The Battle Royal ……

The Battle  Royal  ………………..


Thus far the  postseason  has  given us a number of games  that’ll either be something  to  remember. Or in some respects  something that we’d rather  forget.


Rose looks to  make  the pass with the  defensive  play  of  the Celtics'  Glen Davis  in pursuance.
Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls looks to make the pass under the defensive presence of the Celitics' Glen Davis in pursuance. picture appears courtesy of nbae/getty images/ Roy Chalmers ........


At this juncture it’d appear that a battle royal  is  being  played  out  before  our  very  eyes .  And  it  may  well prove to be one of  the best  postseason  series played in recent memory.  As  the  Boston Celtics  and  Chicago Bulls  slug  it   out  with each other.   The  series now seems  to  be  taking  on a  life  of its  own . And  if  nothing  sles   has  provided  us  all   with the  excitement  we’ve  been  craving.  And with  last  night’s   epic  struggle  which  ended   for  a  young  Bulls’ team .  It  has  to  be  now  said that the  fans  in  Boston as well as  Kevin  Garnett  may  well have   something to   worry  about. 


Celtics Bulls Basketball
The Celtics' Ray Allen lets fly over the outstretched arm of the Bulls' Derrick Rose . picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Phil Schlesinger .............


If ever there  was  any  proof  that  this  series  has  been  the  one  that  has   now caught   the   fans’  attention  and   imagination.  Then  the  game  last  night  all  but   cemented  that fact.  In  a triple  overtime  win the  Chicago Bulls   have  brought themselves   back into  contention  and  squared  the  series  at three games  apiece.   I   for  one can’t  think  that  Glen ‘Doc’ Rivers  is  really   relishing   having his  team  play  the  Bulls  in  another   slugfest.


Celtics Bulls Basketball
Doc Rivers coach of the Celtics makes an impassioned plea for his players to be more resolute on the defensive side of the ball. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Phil Schlesinger .................



The 128-127  win all  but  usggested  that  both  teams  have  have  continued  playing  at  a  vety high intensity  level    with  the  premise  being  the  last  man  standing.   Such was  the  relentlessness  shown  by   both  teams .  That  you’d   have thought  this  mightn’t    have   ended.     And the  scoreboard itself  was  kept  ticking  over  at  an  electrifying  pace  at  times.


Bulls'  player  Joakim   Noah   can't  hide  his  satisfaction  after  his team's  triple overtime  win  over the  Celtics  as  he  races towards  his   teammates.
The Bulls' Joakim Noah simply can't hide his satisfaction after his team's 3 O/T triumph (128-127) win over the Boston Celtics. The player was racing towards his teammates at the end of the court. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Phil Schlesinger ............


And  now  comes  the  ever  burdensome  questions  for  not  only  the  Celtics   but  also their   fans. If  your  team can’t   close  the  door  when  you’ve  an  eighteen   point  lead  in the  fourth   quarter  when   you’ve  allegedly  had your  opponents  on  the  ropes.  Then  how in  hell’s  name  do  you  expect  to  deal with the  likes  of  the  Cavaliers  or  Lakers if  that’s  where  your   ambitions  lie as   to  this   postseason ?  If   ever there  was a  cause   for  concern   if  you’re   a  Celtics’  fan. Then  now  has got  to be  it  and   you  have  to  be  asking  this   and  a  great  many  more  to  say  the  least.


Celtics Bulls Basketball
Pierce reacts after sinking a three pointer in the fourth quarter of the game. picture appears courtesy of nbae/getty images/ Richard Cusack ...............


And  while  we  can  state  that the  Celtics as the current  NBA champions    are  given  their  due  respect. It’d  be  remiss   of me  not   to suggest    that the  Bulls   haven’t   played  their   part  in  making  this  an  exciting   series.   And  if  anything  they’re  proving   more than   equal  to the   task.    And  in their   heralded   rookie  Derrick   Rose   they may  well  have  found   someone  who  the  Chicago  fans  can  now  feel  completely  comfortable with.  No I’m  not  suggesting  that  he  now sits at the   table  where  Michael   Jordan  gracefully   feted   us  with    his   postseason   feats  of  glory.  But  Rose’s  play in this  series  does  harken  back to  those  halcyon   days  of  old.


