Talk Is Cheap ….Bold Predictions Count For Nothing If Your Team Can’t Simply Get The Job Done ………No Matter Whatever The Sport Might Be …………..

Talk Is Cheap ….Bold Predictions Count For Nothing If Your Team Can’t Simply Get The Job Done ………No Matter Whatever The Sport Might Be …………..

It’s been some time since I’ve written a soccer piece on the ‘Premiership’ (EPL). Though admittedly, I’ve spent more time streaming the games over the ‘net’ or reading voraciously the online editions of the sports pages of the English newspapers, in order to keep up with the comings and goings within the game. As an avid Man U and Chelsea supporter , I’m obviously ‘torn between’ the two teams. My work and in particular that I’m more often than not poring over volumes of meaningless files and looking at financials, makes my work at times ad-nauseum. Time more often than not , is of the essence when you’re on a timetable to make a recommendation on a company and its state. But that asides when the game of soccer is amidst everything else takes a backseat as far as I’m concerned. Well, with the exception of sex , that is !

Wayne Rooney of Manchester United scores to make it 1-0
Wayne Rooney of Manchester United scores to make it 1-0 . The team would go on to defeat Portsmouth 5-0 , with goals coming from Dimitar Berbatov of United and the Potters' managing to assist Utd in their endeavors with three own goals during the game . photo appears courtesy of match reports ..............

Two of the blogs that I tend to pore over when it comes to soccer , are that of bobbygee’s ‘Futebol’ and Vaishali Bhardwaj’s own site. She copiously gives you her insights of and as to the game and how she views it overall. She does this rather studiously and with a great deal of vigor and humor , I might add. The same can be said also of bobbygee !

The Premiership itself looks as if it’s about to become a two horse race between the of the more familiar faces within the league. Namely the two team I’ve previously mentioned and therein lies the dilemma. Because for as good as they’ve been playing there are still inconsistencies to their game. And even though Man Utd sit atop of the table , one point ahead over their closest rival , Chelsea. There’s a thought that either of these teams could make a mess of things and allow another team altogether to usurp them both. Arsenal , who at present sits in third place within the league with 49 pts , 6 points adrift of second placed Chelsea ,would be the ultimate beneficiaries of that , were anything of that nature to happen. That asides , there’s nothing else to suggest that any other team other than this triumvirate, really has a chance of lifting the Premiership trophy as league champions.

Man United capped a thrilling display with a crushing 5-0 defeat of ‘bottom of the rung’ Portsmouth City . Never mind the fact that the ‘Potters’ could seemingly do nothing right against the ‘Red Devils’. But their play was so inept that it doesn’t warrant mentioning beyond this one sentence. Suffice to say that with the victory United returned to the top of the table and now look to widen their lead over their rivals. And for the Portsmouth fans this was loss a loss that they surely cannot have relished . As it now places the team in an all too precarious situation and where the ‘implications are’ relegation down to the First Division .

Courtesy BBC News UK

John Terry sacking as England captain crass – minister

Health minister Mike O’Brien has called the decision to sack John Terry as England football captain “crass”.

John Terry was stripped of the role after allegations he had an affair with an England team-mate’s ex-girlfriend.

The North Warwickshire and Bedworth MP put a message on Twitter about England manager Fabio Capello’s move.

It says: “The sacking of Terry is crass. Capello has bowed to tabloid pressure. Infidelity is bad but I saw no signs of fatigue in his football.”

Mr O’Brien’s view is different from that of Prime Minister Gordon Brown who had said “this decision must be for the manager and Mr Capello has made that decision. I think people will abide by that decision”.

A Labour Party source said Mr O’Brien’s comment was “his personal opinion”.

The sacking followed a week of newspaper headlines about the Chelsea and England defender’s alleged extra-marital affair with model Vanessa Perroncel, the ex-partner of England team-mate Wayne Bridge.

Jamie  O'Hara (ground) of Portsmouth  tackles   Antonio  Valenica  of   Manchester United .   photo  appears  courtesy  of  match  reports ......................
Jamie O'Hara (ground) of Portsmouth tackles Antonio Valencia of Manchester United . photo appears courtesy of match reports ......................

As to the game itself the real star was United’s ‘in form goal scorer’, Wayne Rooney. He’s now showing the form that no doubt national team manager, Fabio Capello, hopes will be on display when England launches their bid to win the World Cup in South Africa , this upcoming June. If Rooney can keep this rich vein of form up through the remainder of the season and beyond. Then it’s easy to consider why the national side could be in with a very good chance to win their second World Cup title since 1966. But that’d be also be predicated on an all-round effort coming from the team as a whole. In the offensive team endeavors , Rooney (40′) was also assisted with goals from teammate, Dimitri Berbatov (61′) and that of three own goals by this woefully inept Portsmouth team ! That merely added insult to injury for their manager , Avram Grant . It’s been something of a come down from his days as Chelsea’s manager. But that asides , he now faces an uphill battle to steer the team clear of avoiding relegation.

