Who’s On First Who’s On Second As A Matter Of Fact Does Anyone Care Who Finishes Second Much Less Who Gets Knocked Out of A Competition ?

Who’s On First Who’s On Second As A Matter Of Fact Does Anyone Care Who Finishes Second Much Less Who Gets Knocked Out of A Competition ?

Man I’ve come across people who try and psycho analyze so much shit when it comes to competitive sports that it becomes a running joke. Never more so than the inane shit covering this World Cup ! The US loses and more and more there’s a sense of whoa we could’ve won , well that wasn’t reflected in the result between the USA and Ghana . Man oh man , at least from the get go I knew that my home country of England wouldn’t amount to much. What I saw from that team was enough to remind me how far the team has fallen over the last twenty years . So much praise heaped on two teams that combined aren’t worth a sack of shit !

It’s the same when it came to the World Baseball Classic and the free fall of the US team each time the event has been held. Bud Selig , the hierarchy of MLB and the International Baseball Federation put together the tournament and each time the team’s appearance and play has been woefully inept. Excuses are made that the event takes place at the wrong time of the season. That’s bullsh_t for a start each team prepares for the event and has a roster ready. But in the case of the US many of the players who forsake appearing for their country ,do so out of the fact that they’re not being paid to play. Typical and not much of a surprise when you think about it , money before pride , honor and country . Now what ?


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David Stern know that this upcoming season he’ll be facing a great deal of controversy as he and NBPA Executive Director Billy Hunter have yet to reach an agreement concerning the renegotiation of the collective bargaining agreement. That being said , we now can understand why it is that players such as Chris Bosh and Amar`e Stoudemire are looking to obtain a max contract in terms of signing with a new team . In knowing that if they remain with their current teams they can obtain a max contract in line with the current collective bargaining agreement (cba) . But with the changes sought by Stern and the team owners that would not be the case . As the league and owners are looking for a number of concessions from Hunter and his members . Billy Hunter and his members aren’t about to acquiesce to anything without guarantees from Stern and the owners and given the declining revenues for the NBA at present any meeting in the future could become very contentious. And at this juncture neither Stern or his union counterpart are willing to make a public statement as to where they stand in the present negotiation process.

The more I look at Roger Goodell the more I see an individual who’s now out of his depth , much as in the same way I view how the senators and congressmen conduct themselves in Congress ! Much of what they tend to say has no bearing on reality a great deal of the time. Each and every time I hear a Democrat or Republican talk about the economy as if they’ve really got some knowledge of the profound the mess that we’ve had over the last decade. But it’d be remiss to leave the administration out the picture altogether, as their idea of fiscal responsibility is to spend money as if they’re weekend furlough and all the services available are those of the ladies of the night.

The NFL commissioner and NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith have created the façade that the state of the game at present is above board. Here too, the league and Smith are at logger heads over their collective bargaining agreement and once again the bone of contention seems to be how the revenues between the two parties ought to be shared. Never let it be said that millionaire owners and players aren’t greedy. Because in truth the two parties make the machinations and maneuvering of the AFL-CIO seem like a mere walk in the park. Not only are the NFL and the NFLPA miles apart in their negotiations but it appears that neither party is prepared to give any leeway in terms of the ongoing negotiations. With the 2010-11 season now an uncapped one and there being no sign of even a tenuous agreement being reached. The chance of there being a labor stoppage for next season seems all the more possible given the stance being taken by NFLPA President Kevin Mawae and statements attributed to him that the union is prepared for a labor stoppage should the league be inclined to close the gates.

Wimbledon ended with world number one Rafael Nadal having won his second Wimbledon singles title and his eighth Grand Slam singles title overall. All of this has been done at the ripe of twenty four. Nadal has amassed his eight Slam titles faster than John McEnroe and in terms of that feat only Bjorn Borg achieved it faster. Quite possibly when it’s all said and done Nadal could very well surpass the feats achieved by Roger Feeder but it remains to be seen whether or not the Spaniard will amass that many Grand Slam singles titles. A win of this year’s US Open would make Nadal the youngest person the attain the career Grand Slam. Now one might opine as to whether or not Federer can regain the form that had made him the dominant player of his generation The rivalry between the Swiss player and his Spanish counterpart has been one of the most riveting rivalries in all of sports over the last five years. And given the age of both players and the fact that on the horizon there aren’t many players that one can see rivaling of challenging the duo. It’s not as if there’s presence looming within US men’s tennis at present. Andy Ruddick’s best years seem to be behind him and though John Isner had what one might say, was a memorable tournament . But beyond his monumental match with Nicolas Mahut , was there anything that would lead you to believe that he’s the future of men’s tennis in the United States ?

As for the state men’s tennis in the United Kingdom let’s just say that we’re still waiting for the second coming of Fred Perry the last British male player to win a Wimbledon men’s singles title . A feat last accomplished in the late thirties , certainly futility at its best ! Can I get an amen on that ? Andy Murray , Britain’s lone standard bearer on his best day couldn’t find his way out of a wet paper bag much less beat the top three men in the ATP rankings in a Grand Slam singles finals event. First he’s got to make it there and then win one , instead stating the number of times he’s beaten them on the ATP Tour in second tier events. That counts for nothing in the bigger picture where one’ legacy in the game is defined by the number slams won.

