Everyone Is Deserving Of Their Fifteen Minutes of Fame …. Reality Star Or NBA Wannabe …………… ‘nough said !

Everyone Is Deserving Of Their Fifteen Minutes of Fame …. Reality Star Or NBA Wannabe …………… ‘nough said !

The say that everyone is deserving of their own 15 minutes of fame. Unfortunately some would like to stretch that out far more than some. It’s been most definitely been the case of tv reality stars I was always under the impression that television was meant to inform and entertain ? And given the constant drivel of such eponymous shows as “Jersey Shore ” , ” Real Housewives of Skanksville” or whatever damn towns these “skanks” are from. Is it any wonder the intellect of the country is actually being dumbed down ?


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I’ve read with great joy that Heidi Montag and her “dumb ass husband” Spencer Pratt are now on the outs. What those two brought to the medium of television is almost akin to a viral pandemic. He was a loutish and obnoxious bigot ! And she had about as much talent in her entire body as Alicia Keys has in one finger. Why the f_ck were they famous to begin with ? What did they have to offer the youth of America much less any other demographic for that matter ? It’s not as if their show “The Hills” was intellectually stimulating to begin with ! Seeing a bunch of well oiled and less than intelligent bunch of Caucasian boys and girls merely cavorting around West Hollywood with a silver spoon either in their mouth or suitably placed in their ass would be about as stimulating as having a rectal exam. It’s not as if any of them were ambitious to begin much less any of them purporting having had an education or an IQ above the national average


Alas the idiots who’ve brought both “Jersey Shore” and “The Hills” were MTV whose parent company is Paramount Television which falls under broadcast network television outlet CBS .Things are either extremely bad in the world of broadcast television and particular within the realms of scripted television where the programmers, writers are now either completely devoid of talent and creativity. But it could be worse we could be well have been ingratiated with the tripe that Fox News sees fit to call Fair And Balanced television. Nothing fair and balanced there when the chances of seeing a minority presenting a show on the cable outlet is about as easy to spot as a single grain of sand in the desert that’s somehow different from those it’s surrounded by. Nig_ers need not apply !

Much like Fox News will continue to regale us with whatever they deem fit as being newsworthy somehow and in some way the likes of Montag and Pratt will still find a way of staying within the public psyche for some reason. Given the chance I’d like to ship both their asses off to Afghanistan and Iraq along with the entire cast of “Jersey Shore”. What that itinerant bunch of assholes have done in portraying every stereotype imaginable as it relates to Italian-Americans, is actually an affront to a proud heritage. It may well be the notoriety and the money that now makes them who they are. But in reality on the evolutionary scale the cast might as well have just stepped out of the Cenozoic era . They bare no resemblance to anything that purportedly does take place in the Garden State . That’s unless they’re all friggin’ brain dead in the state of New Jersey ?

It has to be at least a decade or more since we were introduced to both Bryant “Big Country” Reeves and Shawn Bradley . Dermot Reeves came out of Oklahoma State and it was thought that he’d be a force to be reckoned and with have successful career in the NBA . Bradley for his part a Mormon was drafted out of Brigham Young University and likewise it was felt that he too would have some semblance of a moderately successful stay in the league . Reeves was taken sixth overall in the first round of the NBA Draft of 1995 by the Memphis Grizzlies . Taken ahead of Reeves that year were Joe Smith , Antonio McDyess , Jerry Stackhouse and Kevin Garnett . Quite a bunch of noteworthy players who’ve had some semblance of success over the course of their careers in the NBA thus far. Reeves has been the exception to the rule as his tenure within the NBA was curtailed by recurring injuries and a game that essentially never really developed, once he found himself within the league. Despite his 7′ height and 290-300 lb frame Bryant Reeves was no more of an offensive threat in the NBA than Clay Aiken could be considered a suitable candidate for the US Marine Corps .

Bradley often looked at as a defensive presence without much of an offensive game . He was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1993 NBA Draft as the second overall pick in the first round. Taken ahead of Bradley in the draft of that year was Chris Webber by the Orlando Magic who was then traded to the Golden State Warriors in exchange for “Penny” Hardaway . And while he became more of a journeyman around the league having plied his trade with a number of teams , most notably the Sixers, Mavericks and New Jersey Nets . His career overall was uninspiring as was his game. But the fact of the matter is the NBA has long sought a Caucasian player who happens to be naturalized citizen as someone that the game’s Caucasian fans can identify with. They haven’t had or been accustomed to someone being in that role since the heyday of the Celtics’ Larry Bird . And those days might well have been light years ago.