Vinny  Del Negro  and Doc  Rivers  listen   intently to the official as he  explains  why  he's  penalized  Rajon  Rondo of the Celtics and  the  Bulls'  Kirk  Hinrich.
Coaches Vinny Del Negro of the Bulls and Doc Rivers of the Celtics both listen intently as the official explains why he's penalized the Rajon Rondo and Kirk Hinrich of the Celtics and Bulls. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Roy Chalmers ..........


Rose’s  prodigious   play  in  this  series ,  his  unyielding  presence and  stewardship coupled  with  that  of his  teammates  John Salmons , Brad Miller,  and  Ben  Gordon   has  now    brought  the  Bulls but one  win away from  dethroning   the  Celtics  as   champions.   Were  it   to happen   I  for  one  would  not  be  completely   surprised.     But with   one   game  still   remaining   in the  seven game series to  be    played.     The  odds  are  staked   heavily  against  them   though  it’s  not   completely  out of the  realms  of   possibility.   Albeit  that  game  seven   will  be   played  in the  caverous  TD Banknorth Gardens Center  in Boston.    Home  to  some  of  the most   belligerent   fans  in all  of  basketball.  But  the  Bulls themselves   have  to be  feeling  confident. They’ve  silenced  the   fans  there  once  before   so   there’s   no  reason to  believe why   they   can’t   do   it  again  and  seal     the  fate  of Boston  and  add to  their  own   growing   legacy.    


Rajon Rondo of the Celtics makes his way to the basket whilst trying to elude the defensive play of the Bulls' Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/David Bell .............


If there’s  one  thing   that  I’ve  learntabout this  game  it’s  that  when  you’ve  your  man  down  in a  fight  .  It’s best to  seal  the  deal and  not let him  get  back  up  and  punch  you  square   in the  mouth.   The  Boston  Celtics  and their fans   learnt that last  night.   And  I  seriously  doubt that  they’d  want  a repeat  of that  to  happen  in  game  seven.


Postseason   series’ games in the  NBA  are  either fraught  with  excitement  and   exceptional  play. Or  they  can be  exceedingly   tedious and   boring    for  want of a  better   word.    Rarely  will  you  see  #7 seed  as  we have  heare  with  the Chicago Bulls  play  a  #2 seed  in  the  Celtics. And   you  can’t tell  at  first glance  who  is  meant  to  be  the  higher  seed.   Records  do   tend  create and  lull  us  all  into that   fall   sense   of  security.  And  it  may well have  led  into  the  complacency  with  which    the  Celtics’   players  and    fans   may  have   looked  at this  first   round   series  with  some  glee.    But  now knowing  that  they’ve   got  a  fight  on  their  hands .  I’d  dare  say  that  they’re   revisiting   that   whole   issue   at  this   juncture ?    If  nothing  else  the  bravado and   gusto  being  shown  by  the  injured   Garnett  on  the  sidelines   has  been   tempered a  great  deal.



Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls blocks a shot by the Celtics' Rajon Rondo during the game. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Phil Schlesinger ............


Boston for  its  part  has  to  be  looking  at veterans Paul Pierce  and  Ray  Allen  for  guidance. Allen  himself   has  proved  last  night that  when  his  mind is  completely  on the game .  Then  he can  be  something  special  to watch   and  having  led  all  scorers   last  night with  51  points.  Let’s  just say  another  display   like  that   may  or   may   not be   enough  to  lead  them   into the  enxt round.   But then  they’d  still    have to  contend   with what the  Bulls  might have  in store  for  them.  And  based   by  what  was  served  up  by  the  Bulls’  trio  of   Salmons,   Gordon and  Miller  who  by themselves  accounted   for   seventy  of  the   Bulls’   128  points last  night.  Things  over  the  remainder     of this   series  will  definitely  become  contentious   by  way  of  both   teams’    play.  All    is   now on the  line  and   it   is  now   about  all  or   nothing  !


Wars  are  usually  fought   as  a  means  to  an  end .   But  it  is  the  battles   where   the   strategies   are  first    put   in place  that  could  well  decide  how  that  war  is   waged and   won.   Thus  far the  battle  between the  Bulls  and  Celtics   has  been a battle   royal  and   one  of   wills.     However  the  war  has yet  to be  won .   Any  wagers as   to  how  it  all  might   end  ?


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