Nani of Manchester United battles for the ball with Richard Hughes of Portsmouth
Nani of Manchester United battles for the ball with Richard Hughes of Portsmouth. photo appears courtesy of reports ....................

Chelsea now faces ‘a must win game situation’ against Arsenal , if they’re to stand any chance of remaining in lose contention with Manchester United. Arsenal on the other hand must use this game as a way making sure that others around the league know that they’re just as good as to the top two teams in the division. And it’ll no doubt be something Gunners’ manager, Arsene Wenger will be stressing to his team , when the two teams meet today at Stamford Bridge, in Southwest London- Chelsea’s home venue. Chelsea for their part knows a loss will place them further adrift of the top ranked United and make their prospects somewhat more daunting. Again , that’s something that Carlo Ancellotti will be stressing to his Blues’ team , also. Much of what we’ll no doubt witness won’t be just from the resolve shown by two teams but the deciding factor may well come down to the game plan put in place by both managers. And at of the end of the day the best laid plan will be the one that wins overall. As too will be the performances of the players on the winning team.

So in essence for all of the talk and the rambling of the written words of the fans or analysts or tv pundits. When it all comes down to it at the end of the day . It’s not about what we think or say but what happens on the field of play. As the title of this piece if emphasizes “……… Talk Is Cheap ….Bold Predictions Count For Nothing If Your Team Can’t Simply Get The Job Done ………No Matter Whatever The Sport Might Be ………….” !

Click on the link provided here to read the latest news within the Premiership.

Stats on the leading goal scorers within the Premiership – click here .

NB: To read from more of the two sites mentioned, then just click unto the following links provided. ‘Futebol’ – boobygee ( Vaishali Bhardwaj’s blog Vaishali Bhardwaj’s blog (

Alan Parkins aka tophatal ………….


Actress  and  Maxim  model ,<strong> Olivia  Wilde</strong>.   She  can  be  seen  on  the   Fox  hit  series  medical  drama  'House'  starring  Hugh  Laurie.
Actress and Maxim model , Olivia Wilde. She can be seen on the Fox hit series medical drama 'House' starring Hugh Laurie.


7 thoughts on “Talk Is Cheap ….Bold Predictions Count For Nothing If Your Team Can’t Simply Get The Job Done ………No Matter Whatever The Sport Might Be …………..

  1. Ah well…Soccer isn’t my game, nor does it seem to be taking hold in the USA…mebbe in California, but…….
    It is, however, the most popular sport in the world…some games I have watched were really wicked…reminded me of Ice Hockey without the pads.
    That said, doesn’t it all boil down to how much money teams expend to hire players, like everything else in the world.?

    1. al clements

      I can guarantee you this, the game will take enough of a fervor this summer once the World Cup begins in South Africa this June. Especially with the US national team being drawn in the same preliminary group (Group C) as England . Some of us ex-pat Brits will most definitely be torn between who we ought to be supporting ! Either the US or England ?

      I’ll be keenly watching the event to see how both teams fare along the way. I expect both to acquit themselves during this tournament.

      The event itself will make for an interesting spectacle from start to finish either way. A great deal is expected from the US national squad. And the same too can be said of what we Brits expect from our own team as well.

      Alan Parkins

  2. Hey there!

    Thanks for the lovely mention – I am flattered that you like my blog and find it useful to keep up to the date with all of the latest goings on in the world of football. Cheers for the mention!

    As usual you have got it spot on with your analysis: United were very lucky and Pompey were severely unlucky to get, and concede three goals respectively. United are coming to form now and Chelsea need to ensure they don’t drop any more points from here on until the end of the season or United will snatch the Premiership from them. Who do you think will win and who do you want to win??

    Interesting race for fourth place too, Liverpool need a win against Arsenal on Wednesday and who knows they could be vying for third place if they can continue to win their matches. The match at the Emirates will be all important.

    The Premier League certainly doesn’t disappoint!

    Again thanks for the lovely mention in the blog- keep up the good work!

    1. Vaishali

      Within the next four to six days I’ll be doing a pre-analysis piece on World Cup in South Africa. Once up I’ll provide you with a link to the article in question .

      As to the Premier League . It’s filled with pot-holes and the thing is to avoid those at all costs. The good teams tend to be able to do that. While the bad ones simply just fall into the trap and are unable to extricate themselves from it.

      Alan Parkins

    1. Chris Humpherys

      Well you should as NBC is counting on you to watch at least part of the 800 hours of coverage that they’re prepared to provide us with. And that’s even though they stand to lose in excess of $300 million when it’s all said and done.

      There’s also Julia Mancuso to be had and below Gretchen Bleiler and Lindsay Vonn .

      Alan Parkins

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