A Season Full Hope ……………..

A Season Full Hope ……………..

What should’ve been a season filled with hope has suddenly become one of hanging on for dear life to regain some semblance of normalcy. In the Premiership (EPL) the fate of Manchester United rests squarely on the shoulders of the players themselves and that of the astuteness of their manager (coach) Alex Ferguson . Having led the division for a number of months , things have begun to unravel for the team almost as fast as a spindle of yarn.

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They may well have lost perhaps their ‘most productive player’ in , Wayne Rooney , for the rest of the domestic and European club competition season . And they’ve now seen their arch rivals Chelsea move ahead of them within the Premiership to supplant them at the top of the table. Never mind the fact that Carlo Ancelotti’s team still remains with a grasp of its own fate within the Champions League club competition. United’s chances there at present appear to be remotely slim with the loss of Rooney to the team. They face a daunting task when they take on Bayern Munich in the second leg of their quarter final match to be played at Old Trafford , Manchester on Wednesday 7th October,2010. The German team at present holds a 2-1 aggregate lead over their English opponent.

With a mere seven games to play “only two points” separate United and Chelsea atop of the Premiership. But with the “Blues” (Chelsea) having hit a rich vein of form and playing with a great deal of aplomb .The thinking is that the Premiership is now Chelsea’s to lose. Ferguson and the Old Trafford faithful aren’t prepared to give up without a fight. And I’d dare say that neither too, are Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal team who sit in third place , three points behind the league leaders.

For United given their dire financial straits and the fact in Malcolm Glazer and his sons, they have an ownership group that has brought the club to the “very brink” of financial disaster . That severe cost cutting measures will be brought to bear upon the club. And that may well mean selling off players, increasing general and season ticket prices. Much of that will be to the very dismay of the most die-hard fans of the “Red Devils” . The mounting debt of the club which is at present in excess of $1.10 billion and the Glazers’ refusal to acknowledge that there’s an acute financial problem within the club. It now has many fans and the league’s hierarchy is beginning to show some concern. Never mind that questions have also been raised concerning the team’s financial plight within the Houses of Parliament (Commons). But one thing is for certain, there’s no way in hell that Gordon Brown would be stupid enough to suborn the financial “bailout” of a sporting enterprise , even if they just happen to be “the most famous soccer club in the world” .

As to how the rest of the Premiership will now fare , we’ll just have to wait and see. But one thing is becoming abundantly clear. There’s still a great deal to play for but it appears that fate may not at all be kind to Manchester United. As good as they’ve been over the years , it’s now clear that the times when they could essentially spend their way out of trouble is are now long gone. And as good as their squad of players might appear to be. You get the impression that Ferguson himself isn’t entirely happy the “resources” that are there to fulfill his ambition of winning a 12th Premiership title . I may well be wrong but I doubt it ! What are your own thoughts concerning Manchester United’s present predicament ? By all means do leave a comment and I’ll try to expedite a concise and succinct response to your thoughts. Thanks as always for your continued support , it is greatly appreciated !

Alan Parkins aka tophatal …………..

UB 40 ………… “King”


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6 thoughts on “A Season Full Hope ……………..

    1. Chris Humpherys

      I understand the sarcasm there man ! I know this much though once the World Cup is on , you’ll be glued to your tv set just like the “vast majority” of Yanks will be cheering on the US national team once the competition begins.

      Here’s one reason I know you’ll be watching the World Cup ! Sexy female fans. This pair are from Brazil.

      The Glazers will be forced one way or another to make a decision between Man United and the Buccaneers shortly. As to what it’ll be your guess is as good as mine ? They’re cash strapped personally and there’s great deal of unrest within both organizations that they don’t want the public to know about at all.


      This beauty is from Argentina. Enough of a reason to watch don’t you think ? You don’t see hot chicks like this at an NFL game !

      Well as I said in another piece relating to the Spurs , with the return of Parker . This is one of the teams that now needs to be truly feared in the Western Conference .

      Do give me some credit for not giving up on my country’s national pass-time .

      At present within the conference their record in terms of recent wins’ streaks bears this out.In their last ten games they’re (Spurs) 7-3, compared to the Suns 9-1, Dallas’ 5-5, Lakers’ 6-4 and the Nuggets’ 5-5. So you tell me if they’ve not got a chance to upset the apple cart at the end of the day ? Teams need to show consistency and a rhythm coming into the playoffs.

      Alan Parkins

  1. Good piece! Manchester United have endured a terrible week though, after their defeat to Chelsea and then the knocking out by Bayern and now the draw against Blackburn. Ferguson’s post-match comments said it all, he seemed subdued because he knows they lost a massive two points today. He knows as well as anyone that the title is still there for the taking but these two slip-ups in the PL is crucial.

    1. Vaishali

      It was probably more upsetting for the fans than it was for the players as so much was expected of the team (Man U). That being said it’s hard to suggest that they can take away anything positive out of both defeats

      As for Chelsea it looks as if they’re now heading in the right direction as far as the Premiership goes .

      Alan Parkins

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