OK let me get this straight I’m suppose to believe that the futility shown by UCI in trying to clean up the sport of cycling and that the mere jealousy shown by L’Equipe as the administrator of the Tour de France . With Lance Armstrong having entered with a team under the Radio Shack label __ the seven time champion has let it be known that this will be his last professional ride in the sport’s most prestigious event. Blood doping , the illicit use of anabolic steroids and WADA stating that the sport was back on track . But yet just prior to the eve of the event beginning several riders who’d been entered for the event were found to have were given mandatory bans as prescribed by the sport’s governing body (UCI). Another black mark for a sport that was rampant with the illicit use of steroids and cheating of the most egregious kind imaginable. In the midst of this all Armstrong while decrying the use of illegal use of steroids, has done little change the persona that the image has really changed. Well that and the fact that a moron by the name of Floyd Landis continues to show that because you’re an American it does mean you can’t be ugly and stupid ! Please Floyd for once shut the f_ck up and stop making a compete ass of yourself ! Making allegations without having any solid factual evidence to back up your claims concerning Armstrong’s alleged use of steroids. Never mind that after the years of denial by yourself you finally admit to what we knew all along , you’re a cheated and you cheated your way to a title that in the end you would be stripped of.

Now while the event is going on what one might describe as the world’s most arduous physical event. A 2,200 mile race covering three weeks of continuous cycling broken down into the different disciplines along the way, from the road race , time trial and team sprint , the mountain stages of the Pyrenees and the grand finale of the finish along the Champs Elysees under the Arc de Triomphe`. As grand as the spectacle may well be for the uninitiated the event itself can be seen as just another way of the French wanting to be viewed as the relevant in the sport. Much of the French grievance over the years may well have come down to the fact that they’ve seen the dominance of Armstrong in the event. And the allegations though never proven were always there , as front page news in the French newspapers and television outlets alike who portrayed Armstrong as the Devil incarnate I’ll let you all be the judge of that as I for one to an extent have come to believe that the sport itself is fighting a losing battle in trying to clean up its image , much as in the same way that baseball has been trying to do the same with its continuing sullied image.



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Now the time has come to merely look at winning and not griping over the aftermath of losing and trying to make out that having lost you were still the better team , especially given the idiocy of trying to psychoanalyze the asinine reason why your team lost without looking at the main reason for the loss. No one remembers you when you lose so why the hell keep on griping on about it ? Especially when you choose not to try and take a positive out of it in terms of what can be learned from it all but keep on rendering about how we had this chance and that chance. The result was that you lost and I stated who the fuck remembers a team or competitor when they lose playing competitive sports is about winning and winning within the rules of the game and showing signs of sportsmanship both on and off the field of play and . This just doesn’t apply to the player or players but also the fans as well.

Alan Parkins aka tophatal ……………………..

Aaliyah ……………… Four Page Letter


11 thoughts on “Who’s On First Who’s On Second As A Matter Of Fact Does Anyone Care Who Finishes Second Much Less Who Gets Knocked Out of A Competition ?

  1. I can’t believe how many guys crashed on the cobblestones in the Tour de France. What the hell are the french doing over there!?! That sounds like the least likely obsticle that a cyclist would have to face!

    I like Nadal, he looks like he’s working hard every point. He’s kind of the opposite of Rodger in that he looks like he uses max effort opposed to effortless. I hope he can keep it going without the injury bug coming up and getting him again…

    1. chappy 81

      You know the French they hate everyone . As for the Tour itself it’s going to be anti-climactic if Lance isn’t there at the end.

      Nadal is now widening the gap between he and Federer and the rest of the guys on the ATP Tour .

      Alan ………….

    1. al clements

      Well once the season begins we’ll have a great deal to look forward to as each side will look to chide each other on. Because once it’s over there’s liable to be a labor stoppage.

      Both the NFL and NFLPA seem to be building towards that as neither side wants to give lewway on the collective bargaining agreement.

      NFLPA President Kevin Mawae says he and the union are ready for the lockout should the league see fit to shutter the season.

      Alan …………

    1. Ravenation LLC

      Don’t be too sure as he the union has Goodell bent over a barrel and they’re now giving him the pefunctory finger probe of his sphincter. They’ve gone into this season uncapped and if they can’t reach an agreement for 2011-12 then in all likelihood there will be a lockout. Neither side is willing to give way and union President Kevin Mawae has said as much and that he and his members are prepared for the inevitable.

      Guess who I’d like to bend over a barrel ? Burlesque performer Bianca Beauchamp !


      Less is more as they say .

      Alan ………….

    1. Chris Humpherys

      No one expected them to win and unless you count the idiots out there doing codeine . But the simply fact of the matter is the bitching and whining that went on afterwards ! Lalas was like a girl who’d been stood up by a guy at the prom. He failed to point out the fact that when it mattered most the team was abysmal as an attacking option. But idiots are pointing to the fact that Dempsey and Donovan had a good tournament ? Let me see what was their overall contribution to the team ? A mere four goals between them . Wow ! That’s meant to impress the fans ?

      When it’s all said and done the facts don’t lie . Games played 4, games won 1, goals scored 5 , goals allowed 5. There it is in black and white , nothing to write home about now is it ? It’s the same for sorry ass England !

      But at least we still had some really sexy female fans well attired there for the tournament.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Hasn’t JaMarcus got to pay back some of his signing bonus ? Well that’s at least what Al Davis would like to happen . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      “I know that God has a plan for me and that’s to make the Raiders a winner ” JaMarcus Russell .

      Pity JaMarcus failed to even live up to the modicum of talent he displayed while as LSU

      What does it say about you when you’ve got your mother driving you around town and you’re all drunk and disorderly ? Bucs’ defensive player Jeremy Trueblood got popped for being drunk and disorderly . He became belligerent with the officers and his mother started using profanity towards them. Another accomplice who was also arrested but later released on his own recognizance was in fact a corrections officer with the state of Indiana .

      No charges have been filed as of yet but there may well be some pending.

      Alan ……………..

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