones hidden beneath that facade of his which has been well chronicled .

      In their younger years Elizabeth and Margaret.

      And here they are with their mom Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

      As to LeBron I guess we now know which side his bread was being buttered ? Overnight with this announcement he’s become the most reviled and despised man in the state of Ohio and the city of Cleveland . Art Modell will be sending him a bouquet of a dozen white roses to thank him for that gesture .

      “Let’s take a moment in silence bow our heads and pray for LeBron James or in my case I’d simply like to thank him for that magnanimous gesture and sheer act of stupidity but all the same thank you LeBron ! Now you’ll truly know what it’s like to be truly despised in the city of Cleveland and within the state of Ohio”.

      Art Modell

      Alan …………….

    2. I don’t really fault him because had that city actually been reading between the lines, they should have known exactly what was coming.

      They were lucky they won the lottery that year anyway. That doesn’t give you the right to force that guy to play there his whole career because of how a ping pong ball did or didn’t bounce.


      1. Ravenation LLC Meehan

        You don’t have to fault him but there was no need for this bull_hitting around . All he had to do is make a public statement from the get go saying that he wouldn’t be returning to the team or the organization and that’s it ! His handlers are a bunch of assholes and LeBron simply proved that last night with his statement concerning the donations made to his charitable foundation. Didn’t he realize that was being done as an enticement by those corporations to persuade him to stay ?

        Hey LeBron , Art Modell thanks you from the bottom of his heart.

        Alan ………..

  3. Run for cover LeBron as your ass is now grass and you’ll now be no longer welcomed within the city of Cleveland. Some fans may well be forgiving but the vast majority won’t forget, as their memories are long and their hearts will be forever filled with hate towards you after this betrayal of trust.

    Glorious times soon to filled with hard times and much of it will be aimed at you just like the signs in this picture.

    Alan …………

  4. I also want to add here that I know that a lot of jobs in the downtown area were because of LeBron and he was responsible for the economic structure of that city, but maybe that’s the issue? cleveland, Ohio used to be the west most beginning of the steel belt, and now look at it. They had to turn to a basketball player to legitimize what was once a great industrial city.

    And to all of the people burning LeBron’s jerseys, the joke’s on you…you’re flat broke an literally burning the shirt off your own back. Boonrally mentality.


  5. Ravenation LLC

    The Cavaliers’ franchise overnight has lost close to 50% of its valuation. Approximately worth $250 million prior to LeBron coming to Cleveland they’ve seen it rise to close $500 million . Now what ? That Chinese entrepreneur who bought a piece of the team from Dan Gilbert last year has got to be pissed .

    The fans in Cleveland felt betrayed and this won’t be the last that we’ll hear of it as they’ll burn effigies of him in the streets there.

    His impact on the area when they had home games was unbelievable as the downtown are of Cleveland became a vibrant hub of activity. Now it’s liable to become a ghost town this upcoming season ! Do you think that Shaq isn’t a little pissed at this moment ? He’s still there and LeBron is out .


    Alan ………………

  6. Guys it appears that Dan Gilbert is more than a little miffed at LeBron ? See the details below of this transcript.

    Courtesy of Associated Press & Yahoo Sports

    Cavs owner says LeBron James quit in playoffs

    CLEVELAND (AP)—Angered and betrayed by LeBron James’(notes) decision to leave for Miami, Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert accused the NBA’s MVP of quitting during the playoffs.

    Gilbert, who posted a letter to Cavs fans on the team’s website shortly after James announced his plans to sign with the Heat, told The Associated Press late Thursday night that it’s “accountability time” for James.

    “He has gotten a free pass,” Gilbert said in a phone interview with The AP. “People have covered up for (James) for way too long. Tonight we saw who he really is.”

    Gilbert feels James quit on the Cavs during their second-round series against the Boston Celtics, who rallied from a 2-1 deficit to eliminate Cleveland.

    “He quit,” Gilbert said. “Not just in Game 5, but in Games 2, 4 and 6. Watch the tape. The Boston series was unlike anything in the history of sports for a superstar.”

    The Cavaliers were beaten by 32 points in Game 5. During the game, James appeared distracted and uninterested, often glaring at Cleveland’s coaches as the Cavs tried to foul to get back into the game in the second half. James also made some puzzling postgame comments, saying he had “spoiled” people with his play over seven seasons.

    Gilbert also said he believes James quit on the Cavs in Game 6 of their series in 2009 against Orlando.

    “Go back and look at the tape,” he said. “How many shots did he take?”


    Click on link to read
    article in its entirety.

    Not more that can be said after this statement from Gilbert.

    Alan ………….

  7. Ravenation LLC

    Everyone knows that first and foremost the NBA is a business that’s personality driven. The NBA hierarchy knows it as do the players . So why the hell the fans in Cleveland haven’t figured it out is beyond me ! It’s not friggin’ rocket science now is it ? Duh !

    “You’re all so wrapped up in the NBA loosen up a bit and take a look at me ” ? Vanessa Minnillo . __________ Yowzah !

    Boom shack-a-lacka boom, boom !

    Alan 🙂

  8. Ravenation LLC

    That’s Art Modell and this is Ed McMahon .
    Though the two could’ve been separated at birth ?

    McMahon and late night talk show host Johnny Carson

    And this my friend is are some busty young blonde females . Figure it out for yourself next time LOL,LOL,LOL !!! By the way do you want fries with that ?

    🙂 – 🙂


  9. I never really cared about the NBA. James is just another players. I am glad for him where ever he goes. There is only one King. And it isn’t James. Taxes are too high in New York. He’ll never win a title in Cleveland. Sports is a business. These men have only a few years to make money.

    1. Bobnby Gee

      LeBron is going about things the wrong way. He wants to be this generation’s Jordan but he’s about making money first rather than winning titles . Once that happens then the gravy train runs on time and your way. And that’s the way it worked for Jordan once he paid his dues . LeBron hasn’t done that as of yet and ESPN are hoisting all of these lofty expectations on his shoulders.

      If he should fail in Miami then the daggers will most definitely be out and aimed directly at him .


      Alan …………

    1. Chris Humpherys

      That’ll be mere chump change for them now because of the marketing opportunities that will open up for all three players. You don’t think that some of the exotic car dealerships on South Beach and the greater Miami area and other nationally known advertisers won’t be now approaching LeBron , D-Wade or Bosh to sell their wares ?

      I could see LBJ posing around Miami or South Beach in this bad boy a Lamborghini Murcielago. And he’d be paid to do it . So what’s not to like ? Riley and owner Micky Arison knew exactly what they were doing when they signed these three as it’s a win win for everyone.

      “I too now have become a LeBron James’ fan do you think that he’ll mind ? He makes me feel oh so wet ” ! Denise Milani


      Alan …………….


  10. I’m not the type to bother posting comments on peoples’ weblogs usually however just after stumbling across yours I figured I would shoot a quick note to give me a short break from working. I have definitely put in a bit of time here reading through and procrastinating! Carry on the good writing and i am already looking forward to checking out upcoming blog posts. Cheers!

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