The NBA as it now stands isn’t overly worried by the fact that the game is now filled with its plethora of African American stars and international players. If anything Commissioner David Stern and the NBA hierarchy don’t at all seem overly concerned by the makeup of the talent pool it draws from. That being said, with a declining audience not only in the arenas but also via the television network and cable outlet broadcasts. Thankfully theynow have a burgeoning global audience from it can now draw its viewership from and gain wider notoriety for the NBA brand and its stars. It’d be remiss to think that the hierarchy doesn’t long for a Caucasian player that could be a breakout star within the league. But it has now become something of a rarity , much like a Faberge’ egg.



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At this juncture the game of basketball and that of the aspirations of seeing a male Caucasian player now coming to the fore is replete with not only obstacles and tumultuous expectations . But in all honesty much like the the short lived careers of Shawn Bradley and Bryant “Big Country” Reeves they’re likely to prove to be either uninspiring or more likely than not gifted but not nearly enough to parlay their talents into becoming a superstar in this league. We’re more likely to view as nothing more than a “D list celebrity ” , much as in the same way that many of today’s talentless tv reality stars are looked upon.

Alan aka tophatal ……………………………

Irene Cara ……“Fame”


12 thoughts on “Everyone Is Deserving Of Their Fifteen Minutes of Fame …. Reality Star Or NBA Wannabe …………… ‘nough said !

  1. Were the Lakers’ Adam Morrison meant to be seen as the next great white hope when it came to the NBA ? Because sitting on the bench doesn’t cut it if he wants to be viewed as the “Little White Boy That Could” ………. rather then being the white boy who simply can’t cut it in the NBA ! The same goes for the Magic’s JJ Redick and Jason “White Chocolate” Williams !

    Too bad ! Oh so sad , my bad !

    “My nigg_s I’m ’bout to show you what this ‘White Boy’ can do” .

    So what awaits the Butler Bull Dawgs __ Gordon Hayward once he enters the NBA ?

    AP ………… 🙂

      1. Ravenation

        Morrison does get to play but only with some of his teammates in the locker room and shower after the game is over. That way there are quite a few balls for him to handle.

        I could be doin’ porn instead of this as the girls would love to have my “flava taster” (moustache) nuzzling up against their va-jay-vay.

        Look he’s still got got that Ron Jeremy porn ‘stache which has now become the thing that he’s become more known for instead of his game.


  2. I never thought Reeves would amount to much. He had a nice college career. I do believe he got that team to the Final Four, no?

    But so did Erick Dampier. He led Mississippi State to the Final Four and has been pretty much a dud ever since.

    Neither of them were extremely skilled big man.

    I do think we’re starting to see a few more skilled big guys make a difference. Let’s hope Dwight Howard eventually becomes one of them.

    1. Chris Humpherys

      Howard’s game as far as I am concerned has peaked ! He’s not got much more that he can show us that we haven’t already seen. He thinks so much of playing the fool that when it’s all said and done that’s how we’re going to remember him. Putting on a cape and making stupendous dunks doesn’t make you a superstar. Perhaps someone should remind Dwight of that ? Perhaps you can as you seem to be one of his biggest fans ?

      Hey Dwight if this is what you’re all about then you’ve got a great deal to learn . You’re no Hakeem or Kareem for that matter !


    1. Meehan

      Hayward may well do well in the NBA but it’ll be dependent upon the team that he gets picked up by and the role he’s asked to play there.

      Speaking of which Anna Benson likes a big stick inserted between her thighs. Problem is Delonte West isn’t interested at the moment as he’s too busy knocking the tail out of LeBron’s momma .


    2. Ravenation

      That’s why Snookie from “Jersey Shore” will want to have sex with him as she’s looking for a ‘meal ticket !

      Is there anything that this “skank” won’t open up her legs for ? She makes 7 Eleven really seem mute as a convenience store in the way that it operates.


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